Wedding 101 : Review of M Hotel Wedding Banquet Part 1

One of the best reasons in owning a blog is so that you can always refer back to past events and also share your reviews online with keen readers.

This is the very reason why I would like to share my genuine review on my wedding hotel where I recently held my wedding banquet dinner at. And well, I have so much to say about them.

After recceing a few shortlisted wedding hotels, we decided to go with M Hotel Singapore. The hubs also attended 2 weddings there previously and thought they were decent enough to hold our wedding banquet there.

Prior to signing our wedding package, we were initially allocated a coordinator by the name of Rayston Zhou (who left M Hotel shortly thereafter). However, I was not comfortable with him because he was kind of unfriendly and pushy. We wanted to be certain before plunging into making a deposit payment of S$5,000, thus we took some time to make an informed decision. But Rayston repeatedly called me to push us to sign the wedding package. When I told him we needed more time to consider, his attitude change in assisting us. Personally I feel that one should always recce the hotels you have shortlisted before confirming your wedding banquet package.

After we have decided to go ahead with M Hotel, I told the hubs not to look for Rayston but engage another coordinator instead. We were then allocated a female coordinator by the name of Ivy Yio, a Catering Sales Manager.

Below is a chronological sequence of events:-

20th March 2015: We dropped by M Hotel to view the ballrooms one last time before signing the wedding banquet package that evening, a date exactly one year before ours. That night, I dropped Ivy a thank-you message for the warm hospitality.

At that point of time, the hubs and I did not have a slightest clue that Ivy was a new staff and albeit a temporary one.

7th April 2015: I texted Ivy inquiring on dessert table issues.

8th April 2015 late morning:  I resent the same text to her

8th April 2015 night: I did a follow-up asking her to reply us soon as we were scouting for suitable dessert table vendors

9th April 2015: Still no reply to my messages and did not return my calls, so I’d thought it would be better to call the general hotline to speak to the sales team handling wedding banquets. A lady named Anna, who was the Catering Sales Coordinator, picked up.

Anna, by the way, seems to have gained many raves about her services as a banquet coordinator, so if you have decided to hold your wedding at M Hotel, perhaps you may want to consider looking for Anna, though I am not certain if she is still working there.

Anna told us that a new coordinator will be allocated to our case soon. We were very furious at that point of time because we were not informed when Ivy left and there was no proper handling over of our case to the next coordinator. Moreover, Anna told us that Ivy was merely a temporary staff to cover a previous coordinator who left. Anna then reassured me that she will get a more experienced and long-serving coordinator to serve us.

21st April 2015: Still no updates from Anna or the mysterious new coordinator, so I dropped a chaser email to Anna.

Shortly after, I received a call from the new coordinator, Henry Chiok. I guess because of my feedback conveyed to Anna, she had specially passed our case to Henry, who was the Assistant Director of Catering Sales at that point of time.

Henry seemed very helpful and prompt in attending to our queries, and I actually provided some constructive feedback and our unhappiness on how we were not informed that Ivy had left M Hotel and all. He seemed to emphasize and tried to reassure us that everything will go on smoothly. I also told him that we do not want to be allocated to a coordinator who will not stay for long (even though I know that this is beyond our control and after discussing with some of my peers, it seems like the high turnover rate in hotel sales industry is pretty common). Henry then assured us that there will not be another change of hands.

8th June 2015: We received a sudden email from a Senior Catering Sales Manager known as Samantha Lim, stating that our banquet coordinator, Rayston Zhou has left M Hotel. After which, she introduced herself as our new new point of contact for our upcoming wedding preparations.


Fuming mad, I shot another email, looping Henry in, in attempt to clarify matters.



Henry then apologised and replied that Samantha is assisting him in preparing the event but he will still remain as the main person-in-charge.


At this point, we didn’t suspect anything lah. We were already quite fed up and put off by the substandard customer service M Hotel has provided us thus far.

27th July 2015: Henry wrote an email informing us that today is his last day of service at M Hotel.



