Wedding : Thematic Concepts Shoot by The Louvre Bridal

2 weeks ago, the bf and I had our first pre-wedding photo shoot done. It was a relatively short session and it was based on The Louvre Bridal’s NEW ‘Thematic Concepts Shoot’.

What is a ‘Thematic Concepts Shoot?

Initially, I was equally baffled but today I will be sharing more on this concept for pre-wedding photo shoot which is a relatively different and new from the usual pre-wedding photography you chance upon. My whole experience with The Louvre Bridal for this photoshoot will also be covered to provide you a valuable insight on their quality of work and services.

‘Thematic Concepts Shoot’, as the name suggests, is bound by themes which The Louvre Bridal have specially came up with. This list of themes consists of quite a handful of different themes such as Around The World, Hello Sailor, Upz Upz and Away and many more, which you are able to choose based on whichever catches your eye. However, having a specific theme in mind will help, for example, one which may represent a special meaning to the both of you, you may also personalize a theme to suit your needs and wants! This is yet another benefit of the ‘Thematic Concepts Shoot’ because it takes pre-wedding photo shoot to a whole new level as it allows flexibility. Also, a great feature of these shoots is their interesting and detailed hand held props! More importantly, your pictures will be different from the commonly ones seen. It will be one of a kind and less probable for someone to have the similar pictures as you!

So how does that sound to you?

I think it is really AWESOME! 😀

Our theme was Upz, Upz and Away! Think, Up, the movie cartoon! Which is one of my favourite cartoons by the way 😀

Coffee, an International Certified Photographer in WPJA and WPPI was our photographer for the day!


For ease of reference, I have broken down my review into 3 areas – Pre-photoshoot, During photoshoot and Post-photoshoot.

  1. Pre-photoshoot

As the photoshoot session was scheduled for the late afternoon, we arrived 2 hours prior to that for our make-up and hairstyling session. As the bulk of the make-up and hairstyling was to be done on me, I got attended to first.

Elaine, the Certified Korean Makeup Artist & Hairdo Stylist did our make-up and hair-styling. I must say that she is really a very warm and friendly person to work with! She made us feel comfortable and at ease. 🙂

She started off applying the necessary on my face such as ampoules, liquid foundation, and promptly moved on to the most important area – eyes. They say eyes are the windows to the soul and hence, more focus and emphasis was placed on them. I wore brown contact lens so as to match the colour of my hair, which has also a black outer ring which helps to enlarge the iris for the doll-liked look!

We were going for a clean look which is currently the most popular make-up look most brides would opt for nowadays. Instead of heavy make-up with harsh colours of blue or purple eyeshadows, shades of brown were used, which coincidentally matches the colour of my contact lens and hair too! As for my lip colour, Elaine has cleverly made use of a tint of natural light pink, topped with lip gloss for that extra oomph and delicious-looking lips!

After my make-up was completed, Elaine proceeded to style my hair. Due to the lack of hair volume and shape, which I reckon is essential to create a photoshoot-worthy hairdo; Elaine used a hair crimper to create some wavy effects.

Initially, Elaine recommended for a high big bun. However, as I thought this may cause me to look more matured, I requested for some hair to be let down. Apart from that, I also thought that having my hair let down will soften my angular and harsh jaw-line, and overall face frame. Most importantly, the bf prefers me having my hair let down because it just looks more feminine. Teehee! Ahem.

What I appreciated most was that Elaine was ever-ready to provide a listening ear to your concerns and requests. Apart from constantly checking with me if I am satisfied thus far throughout the whole make-up and hair styling session, she also acceded to my request in choosing my own hairstyle. Of course, she provided further advice to improve on my wants such as creating more volume and curling the hair ends for the extra soft womanly feel 🙂

Back view:

Photo 4-8-15 11 47 05 pm

Side view:

Photo 4-8-15 11 47 20 pm

It was then time to put on the long flowy wedding gown which was my first gown outfit while the bf took his turn for some light make-up and hair styling. Thankfully, with the help of The Louvre Bridal’s staff, I managed to fit into the gown. Do note that you will definitely need an extra pair of helping hands to help you wear your gown as most of the wedding gowns are generally speaking, consist of a corset back with a criss-cross ribbon tie. After the bf was done with his styling session, he put on his suit and off we went for our photo shoot!

