Wedding 101 : Review of M Hotel Wedding Banquet Part 2

Whoa, after I blogged about my review on M Hotel wedding banquet previously, I received several readers expressing their concerns as they have signed their wedding banquet package with M Hotel too. I must apologise to have gotten you girls worried sick because that was certainly not my intention. Also, I was told by many that they cannot wait for my second review to come. Because I fully understand how important this to you girls, so here I am drafting my second review 🙂

This second review will touch upon our (final) coordinator, Fiona Chong’s customer service quality and the wedding dinner held the hotel.

So continuing from part 1, after our case was taken over by Fiona, it seemed all fine initially. Actually, generally Fiona was fine but there were a handful of instances which we were not very happy about.


Lack of response and/or VERY SLOW in replying

*Readers whose coordination is Fiona, have contacted me and shared their same sentiments on Fiona in her inefficiency and lack of promptness in replying their queries.

Part of the reason this existed was because Fiona seems to take leave quite often. She informed us this as the reason for her late replies and that occurred for about 3 to 4 times on different occasions?

Her lack of response definitely made us very worried especially nearing the wedding day, because some issues which required her assistance, could only be confirmed nearer to the big day.

E.g. Seating arrangement could only be confirmed nearer to the date and we required the seating plan to assign the table numbers accordingly.

Why? Because there will ALWAYS be changes, even ON THE ACTUAL DAY itself (read my previous post on wedding woes).

Here was one of the incidents that portrayed her inefficiency and lack of promptness in replying to our queries:-

On 9th March 2016, I dropped her a reply on the event order as well some queries.

No reply on the event order and no revision made.

On 16th March 2016, chased Fiona for the revised event order and revised seating arrangement plan.

Still no updates.

On 19th March 2016, which was ONE FREAKING DAY before our wedding, I chased her again and even called her up. After a few rings, she picked up the phone with a sleepy voice (it was a Saturday and she was not working, but I appreciated that she picked up my call anyway) telling me that she has actually sent the revised event order previously, which I actually do not believe because I did not receive any email from her.

She then sent (or resent if what she claimed that she sent it previously was actually true) the revised event order and seating plan to us.

Now, it was just mere ONE day before the wedding. Can you imagine our panic and stress? The seating arrangements and designated table numbers should have already all been finalised, printed out and ready to be handed to our helpers for our wedding.

Do also bear in mind that while we were busy preparing for our wedding day, we were also very overwhelmed with our house renovation matters which gave some several headaches as well. I will save that for another time.

It was definitely one of life’s most stressful moments and juggling both wedding and house preparations which I must stress that it is seriously no joke!:(

To those who are currently on the same boat, press on! Rest assure that this is a mere passing phase and things WILL get better after everything has been settled, trust me! 🙂

Food tasting session

During the food tasting session which was approx. 2 months before our wedding day, we requested to view the ballroom as we wanted to bring our families to have a look too. But Fiona informed us that she could not accede to our request because there were other staff preparing an event for the next day and the ballroom doors were locked. Never mind about that, we were cool about it since it was beyond her control. We totally understood the situation.

But what we were not happy about was that, Fiona actually left first before the food tasting session ended. I don’t know about you, but the hubs and I thought that it was basic courtesy to stay throughout the food tasting session and wrap things up when the session ended. But no, Fiona left without a word that evening.

And the food tasting session took at most 2 hours?

By the way, there were some disappointing dishes served during the session and hence, we opted for a change of dishes for some of them. Please note that once you have decided to change, there will NOT be any other food tasting sessions. I’m certain that this applies to all hotels on the whole as well, not that I have anything against M Hotel on this issue, but just informing you girls to take note 🙂

Because I will always give credit where it is due, here is a holistic review which includes the satisfactory areas we found while working with Fiona.



Despite her slow response, Fiona has proven that she is indeed experienced in handling wedding. This I do not doubt, especially since she was promoted from Assistant Catering Sales Manager (2015) to Catering Sales Manager (2016).

She was able to attend to our queries quite comprehensively.

Our meet-up with her to discuss about the wedding details was also quite a pleasant one 🙂


Even though Fiona was slow in amending/sending us the revised event order and seating plan, she is quite detailed in her email follow-ups, when she do reply, that is.

