Wedding 101 : Wedding Gowns and Suits Selection at Labelle Couture Weddings and Tips

With the great assistance from Lucas, our coordinator from Labelle Couture, our gown and suit selections were made hassle-free. Our attires were same for pre-wedding photo shoot and actual day 🙂

Naturally, brides enjoy the privilege of taking up a longer time to choose her perfect gowns, and I was no exception. However, I would consider that I took a reasonable amount of time to choose my gowns because I loathe wasting too much time and I am rather easy-going lah.


One of the wedding tips I have blogged previously was to already have in-mind what kind of designs and cuttings you prefer. So let’s say if you are wearing different gowns for your actual day from your pre-wedding photo shoot (lucky you!), having already tried on a handful of gowns for your pre-wedding photo shoot, I am pretty certain you would have a good idea of the type of designs and cuttings you prefer and which suit you.

However, that is not to say that you shouldn’t try out other designs and cuttings! It’s for your BIG day so just relax and have fun exploring them! Plus, it’s not like everyday you get to don these beautiful wedding gowns, right? 😉

Prior to ths gown selection process, I was asked to provide my preference on the gown design and colours I had in mind. I mentioned to Lucas that I intend to don a white wedding ball and mermaid-style gown, and as for colour-wise, it was turquoise or pink for me 🙂

So here are some of the gowns I’d tried before selecting them for my pre-wedding photo shoot and actual wedding day! 😛

Psst, most of the gowns were too loose for me and required alteration. Hence, those you see here are not the final fitting 🙂

Wedding gowns (White)


Photo 4-9-15, 2 32 05 PM


I was quite smitten by the above gown too because of its gorgeous train and has a beautiful feminine lace hovering over.


I actually KIV-ed this but when I tried on the other gowns, I was in such a huge dilemma on selecting THE ONE! GOSH!

white wedding ball gown

This too was yet another beautiful classic white wedding gown. I don’t know about you, but to me it is a must to have the the classic wedding ball gown in white? Otherwise, it seems the lack the “wedding-feel” leh.

After deciding on my white classic wedding gown, we proceeded to try on evening gowns 🙂

Evening gowns


Photo 4-9-15, 3 49 49 PM

Photo 4-9-15, 3 49 14 PM

The above gown swept me off my feet because of its exquisite design by the very talented Lucas 🙂

On the front, you can see that it acts like a little teaser whereby half of the dress is translucent, covered with soft lace sewed with intricate jewel details while at the back, the train is not your usual fully-clothed material but all lace!

And then I tried on other mermaid cutting gowns…

Photo 4-9-15, 3 06 26 PM

Photo 4-9-15, 3 06 38 PM

I really really liked the pink mermaid gown above because I think it looks real sweet and boy, it was really a tough decision to make! GRR! 🙁


Photo 4-9-15, 5 06 36 PM

Photo 4-9-15, 4 05 33 PM

I loved how the rose petals are sewn on one by one meticulously to perfection! Labelle seriously has such unique and beautiful dresses which I cannot find elsewhere!

During the whole gown selection session, Lucas provided his professional advice along the way, which greatly helped me in making an informed decision.

One thing about trains is that, the suitability of the length of train also depends on the wedding venue (the height of the ceiling and how spacious the ballroom is). For low ceiling, a shorter train would be recommended. Otherwise, wearing a gown with long train will result in a ‘squashed’ effect.

Thankfully, as the hubs and I chose and held ours at the bigger ballroom with higher ceiling, I was able to choose my wedding gowns with longer train, YAYNESS! 🙂

As I knew I had the figure to don a mermaid gown (not boasting lah) and would not go wrong in one, I’d thought to myself, why not treasure the opportunity now than next time which I may not have the chance to anymore (when I grew out of shape)?

It is important to complement the right silhouette as every bride has a different body shape. For example, brides with a pronounced pear shape figure should avoid wearing mermaid gowns as it gives an enlarging effect on the hips.

The hubs waited for about 3.5hours before he could actually try on his suits…poor guy! =x

He started off trying different colours and design for his blazer jacket and these some of the shortlisted ones (pants was his own)…

Photo 4-9-15, 4 52 29 PM

Photo 4-9-15, 5 09 32 PM

Photo 4-9-15, 5 37 29 PM

Photo 4-9-15, 5 40 39 PM

Photo 4-9-15, 4 50 59 PM

Photo 4-9-15, 4 54 49 PM

Selecting the perfect gown can be quite a difficult task sometimes, especially if you are in a huge dilemma on which to choose. To be frank, I was a little torn amongst so many gowns….. :'(

It is always good to have second or even third opinion on selecting your gown. Just be open-minded and take into consideration of any advice/opinion provided to you. However, of course, essentially you as the bride, will be the one donning the gowns, and so the final decision lies with you. More importantly, because most of the times, you know what is best for yourself, so go with it! 😀

So, after looking at all the pictures….which do you think we selected? 😉









Indoor and Actual Day

Wedding Gown:

white wedding ball gown

The reason why I did not choose the other white wedding gowns was also due to my body proportion. i was advised that because I could not a tube dress with a short ending as it would make my body look shorter than it is.

Body proportions also play a big role in the selection of outfits. Choosing the wrong outfit will only magnify the problematic areas (e.g brides with a short torso should wear a gown with a drop waist to elongate her body

Evening Gown:

Photo 4-9-15, 3 49 49 PM

I had a really hard time deciding between the pink mermaid or this blue turquoise. 🙁

Eventually, I chose the turquoise gown not solely because of the opinions I had received, but because I found that the design was really one-of-a-kind! It was not strictly a mermaid per se since it was covered by the long laced train (bet you didn’t know it was a mermaid gown inside! :P), but I’d loved it anyway.

Tell me, how often do you actually come across such unique design?

I am extremely glad that I had followed my heart because I had received several wonderful compliments on this evening gown on my wedding day! I was even told that not many can actually pull off this style 🙂 Such kind people with kind words, hehe, thank you sooooo much! 😀


Photo 4-9-15, 4 05 33 PM

Photo 4-9-15, 5 06 36 PM

HAHA! Did you guess correct? 😛

Now for the hubs’ suit!


Photo 4-9-15, 5 09 32 PM

Photo 4-9-15, 4 52 29 PM


Photo 4-9-15, 4 54 49 PM

The hubs was lucky enough that he could use his outdoor suit for the actual wedding day too, so he chose the blue and the classic black one for our wedding day 🙂

Choosing your gowns and suits can be very daunting, especially when you have no idea how and what to get started. Hence, it is very important that you have an experienced advisor who would be able to provide you honest and professional feedback during your selection process. For that, we are really thankful for having Lucas rendering his kind assistance and always putting his best foot forward in ensuring a minimization of hiccups for our BIG day!

Ending off with some selfie fun shots we took as well, HAHAHA!

Photo 4-9-15, 4 58 56 PM

Photo 4-9-15, 4 48 35 PM

Next, I will be sharing more on our gown fitting session and collection of our beautiful photo album at Labelle Couture, so stay tuned! 😀

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