Wedding 101 : Wedding Actual Day Part 2 (ROM and Dinner Banquet)

If you hadn’t read part 1 of our wedding day, you may read it here 🙂

This is a continuous of our wedding day sequel on our ROM (where we signed our lives away to each other =x) and our wedding banquet held at M Hotel.

I have also blogged about my experience with M Hotel in two parts, which you may read it here and here.

On to our night event on our wedding day…

After we filled our tummies with yummy food from lunch, we proceeded to M Hotel to check in, try to get catch some winks (which we obviously could not) and then get prepared for our ROM and wedding banquet! 🙂

Vivi arrived punctually again to doll me up for my ROM and within 1.5hours or so, we were done. Most importantly, she has always been the one to help me with my gowns too!

Initially I wanted a short dress for my ROM but then, after chancing upon this mermaid dress of white and peach velvet hues, I was mesmerized with it and choose that immediately at La Mariee Weddings.

Here are some of our ROM table decorations 🙂

Lucas & Jean AD (184)2

Lucas & Jean AD (186)2

Lucas & Jean AD (185)222

Lucas & Jean AD (198)2

My dad walking me down the aisle 🙂

Lucas & Jean AD (224)2

That’s me signing my life away…with my usual serious look.

Lucas & Jean AD (222)2

And that’s the hubs who signed his life away too..HAHA

Lucas & Jean AD (225)2

A couple shot 🙂

Lucas & Jean AD (221)2

And the mandatory shot as newlyweds!

You would recall that although I did mention that my evening gown was actually a mermaid cutting but covered with the long beautiful lace which kinda conceals the cutting, hence I decided to choose this mermaid dress for my ROM too 🙂

To me, it was something simple yet elegant at the same time. The details were not too much to bear but yet still an eyeful.

If you are wondering, I engaged Mr Zenon Teh as our Justice of Peace (JP) not only because he was available on our wedding day, which was surprisingly one of the hot dates as well even though we engaged a geomancer to calculate a suitable wedding date for us, in addition, Mr Teh has received several positive feedback online.

I understand that several bridal couples often feel lost when engaging a JP and along the way throughout my wedding preps, I have actually learnt a few things to look out and consider over which I will share with you guys in another blog post 🙂

In summary, the reasons why I engaged Mr Zenon Teh was because he was friendly, punctual and bilingual. Most importantly, he was able to provide clear guidance as to how to go about with the ROM procedure as well as engage the audience as well. This is pretty important, otherwise, the whole ROM session will be too boring and uninteresting…

Initially, the hubs did not intend to draft our own personal wedding vows but I told him that this will be more meaningful 🙂

Lucas & Jean AD (214)2

Lucas & Jean AD (218)2

And a looongggggg smooch to end things 🙂

A kiss of everlasting love

A kiss of everlasting love

Then, it was time for the wedding dinner banquet! I had to change while the hubs got to mingle around with the guests. We also engaged a photo booth vendor from IM Production too! 🙂

Here are some of the soft copies of the photo booth picturesssss!!!

Lucas & Jean-40

Lucas & Jean-50

Lucas & Jean-62

With the wedding banquet officially starting proper…

Lucas & Jean AD (256)2

Lucas & Jean AD (257)2

Lucas & Jean AD (258)222

Lucas & Jean AD (280)22

Lucas & Jean AD (283)2

Lucas & Jean AD (289)3

Lucas & Jean AD (294)2

Browsing through my wedding pictures never fail to bring smiles to my face and I really enjoyed myself that night. I’m very certain the hubs did so too 🙂

Here is the full video taken by IM Production, compiling the events for that day 🙂

It was indeed a tiring day but yet an eventful and memorable day which we will never forget <3

Thank you all for reading and feel free to ask me anything about my wedding 🙂 I understand that wedding preps can be a huge headache and very stressful, so if I can help, I will try to 🙂

Good luck and all the best! 😀

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