Wedding 101 : Updates on Bridal Boutique, Photographers, Videographers/Cinematographers and Photo Booth!

Hello everyone!

Sorry for the lack of updates on our wedding preparations 🙂

The bf and I are very pleased to have settled most of the major stuffs for our wedding preparations such as our wedding date, hotel venue, bridal boutique, pre-wedding photographer, actual day photographer, actual day videographer and photo booth (see below for more deets and links).

Jean’s Tips : Settle major stuffs first because most of the times, these are the ones which require advance booking and confirmation! 

We have even settled the date for our pre-wedding photography and we really can’t wait! 😀

We will be meeting Kenny, our pre-wedding photographer next month in mid-July to discuss about our preferred styles and our shortlisted photo shoot venues. This calls for cooperation between the couple!

Jean’s Tips : Couples should shortlist a few of the desired locations for photo shoot and make time and effort to head down to recee the sites! You will have a better understanding and experience in reality compared to just mere browsing via pictures. 

For a start, let me share on how we ended up choosing Kenny.

I’ve done some research on my own on our bridal boutique, La Belle Couture in particular, on the photographer and make-up artist.

Reading feedback from graduate brides is really useful which I will also blog about where to gather tips/help online too! So far, the 2 photographers which have been repeatedly been raved by La Belle’s graduate brides are Ken and Kenny. Both have received equally awesome positive feedback  about their photography skills and the quality of photos, however what made me choose Kenny over Ken was mainly due to their differing characters and personalities.

Jean’s Tips : Reading the experiences and recommendations of others can be very useful in your decision-making! So don’t rule them out!

Kenny belongs to the friendlier and humourous type while Ken is more of the reserved and serious kind. As I belong to the more serious type myself (ahem, if you had no idea but now you do!), I prefer someone who is a total opposite of me and one who is able to make us both feel comfortable during our photo shoot so as to better bring out our own personality and natural selves. I know it is kinda inaccurate for me to ascertain for sure that we would be comfortable working with Kenny at this point of time, but as I have said, reading loads of feedback really do help and so we are keeping our fingers crossed! 🙂

Besides the skills of a photographer and the outcome of the photos, being comfortable with your photographer is also another very important factor to consider. You will need to be able to ‘connect’ and ‘click’ with your photographer, be it for pre-wedding photoshoot or actual day. You have to be comfortable, because if you are not, not only would there exist tension (and cause unhappiness during occasions/events that are meant to be filled with happiness! BOO!) but your photos would show. Your smiles and gazes may be unnatural and awkward, and as they say, pictures paint a thousand words. 

Jean’s Tips : Being comfortable with your photographer should be one of the factors to consider in your checklist when engaging the right photographer!

We are so very excited for our pre-wedding shoot this coming October! I will need to shape up, attend regular facial sessions, redye my hair, have my manicure and pedicure done… know, there’s just so many things to do! 😛

Initially, we wanted to head overseas such as Bali to have our photo shoot taken but because of our schedules and potential future plans, heading overseas for a photo shoot may not be suitable for us at this point of time. Oh wells, but it’s okay, I’m pretty sure we will have the chance in time to come for our own DIY photo shoot overseas? 🙂

As for the make-up artist, I have requested for Vivi. Similarly, my choice was due to the several raves from other graduated brides. I am pretty assured that her make-up skills are awesome (otherwise, she would not receive so many raves right?) and there will be a trial make-up session too anyway! 🙂

Jean’s Tips : Apart from reading reviews, make-up artists usually have portfolios to boost their works so be sure to view some of them before engaging them!

I know I have mentioned about how to choose the right hotel for your wedding in my previous post and I will do so soon! So please please please stay tuned and I thank you so much for your patience! 😀

As promised, here are my confirmed wedding vendors thus far and we are extremely elated to have them to work with us for ur BIG DAY! <3

Now, we are left to decide our casual wear for photo shoot, gowns and suits selection, dessert/candy bar, wedding theme , wedding invitations, wedding helpers and their clothes…so on and so forth… :O


Bridal Boutique & Pre-Wedding Photography – La Belle Couture

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  1. Felina says:

    Hi Jean,

    Congrats on your wedding! Do you mind sharing with me your experience with La Belle?

    Pls drop me an email on your feedback, thank you!

    • Jean Gan says:

      Hi Felina,

      Thank u! I will be blogging on their service soon as I have yet to select my gowns and all.
      Will be selecting soon so do keep a lookout! 🙂

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