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Hello! So sorry for the lack of updates. Work has recently been draining every single thread of energy left in me and when I get back home, I totally lose all mood to do anything save for using phone, playing scramble, bejeweled, have my dinner and play with my niece! Speaking of which, my niece recognises me much better now and she really likes me alot! Heh heh! So much so that the moment I step home, she tries to quicken her footstep and there was even once, she ran towards me but tripped over her toy book. But thank goodness, it wasn’t on a hard ground but on a her soft and thick play mat instead.

Honestly speaking, my heart did sank and I felt really bad even till the next day when that incident kept replaying in my mind. 🙁


Photo 28-4-15 10 39 11 pm

Someone’s been ransacking my bag….and wallet….

Selfie with Yiyi :)

Selfie with Yiyi 🙂

The innocence of children…which most of us loses once we grow up and blend into the society 🙁

Someone's busy munching...

Someone’s busy munching…

I am really flattered to be well-liked by her. I feel so…accepted? LOL!

Apart from that, with my eyeballs getting stuck on the computer for so many hours a day, I lose the mood to continue using my laptop while I’m home. Especially since our trusty smartphones can do almost the same as computers! 😉

I have had lots of thoughts going on in my mind recently and most of the days, I ask myself questions that I cannot answer. Questions relating to myself and others. It really irks me when answers cannot be found.

I guess you can actually consider this as somewhat a quarter-life crisis kind of thing, although I know I’m passed the quarter-life ‘mark’.

On a even more depressing note, my complexion has gone from bad to worse recently. Not sure if this was caused by stress or what because I did not change my skin care and beauty care products. So it is really baffling to see its condition deteriorating. 🙁

I decided to drop by Indulgence Beauty for a facial treatment and also to pour out my grievances to the very friendly beautician on my recent sucky complexion 🙁

To my horror, I found out how much my skin condition has deteriorated through a skin analysis done at Indulgence Beauty. I am really really depressed.

I will blog about this facial treatment with Indulgence Beauty soon and also share more on the benefits of the treatment I have done, as well as the condition of my skin.

What’s more is that, my sensitive lips problem recurred and gets really really red and swollen. This occurs despite before food/drink and before any application of my lip balm. I have been battling with this problem for several years now and I know it is an incurable condition. It gets extremely embarrassing when I am out, especially at work (since I can’t avoid this) and with my skin constantly peeling and flaking at the sides of my lips…I wish I could just bury my head inside and die. 🙁

It is no doubt an ugly sight and can really drill into one’s self-esteem.

Not knowing which doctor or dermatologist to consult, I decided to fall back to my comfort zone. One that I have worked with previously and felt comfortable with. He is none other than Dr Dylan Chau from CeleVenus Wellness & Aesthetic Clinic. Now, before you jump the gun, this is not a paid advertorial nor sponsorship. I have clearly mentioned above on why I had decided to look for him for help. Dr Chau prescribed 3 types of medicines and 1 of them, an anti-viral medicine, had to be gotten from pharmacies.

Initially when I followed the medication instructions, my lips condition improved slightly and I was quite satisfied as I thought that there’s finally some hope! However, a few days later, the same annoying redness and swollenness returned. I was also scheduled for a follow-up session after my first consultation day which I am really appreciative of as I felt that they were really genuinely sincere in wanting to keep up with my condition status. As I had updated him with my condition progress, Dr Chau prescribed me another medicine for anti-inflammatory purposes and gave me 2 creams to apply.

If I recall correctly, I had used 1 of the creams previously and it worked wonders for my condition. I did not encounter this problem for about half a year or so? But that was some time back and I had forgotten its medical name since then. But when I read the description of the cream I was given by Dr Chau, it rang a sudden bell.

I think I have found my HOLY GRAIL!

You may or may not agree with me (since I note that are strong anti-steroids advocates out there) but these 2 creams contain steroids but of different percentage content. I opted for steroids-content cream because of my past experience with that cream I had used.

They really worked.

Of course, I had poured out my concerns to Dr Chau and clarified with him on the adverse effects that steroid creams may cause, especially since those strong advocates made it seem like steroids is like an absolute potent poison. But I was advised by Dr Chau that steroids may most probably just thin your skin and of course, being a ‘Miss-Google-It-All-When-In-Doubt’, I did a little research on my own.

You may read it here.

The side effects of steroid creams may only aggravate when used in high dosage and long-term, but other than that, it should be fine. So I am really crossing my fingers real tight now.

To cheer myself up as well as to get rid of my previous nail polish (which had been left on for several months by the way =x), I headed down to Lollipop Nails at Far East Plaza to pamper myself! <3

I mean, you need to first learn how to love yourself, before you can love others right? 🙂

And I left home all cheery with these gorgeous nails! 😀

Photo 23-5-15 12 58 06 pm

Photo 23-5-15 1 13 27 pm

One week has passed and none of the embellishments have dropped off! I’m pretty amazed by this since I am kinda ‘rough‘ at times, especially when washing my hair and all….

What’s more, they are conveniently located in the heart of Singapore – Orchard Road! 😀

Mention ‘JEAN GAN’ to enjoy 20% off all in-house services!!! <3

This promotion does not apply to packages and promotional items and only applies to prices $20 and above! There is no deadline to this promotion and even applies to BRIDAL NAILS as well!

So if you are looking to get your nails pampered, do drop by Lollipop Nails! 😀

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