She jots down whatever we have discussed and finalised, as well as note down the pending issues we required our confirmation, although there was one mistake I spotted (Wedding Lunch instead of Wedding Dinner).

But I guess that’s okay because everyone makes mistakes, and it was not like a super major mistake committed that was a life-and-death situation (although I cannot imagine what would happen if I hadn’t spotted it).

Warm hospitality

During the meet up and on the actual day, Fiona welcomed and greeted us with a smile. She also attended to us for a short while, before handing us over to her fellow colleague who handles the hotel rooms.

Actual Wedding Day

We were rather pleased with the banquet manager who helped us quite a lot in the seating arrangements (he discussed with the hubs and his groomsmen while I was getting my make-up done) and also briefed us in detail what to do for marching-in, popping the champagne, where to stand and the procedures.

In addition, the hotel staff were also very nice to prep us up before the march-in, for example, arranging my gown’s train neatly and also providing us water (with straw – smart move for brides with make-up) to sip before we nervously make our grand entrances. Such little actions do speak volume of their customer service quality. So kudos to them! 🙂

However, what we were not happy was how one of the microphones was too soft. Based on the feedback from our friends, we were told that my speech could not be heard. I used the softer mic while the hubs’ mic was perfectly fine. I was very disappointed because I stayed up till late to draft and edit the speech 🙁

One of our emcees also used that same mic and we had also received feedback that our guests could not make out what she was saying throughout the dinner. Gosh! :O

Now, I’m sure you’re going to ask, so what did we expect the hotel staff to do?


I’m pretty certain they weren’t able to hear us (the emcee and me) clearly too since they were also in the ballroom and the least they could do was to exchange the mic for us on the spot. Moreover, shouldn’t they have already tested the mic settings before the event commenced?


We were told by many prior to the wedding day that we will not be able to eat much on the wedding day itself and boy, that was really true! The hubs and I did not get to eat much, save for the first 2 to 3 dishes?

So, we asked our friends for their feedback on the food and most of them told us that they were delicious! The fish was fresh, abalone was chewable, the shark fins soup was not too starch-y nor watery etc.

Good food it was that evening! (Y)

T-Dragon (M Hotel’s designated wedding card printer)

Now, this point has got nothing to do with M Hotel directly, but since it concerned their wedding cards printer, I thought it might be useful to share with you.

T-Dragon is the designated wedding card printer of M Hotel. Some bridal couples may or may not choose to print their wedding cards and inserts with them despite having a 70% complimentary for the printing of wedding cards.

*Please note that most hotels would only provide around 70% complimentary for the printing of wedding cards and NOT inserts. You will have to bear the printing fees of the inserts yourself.

We first dropped by T-Dragon on the 9th of Jan 2016, which was 1 month prior to CNY. I thought that provided ample time for them to finalise the wedding cards and inserts, since they told us the lead time was about 10 working days.

However, to my disappointment, I felt that not much effort was put in, in serving us. After one mistake was being corrected, another new mistake popped up. Because of the several rectifications, the whole process got delayed and during that time, it was nearing CNY and we were told that it would be their peak period. Hence, we were so afraid that we could not hand out the wedding cards in time during CNY (since we would be meeting most of our relatives and friends anyway).

After the wedding cards and inserts were printed, we realised that there was a missing picture which we had requested and paid extra for.

It was really really frustrating.

We informed them and they expedited to print for us. For this, I am glad they finally took things seriously?

I hope my reviews have provided you a detailed insight on wedding banquets held in hotels and in particular, to those soon-to-wed couples who will be holding theirs at M Hotel, don’t worry too much. Everything will be fine alright? 🙂

Feel me to leave a message should you need further clarifications on your wedding preps, which a handful of you have already done so. I will be more than happy to assist! 🙂

And lastly, to M Hotel Singapore, I understand that you have read part 1 of my review previously and I hope that after this part 2 of the review, it has provided a much-needed constructive feedback with regards to your wedding banquet department and hotel’s management.

I would still be glad to assist should you require further clarifications on my reviews, as per the first call I had received from your PR staff (Just don’t make me repeat everything all over again) 🙂


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