Update yourself with latest Bloggers Promo Codes and enjoy HUGE DISCOUNTS!

Recently, I have been toying with this idea of setting up a Facebook Group to encapsulate all the promotional codes Bloggers may have to offer.

Today, I have finally gotten my ass down to create one, even though it does not take much time to do so. But I’m the kind of person who loves to think through carefully before carrying out certain actions, of course, this does not apply when one is overwhelmed with emotions, ahem 😀

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So anyhoo, the reason why I wanted to create Blogger Promo Codes was due to :

1. The usefulness of Promotional Codes

I am an avid online shopper myself and recently, I happened to chance upon a blog (which I am a regular reader of) while googling for reviews.

Although it was an advertorial, there was a promotional code which could be used at the website’s check-out point which entitled me to enjoy discounts! 😀

Apart from increasing the readership and popularity of the blogger as well as the satisfaction level and effectiveness in the client’s marketing campaign, as a consumer, I was able to reap some benefits too! 🙂

With such mutual benefits, I don’t see any reason why such benefits shouldn’t be shared! 😛

I mean, who doesn’t love enjoying discounts??? 😀 😀

2. Helping fellow blogger friends

I created this Facebook Group for Blogger Promo Codes for all bloggers to share their promotional codes with fellow bloggers as well as the public!

With the blogging industry almost reaching its saturation point (or has it already?!), it is difficult to make a name for oneself. Everyone with a blog, whether documenting boring or interesting posts, whether diligently blogging daily or blogging every once in a blue moon, now calls themselves a blogger. It is a known fact that every blogger is hungry for blog hits and popularity because it may most probably translate into better bargaining power to charge for higher advertorial fees (KA-CHING! $$) and to enjoy more sponsorship.

I will not deny that should more customers quote bloggers’ name to enjoy discounts and/or promotions, this would also mean that the client may extend the sponsorship period or may increase future business opportunities for the bloggers again in the near future.

But this does not bother me at all because YOU HAPPY, I HAPPY, EVERYBODY HAPPY! 

And I get to enjoy discounts/promos by quoting other bloggers’ name too (save more $$ = +10 points to me!!)….hehehe. 

3. Helping companies by promoting their businesses 

Promo codes and discounts are the common marketing tactics seen around. Think coupon websites such as deal.com, groupons etc, you would know exactly how this works.

Honestly, most industries are taken over by storm by huge and established companies, which sometimes may be overrated. Either than that, even if they aren’t big players in the industries, retail shops/brands or even cafes made popular by word of mouth, instagram, online websites and so forth, may sometimes be too overrated too 🙁

But what about those smaller businesses or start-up companies?

They can be pretty awesome too, you know? 😉

Hence, although it may be tough for them to make it to the top (which actually applies to most aspects in life, BAH!), I think they should be given equal opportunities as well.

This also reminds me of job opportunities whereby in this current meritocratic society in Singapore, we tend to focus too much on academic results which may not necessarily make them better employees and managers/leaders than those who did not academically-perform as well as them.

So, join Blogger Promo Codes and get yourself updated with latest promo codes and enjoy HUGE DISCOUNTS!