X-ray Results of my Spine and Posture Analysis by Natural Healings

Previously, I blogged about how the hubs and I are currently getting our spines adjusted at Natural Healings, as we are suffering from daily aches everyday at our necks, shoulder blades and for me, at my lower back as well.

For the chiropractors to be able to treat your problem areas effective, an X-ray has to be done so that any misalignment of the spine from the norm can be easily identified.

With our X-ray results out, we had our consultation and posture analysis conducted by Dr. Leon from Natural Healings. Dr. Leon has specifically indicated that my lower back’s condition is the worst of all the other areas, and truth be told, I am particularly concerned especially at such young age. I reckon that this must be due to my old sport injury a decade ago, which I had regrettably failed to get it treated. So, please, should you ever injure your back, even if it was a mere sprain, please get it treated ASAP. Otherwise, you would be suffering like me. In fact, I had experienced the consequences many years ago and still, I did not get it treated other than going for irregular visits with a Chinese physician. I ought to be shot, I know. 🙁

These are my X-ray results.

The blue line should be correct position of the spine and as you can tell, mine is kinda way off 🙁 Also, the red lines are squiggly which also should not be the case.

GAN , KIM CHIN JEAN - AP Cervico-Thoracic

GAN , KIM CHIN JEAN - AP Lumbo-Pelvic

GAN , KIM CHIN JEAN - Lateral Cervical

GAN , KIM CHIN JEAN - Lateral Lumbar

as you can see , I have several problem areas with my spine from neck all the way down to my lower back. 🙁

Constantly on the computer and using mobile phone has had several people suffering from neck and shoulder aches due to the prolonged wrong posture that we slug ourselves at every single day. With such bad posture formed daily, a habit is formed.

I am not excluded too.

During the consultation and posture analysis with Dr. Leon, he presented a detailed session on the subluxation and degeneration of the spine, so that we can better understand our spine. In a nutshell, the spine is linked to the brain and our central nervous system, which is basically what controls the functions of our body organs are sent signals by the nerves. Hence, should your spine be misaligned, this may mean that your nerves are being pressed onto which will not be able to function properly at its optimal level. Aches may often be experienced as well, and trust me on this, it is not a situation you would want to place yourself in. 🙁

With the X-ray done and a posture analysis consultation provided by Dr. Leon, the hubs and I could better understand what is going on ‘inside’ of our body, since the alignment of our spines cannot be seen through our naked eyes. With a better understanding, the doctors are able to target and focus more on these problem areas, curating a customised treatment programme for us!

Are you suffering from aches and pains too?


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