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Honestly, all my life, I’ve not been to any facials before and was extremely excited when Narava Beauty invited me down for a facial treatment. When asked why haven’t I step into beauty salons for facials, I answered that I didn’t see the need to as I do not have much skin problems except for common ones such as blackheads, whiteheads and oil T-zone (combi skin type). And most importantly, my terrible laughing lines and dark circles..! Other than that, I don’t have sensitive nor acne-prone skin.

Narava Beauty was founded in 2008 and is operated by 2 sisters, Isis and Persis who are extremely friendly and warm. Effortlessly, they make you feel at home when you attend your facial treatment sessions 🙂 Prior to Narava Beauty, both Isis and Persis have about 8 years experience as beauticians, so you can be rest assured that they are very experienced. They do know their products well too, which is very important so that they are in a favourable position to advise on the suitable products for your skin conditions. You need to know what products are beneficial and what are harmful to your skin and beauticians like Isis and Persis can help you with that.

Throughout my session, Isis attended to me and she took the effort to inform me before she applies / carries out anything on my face. With your eyes closed, insecurities and fear somewhat naturally creeps in, so it’s very important for beauticians to inform you beforehand of their actions as well as to constantly check on how you are feeling. And for that, I’ll applaud Narava Beauty for their excellent customer service! 🙂

Click here for pictures of their beauty salon room. Relaxing music was played throughout the whole session and you can’t blame me for dozing off during masking! :p

Apart from facial treatment, I was also given nice soothing massage on my face, head and shoulders!

For my treatment type, I was treated with Mimical Control Q10 Facial.

This treatement type takes approx 90minutes.

Mimical Control Q10 Facial

BOTOX ALIKE TO MINIMISE WRINKLES – The ultimate treatment for plumping skin and reducing the appearance of fine lines. Pure collagen extracts deeply hydrate and plump the skin resulting in a fresh and dewy complexion. An application of face contour fluid firms the skin and improves the circulation. Leaves your skin clear, fresh and refined.

Read on for my detailed experience with Narava Beauty.

Before treatment :

You can see obvious freckles, large pores and oily areas on the T-zones. And I know I have lots of moles too =x

This was after the milk enzyme peeling and as you can see, the skin looks a little tad more radiant and brighter as milk has brightening properties. The enzymes also help in skin cells renewal 🙂

This was after the extraction of black heads, white heads and whatever stubborn impurities on my face, hence the slight redness of the skin. Picture was captured when I was undergoing soft laser treatment which helps to increase blood circulation and improve radiance on dull looking skin. Pain factor? Similar to ants bites and if you have undergone IPL sessions before, yup, the feeling is about the same.

Laser treatments are more useful than DIY masks or sheet masks because the light beams are able to penetrate into the epidermis and dermis of the skin, basically up to 2 layers skin deep. This is very important because targetting surface problems will not provide a long-term solution to skin problems. You will need to target layers deep down of the skin to prevent the furthering of the same problems in the future.

I had to get my dark circles fixed and Narava Beauty was very kind to offer me this awesome eye treatment. My eye muscles were relaxed by the soothing massage of icy cold natural crystals from Germany! This eye treatment is known as the Glacier crystal eye treatment. Massages help to improve blood circulation around the eyes which gives you brighter looking eyes!

I was then given an intensive mask treatment where the liquid hardens into a solid mask thereafter which required approx 20mins. I dozed off during this period of time though, hee 😛 Before masking, I was also given ampoule essence treatment which contains skin cells renewal functions and skin whitening!

As you know, most sheet masks are not customised for your face shapes, and for this mask treatment, Narava Beauty customised the mask to fit snugly and perfectly on my face, which helps to better absorb the nutrients and essence of the mask. It also extended to my neck which had some fine lines as well. The woes of ageing 🙁

A comparison of before and after treatment :

1. Circled in red – Before treatment, there were lots of blackheads and whiteheads on my nose and after treatment, lesser if not completely no more blackheads and whiteheads!

2. Circled in blue – Before treatment, large pores around my cheeks and after treatment, sizes of pores significantly reduced!

3. Circled in purple – Before treatment, obvious laugh lines even when I’m not er, laughing? Neither was I smiling. A straight face and the laugh lines were obvious. After treatment, reduce appearance of the annoying laugh lines! 😀

When I got home, I could see obvious difference on my skin, in that my face was brighter and a little more radiant. The next day, while applying make up, it was easier when glossing my foundation powder over my face as skin was smoother and more supple.  Do note that the redness would subside after a while so not to worry. There wasn’t any redness on my face the next day when I woke up.

Babor products I’ve used :

Narava Beauty uses high quality skin care products from Babor which were founded in 1955 and manufactured in Germany. Babor is the leading skin care system in continental Europe, and has a growing following in the North America market. With a full line of skin care, makeup and wellness products, Babor provides an individual path towards beauty. Working in harmony with nature, Babor combines dynamic concepts and effective products with its stringent quality control to help you bring out your true inner beauty. Today, Babor is one of the worlds leading brands in the professional skin care industry. It is represented in more than 60 countries around the globe at Babor institutes, exclusive distributors and day spas. Do google reviews on it. Cozycot forums provide some useful info and as you can see, Babor are well-known and highly raved amongst ladies ! 🙂

Do drop by their website to find out more treatments they offer!

Don’t forget to check out their Facebook fan page for updates too!

558 Hougang Street 51
Singapore 530558 

Tel: 9798 9839 / 9863 9799
*Appointment by booking only (ladies only)

Email: naravabeauty@hotmail.com

By Bus: 43, 109, 156, 159, 161, 101, 325

Nearest MRT: Buangkok MRT

Estimated walking distance from MRT: 7mins

Personally, I am very pleased with their products, treatments and most importantly, customer service! You can ask them anything and I assure you they are really very approachable and friendly! 🙂

Do quote my name “Jean Gan” to be entitled to 50% off  your first treatment trial! 🙂

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