Wedding 101 : Wedding Actual Day Part 1 (Gate Crash and Tea Ceremony) + Morning Highlights Video

It has been 3 months since we got married and I must apologise for the delayed post on our wedding day! Have been pretty occupied with the horrendous workload from work as well as shifting into our new nest, settling down and busy with my dog’s adaptation to our new house as well. :O

My life seems to be in a mess now, and I am hoping that it will get settled down soon. 🙁

We had received our wedding day photographs a loooonnnnngggg time back so the fault does not lie with our awesome photographer, Shaun, but meeeeee. Sorry! 🙁

As you may have already known, Shaun from Walldrobe Photography was our wedding day photographer and we decided to engage him after checking out his beautiful wedding pictures and meeting up with him. He has a great personality too which is one of the very important factors when choosing your wedding day photographer.

Although the wedding is a mere one-day event, memories are kept and captured via photographs. Hence, you would want to engage one that suits your preference as well. Apart from the skills Shaun possess, what I really like about how he goes about capturing beautiful moments is that it is ALL NATURAL poses, expressions and body languages.

Being natural shows your true self in the pictures which cannot be done if your photographer has to repeatedly request for the couples, friends or families to repose over and over again. It becomes unnatural and that special moment is lost. Certainly, you do not want that.

In the morning of that very day, the hubs and I woke up early (despite the super lack of sleep, the hubs had only an hour to catch some winks) to prepare for our BIG day!

Lucas & Jean AD (1)2

Curling my hair while getting my make-up done

Lucas & Jean AD (43)2

After putting on my classic white wedding ballgown from La Belle Couture and Vivi putting on the wedding accessories for me 🙂

I started out with my make-up session with my highly-sought after make-up artist, Vivi frm Labelle Couture, who arrived earlier than expected (but that’s a good thing!) even though she travelled all the way down from JB! It is very important that your make-up artist is punctual, otherwise, it will delay the whole event! You would want to be extra cautious of the punctuality issue especially if you have a specific timing to adhere to as advised by your geomancer.

If you’d recall, Vivi was also my make-up artist for my pre-wedding photo shoot with Labelle and I knew I was in good hands, and indeed she worked her magic once again 🙂

Lucas & Jean AD (45)2

After I was all made and dressed up, it is a tradition for parents to put on the veil for their daughter who is getting married.

My videographers Isaac and his team from IMProduction, together with Shaun, arrived early as well to set up their equipment and also to snap some pictures and video the morning highlights which was played during our wedding dinner 🙂

Lucas & Jean AD (55)

The hubs arrived early to fetch me back to his house but before he was able to break through, it is a tradition the Chinese follows to have a gate crash session. It was a tradition stemming all the way back in the past whereby grooms and brides had their marriage mostly arranged. This means that the bridal couple have not met each other before until the wedding day. Gate crash session comes into play to help break the ice between the couple.

It is also said to challenge the groom’s sincerity and love for the bride and the door blocking tradition demonstrates that the bride’s family is unwilling to marry her off because of their love for the bride.

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Lucas & Jean AD (13)2

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Now, some bridal couples still have their gate crash sessions just for the fun of it, because the wedding day should be filled with lots of fun, joy and laughter! It also helps to ease any tension the bridal couples are facing and promotes a greater light-hearted affair 🙂

Lucas & Jean AD (48)1

My bridesmaids’ outfits!! I am extremely thankful that they are very accommodating to my request for the bridemaids’ attire. I wanted pastel rainbow colours and I had 8 bridesmaids, and thus 2 colours had to be repeated. I even got them the flower head band and matching wrist corsages 🙂

The gate crash has started while I was nervously and excitedly waiting for the hubs to pick me up.

Lucas & Jean AD (95)2

The hubs reading the mini contract I had drafted for him , which could have been as long as a toilet paper LOL but just that I didn’t have enough time to draft everything down only because I prepped this the night before =x

Lucas & Jean AD (102)

The hubs lifting the veil… The veil represents the bride’s chastity, purity and modesty. By lifting the veil, it represents the bride’s submission and willingness to enter into the marriage and trust that she is marrying the right man.

Lucas & Jean AD (101)2

and a SMOOCH!

Lucas & Jean AD (104)2

Lucas & Jean AD (105)2

A group shot with my bridesmaids 🙂

Lucas & Jean AD (107)2

The hubs and I leaving for his house for the tea ceremony session and my dad sheltering me with a red umbrella. Fathers escort their daughters to the car using a red umbrella to symbolize a good shelter for the rest of her life and protects the bride from evil spirit.

Lucas & Jean AD (110)2

The bride throws a red fan out of the bridal car’s windows to symbolise that all negative part of her past will be left behind and moving on with a fresh start.

Lucas & Jean AD (111)2

All set and ready to go! 🙂

Lucas & Jean AD (139)2

Lucas & Jean AD (130)2

After the tea ceremony session, the couple will usually eat “Tang Yuan” 汤圆 to symbolize a complete and sweet marriage.

As we had some extra time to play around with, we decided to drop by our new nest for some photo taking 🙂

Of course, it is not compulsory to head back to your new house. Our An Chuang procedure was also carried out a week prior to our wedding as advised by our geomancer 🙂

Lucas & Jean AD (132)2



Lucas & Jean AD (136)2


Afterwhich, we proceeded back to my house again…

It is noted that the bride will then changed into her tea dress and go back to her parent’s home for the tea ceremony.  This is to symbolize passing of 3 days (三朝回门) and going back as a married couple.

Lucas & Jean AD (163)

Lucas & Jean AD (138)2

The hubs feeding me mee sua (rice noodles) which symbolises longevity.

After we were done, we headed out nearby for a photoshoot with our entourage 🙂

Lucas & Jean AD (167)2

Lucas & Jean AD (169)

Flower bouquet tossing session! It is tradition for brides to toss her hand bouquet to the single ladies and it is believed that the girl who caught the flower bouquet is the one who will be the next to get married! 🙂

Lucas & Jean AD (171)2

Lucas & Jean AD (172)2

After a long tiring day, we headed back to my house for lunch buffet. After lunch, the hubs and I had to get prepared for the ROM and wedding banquet while our entourage headed back home to prep themselves for the exciting night too! 🙂

Check out our video on our Morning Highlights in action! 😀

Will be blogging on our Wedding Actual Day Part 2 soon on our ROM and wedding banquet so keep a lookout too! 🙂

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