At this point of time, I had already given up on M Hotel and promised myself that once the wedding is over, I will blog about this matter to share with those intending to hold their wedding at M Hotel. Because I strongly believe that reading reviews is of utmost importance, hence I am putting aside some time to jot this review down in detail. #youcanthankmelater:)

All we hope for now is regardless of whoever he/she will ultimately be, to at least have a decent banquet coordinator on our wedding day lah. #whateverlah

I didn’t even bother to waste my time replying Henry’s last email. #hopeless


28th July 2015: I requested Samantha to send us a scanned copy of the wedding banquet contract/receipt as documentary proof for our BTO key collection, which she acceded to very promptly. I appreciated her efficiency and I dropped a thank-you email to her. #+1

9th September 2015: M Hotel dropped another bomb on us. Samantha has tendered her resignation, citing personal reasons and today will be her last day of service.

And I was like…


Totally speechless.

Samantha also looped in Fiona Chong as our 782182750249th new coordinator.

And as for Fiona, even though she stick to the very end to assist in our wedding preps in relation to the banquet, we had our fair share of unpleasantness working with her too.

I will save this for another day of rant.

P.S. Just FYI, Samantha is now with W Hotel (not sure if she’s still there though) 😉

P.S.S. I know that it is beyond the control of the hotel should they employees resign, but apart from the high turnover rates of the hotel sales industry, it may also spell as a tell-tale sign of the hotel’s management and perhaps employees’ satisfaction in working there. Besides that, there should be proper handling over of the customers’ case to the next person-in-charge. It is definitely upsetting for customers to discover themselves that the person-in-charge of their case has is no longer available.


    • Jean Gan says:

      I guess you could say it was better than part 1 but there were some unpleasant moments, mostly with the (final) coordinator…

  1. Cynthia says:

    Oh no, we’ve just signed with M hotel yesterday then we saw your blog. Cant wait to read about your experience in part 2.

    • Jean Gan says:

      Hi babe, no worries, part 2 should be better than part 1 in terms of pros but there are just some issues which I will point out and unhappy of. 🙂 Congrats by the way! 🙂

  2. Aldora says:

    Omg! That sounds like part 1 of a nightmare!!! Can’t wait to read part 2! But I’m really sorry that u have to put up with the high turnover there and nobody is going to oversee you throughout 😭 I would feel so lost and worried if I’m you! Glad your wedding is finally over hun!!

    xoxo, Aldora

    • Jean Gan says:

      There was a coordinator who saw us throughout our wedding banquet, just that we were upset with the mismanagement and handling over of the case. And even though the turnover rate is high, it was still quite frustrating for bridal couples.

  3. Randy says:

    Wow,quite shocked, my wedding was in The M back in 2003. Always have fond memories of the experience. From start to end, the hotel did fine. Quite sad to read about this and how sucky it was for the both of you.

  4. Bride says:

    All I can say it’s rant rant rant. Just be calm, keep checking and irritate the hotel wouldn’t bring you anywhere. This is probably why your wedding got so much hiccup because u checked too much. This might be better if you just let things flow by itself. #justsaying

    • Jean Gan says:

      I do not think that we had actually checked too much. Preparations should be done early and there were of course some issues we had to check with the coordinator before we could actually make an informed decision with regards to engaging another wedding vendor. Our checking with the coordinator was on a periodical basis. Moreover, there was a lack of proper handling over if you had read my review carefully. So I don’t think inquiring and clarifying (or what you termed as ‘checking’) was too much to ask for. Take for example, dessert tables. Would you not check with your hotel coordinator on where is the exact place the dessert table would be, get them to send you some pictures of previous bridal couples’ dessert tables (mind you, of course I had googled but could not find anything).

      Also, our photo booth vendor had special request on the location of their tables as well, and naturally whom should we check with? The coordinator.

      Asking a bride to stay calm when there is no proper handling over of coordinators and with such inefficient service provided by the hotel coordinator is definitely not going to happen. Perhaps you would like to read part 2 to gain a better understanding of the situation? Is it acceptable that the coordinator still owes us things (and I’m referring to simple things such as event order and seating plan arrangement – we need this to allocate the table numbers accordingly) ONE DAY before the wedding? I seriously don’t think so.

      Had I not chase them for replies and merely let things flow by itself as per your advice, do you honestly think there would be lesser or no hiccups? There are some stuffs which require the coordinator’s help in order for the bridal couple to better plan and prepare their wedding day. I hope this clarifies my stand.

      P.S. By the way, our actual wedding day was perfect, except for the mic that was too soft. Read part 2 if you have to.

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