Wedding 101 : Labelle Couture Wedding Gowns and Suits Fitting Session and Collection of Wedding Album

Just in case there are any discrepancy between your weights then and now, you will be required to undergo a final gown fitting session before the BIG day! Keeping fingers crossed that no weight gained okay! 😛

Photo 17-3-16, 8 06 20 PM

Nearer to our wedding day, the hubs and I headed by Labelle Couture to have our final fitting session done, to ensure that all is well and there is no mistakes on the measurements. Any alteration was also done on the spot which was very quick and efficient! 🙂

My classic white wedding ball gown!

Photo 17-3-16, 7 06 08 PM

Photo 17-3-16, 7 06 42 PM

My evening gown!

Photo 17-3-16, 7 18 21 PM

Photo 17-3-16, 7 17 40 PM

The hubs was trying on to see which accessories best matched his outfit 🙂

Photo 17-3-16, 7 42 43 PM

Photo 17-3-16, 7 54 04 PM

Photo 17-3-16, 8 32 03 PM

Thank god my gowns did not had to alter at all, how lucky! But this also means that I did not lose any weight right? LOL! 😛

After we were done with our fitting, we proceeded to view and collect out wedding album! Seeing all the pictures and how the required portions of the pictures we requested to be edited were done flawlessly, we were really satisfied with the works 🙂

Some snapshots of our beautiful wedding albums and its intricate details!


Photo 8-6-16, 9 21 55 PM

Our wedding album protected by a premium wedding box, which comes with soft copies of our pre-wedding pictures saved in a disc and the hard copies 🙂

Photo 8-6-16, 9 22 27 PM

Photo 8-6-16, 9 23 32 PM

Photo 8-6-16, 9 24 02 PM

Our album is made of PVC binding and the material is more durable and resistant to wear and tear. In addition, it is also water-resistant too 🙂

Photo 8-6-16, 9 25 50 PM

Photo 8-6-16, 9 24 33 PM

Gown and suit fitting session went smoothly with no hiccups, and Labelle was very accommodating to our requests and preferences of wanting to look our best for our BIG day! On top of that, the editing and completion of the pre-wedding pictures were also done within a short span of time and we were really grateful for that, especially for me as I really value efficiency a lot 🙂

Photo 9-6-16, 10 19 25 PM

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