Wedding 101 : My Local Pre-Wedding Photo Shoot with Labelle Couture Weddings

Previously, I shared a detailed blog post on tips on preparing for your wedding photo shoot, hoping that it would benefit those intending to take their wedding photo shoots soon 🙂

So today, I will be sharing with you guys on my experience with Labelle Couture Weddings on our local pre-wedding photo shoot!

The initial stage saw hiccups for us as the original photo shoot date met with the terrible haze period! We were very reluctant to postpone the photo shoot for fear of not being able to complete the wedding photo album in time.

However, we were rest assured my our coordinator, Lucas, whom by the way I must compliment for his fantastic job and assistance thus far! Let’s sidetrack a little and let me share more information on Lucas, because I think it’s definitely worth-mentioning.

Lucas is a very friendly dude who always goes the extra miles to serve bridal couples. He ensures that the wedding preparations in relation to bridal services are carried out as smooth as possible, with minimal hiccups as he understands that wedding preparations can be very stressful for soon-to-wed couples. I would not deny that there were some hiccups here and there throughout our wedding preps and Lucas has always been there to assist us to the best of his ability. Also, we were pretty impressed when we got to learn that Lucas is a gown designer at Labelle and able to undertake hands-on work such as sewing!

I will be sharing more on how Lucas has helped us throughout our wedding prep journey with them in my upcoming reviews on Labelle 🙂

Anyway, back to point.

I think it is a good heads-up to know that postponement of a photo shoot is not that simple. It is really easier said than done. You will need to consider the availability of the photographer, gowns, suits and make-up artist, unless you are okay to change any one of them that is. We were quite adamant on sticking to our choices because of the raves of our photographer and make-up artist, and after much hassle of trying to coordinate and settling the fiance’s leave day, we managed to secure a date without having to change anything! 🙂

Make sure you have sufficient rest the night before because it is going to be a long tiring day! Also, mask the night before too if possible and try to avoid drinking water after 9pm if you are prone to water retention!

Vivi was our make-up artist for our pre-wedding photo shoot and will also be for our actual wedding day! I booked her in advance because there were just too many positive feedback on her make-up services! Also, because she is one of the popular make-up artists in Labelle, be sure to pre-book her in advance to prevent disappointment!

Upon reaching Labelle’s indoor studio which is one of Singapore’s largest wedding studio, taking up a comprehensive 3,000 square feet in size, boy we were really spoiled for choice with their several beautiful themes!

After allowing my skin to cool down from the outside heat, Vivi then proceeded to do her magic.

Photo 23-11-15, 10 20 32 AM

As Vivi is a very experienced make-up artist, she was done with my make-up in no time!

Ta-dah! A close-up of my make-up.

Photo 23-11-15, 11 09 27 AM

Do not worry that your make-up looks overly thick. This is so that the camera and pictures will be able to capture your make-up look from afar. It will not appear thick and cakey in the pictures.

Sharing more on our behind-the-scenes pictures! 🙂

First look:

Photo 23-11-15, 1 16 49 PM

Vivi doing her thang for the next hairstyle!

Photo 23-11-15, 12 39 48 PM

Second look:

Photo 23-11-15, 11 46 49 AM_

After which, we hurriedly prepared for our outdoor shoot.

Initially, we chosen Punggol Lalang Field, however, a day before the shoot, we decided to drop by and recee the location. To our disappointment, the lalangs were scarce. Hence, with the advice of our very experienced photographer, Kenny, we settled with Hort Park and Alexandara Road to replace Punggol. I felt it was quite a great deal, to replace one with two locations in return since they are situated just nearby each other. Another plus point was, these two locations were a mere 5-min stone throw away from the indoor studio! The other two locations we have chosen were Sentosa Tanjong Beach and Marina Barrage.

Third look:

Photo 23-11-15, 2 49 59 PM

Fourth look:

Photo 23-11-15, 4 58 00 PM

And…we were done for the day! Phew 😀

We chose our photos about a month later and boy, did we had a tough time deciding!

Thankfully for Coco, Labelle’s Service Manager, who is an extremely bubbly lady who made us felt at home. With several years of working experience in the bridal industry, it was no doubt that the photo selection was carried out in a very systematic manner. We were impressed.

Coco first showed us all the chosen pictures by Kenny with slight editing work done and then narrowed down by grouping the photos into same themes. Narrowing down further by advising us that we may consider excluding photos that are too similar to one another, e.g. same theme looking at the directions etc. Such tips greatly helped us in making informed choices and quickened the photo selection process.

Here are some sneak peeks of photos we have chosen!





Overall, we had a very wonderful experience with Labelle and would like to thank the Labelle team for taking such great effort in ensuring that we have an enjoyable session and putting their best foot forward in accommodating to our requests 🙂

Just in case you have forgotten who were the Labelle personnel that attended to us.

– Lucas Yeo (Bridal Coordinator and Gown Designer)

– Vivi Wong (Make-up Artist)

– Coco Tay (Service Manager)

– Kenny Gey (Professional Photographer)

Read more about them here!

Good luck and enjoy your photo shoot, for useful tips in preparing for your photo shoot, read here!


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