During photoshoot

When we arrived at the venue, The Louvre Bridal’s team helped set up the props and setting. We were very grateful that we did not have to do much on the preparation work our part, so all we had to do was to pose and smile… 😀

And here are pictures show casing some of the props prepared specially for us in conjunction with the theme.





Besides balloons, The Louvre Bridal’s team also prepared other awesome props such as wooden rattan basket and vintage-looking briefcases of different sizes for that rustic-vintage feel. There were other additional props such as straw hat, classic-looking camera, windmills and even a handcrafted book titled ‘My Adventure Book’!





I love the vibrancy of the colours and how these playful colours tremendously help bring out the cheery and youthful feel of the pictures for fun loving couples. It makes one feel happy instantly, don’t you think? 🙂

The thoughtful staff from The Louvre Bridal also made effort to DIY some props like the 1st picture with the bunter titled ‘Up Up and Away!’ and the picture below with the hand-held sticks with red glittery heart-shaped hot air balloon.


Heh, we ended off with this cute and humourous photo as our last take before we change into the next set of outfit.


HAHAHAHA, blow wind blow! 😀

We move on to our next outfit and changed at the public toilets available at the area. Again, I would not be able to done it without the help of the team.

We shifted the focus onto other props which portrays a more fun and light-hearted side of us 🙂


They say “When the winds of change blow, some build walls while others build windmills”, and I know that we will never ever build walls between us; our windmills will continue to turn till the end of time…


This is yet another favourite picture of mine. It acts as a gentle reminder that we should be more appreciative in life and our loved ones.

In the midst of our busy and hectic lives, it is not uncommon that many of us actually forgotten to stop and smell the roses. More often than not, we are so immersed in our work, our school, our family and other commitments, so much so that we tend to forget that we only live once. We should count our blessings that we are alive, healthy and well. Sad to say, most of us tend to take our loved ones who hold us dear to their hearts, for granted. It should be a daily reminder that there is so much more to life than being bogged down by our heavy-hearted commitments and lament at how hard our life is when we are actually in a much better position than many others who are less fortunate.

Come evening, the sunset was splendid and perfect for our photos.


“Letting go isn’t about having the courage to release the past; it’s about having the wisdom to embrace” – Steven Maraboli


Last but not least, The Louvre Bridal has also introduced a relatively new but currently trending like hot cakes kind of photo shoot concept involving chalks known as Chalk Photography!

2nd pic

Through much research and conceptualization, The Louvre Bridal came up with these creative drawings and illustrations to bring your photos to infinite imagination.



If you are wondering how these photos were actually taken, read on for the behind the scenes pictures!

Behind the Scenes




And this is too funny not to share! HAHAHA 😀


And the picture you have been waiting for……



HAHAHAAHA, yes we were actually required to lie on a plain road ground with some props or none at all for some pictures and with Coffee using a ladder hovering over us to capture a perfect flat lay shot.

I hope you enjoy viewing the photos as much as I did! 🙂

My overall experience with The Louvre Bridal was a satisfactory one, albeit the tiredness. Through this photoshoot session, we have witnessed how effortful and passionate the team from The Louvre Bridal are. They love what they do and hence, are able to devote their time and effort into making each and every photoshoot a successful one.

Coffee is also the guy to go if you are looking for a friendly photographer for your wedding photo shoot. His humourous side also help lightened the mood and ease any tension. Moreover, he was very accommodating and did not insist on awkward positions we were not comfortable with. For example, he displayed great understanding, especially when the sun was scorching hot and our eyes (especially mine!) could not fully open and hold up for long, he was agreeable to change direction/position.

If you are looking for a whole new level of pre-wedding photoshoot which stands out from those usual boring looking photos, and looking for a hassle-free stop with props provided, I highly recommend you give this new ‘Thematic Concepts Shoot’ a shot (pun unintended)!

What is more, The Louvre Bridal has also very kindly extended a special privilege to all my readers for this ‘Thematic Concepts Shoot’. 😀

Just mention ‘J&L@LVB’ and be prepared to be blown away by Surprise perks off the ‘Thematic Concepts Shoot’!!!

(only valid from 20th Aug 2015 to 31st Dec 2015)

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