[Travelogue] Penang Day 4 – Famous food and places!

Howdy guys! I am back with my last entry post on my Penang trip! Sorry for the long wait.

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Day 4 was the shortest as we had to catch our evening flight, which means we had to leave early so that we can check-in in time and not miss our flight.

There were some miscommunication between the transport owner and his drivers. My phone had to die then and my portable charger was not working out of a sudden. But thank god, a replacement driver came and got us to the airport on time.

Before we left for the airport, we had some free time to roam around the nearby vicinity of our hotel.

After brekkie with the family, the bf and I left for our own private time. My Bro-in-Law introduced a nearby place which sells curry noodles. However, we couldn’t find and the drizzle was getting heavier by the minute. We didn’t bring out any umbrella either. We walked and walked and saw a row of colourful shop houses.


Aren’t they pretty? 🙂

Kinda reminds me of rainbow cake though, hehe.

Unknowingly, as we walked along further, we chanced upon this place called Macalister Road which was not very far from our hotel. We decided to grab some light snacks (dim sum) because we saw how crowded the place was! I guess it was also because it was during a Sunday and it was high tea time!

Since it was so crowded, being typical Singaporeans, we reckoned it must be good so we settled there while waiting for the rain to stop.

Penang Dim Sum Food Restaurant @ Jalan Macalister, Penang

Address : 53, Macalister Road 10400 Penang
Business hours: 8am – 2pm (Mon to Fri), 8am – 3pm (Weekends and Public Holiday)




The place was crowded to its brim!




Some piping hot siew mai for you?


I have no idea what it is, some sort of fried beancurd skin with meat? Like ngoh hiang?


Siew Mai was so-so but the bf didn’t like it.


This fried sesame ball was my favourite. It was quite crunchy and was addictive!


The fried fishball tasted so-so….

After stuffing ourselves, we walked a little further to explore since the rain has stopped.

We chanced upon Sun Yat-Sen Memorial Hall but did not enter to visit.


And well, since we had nothing to do…we went back to the row of colourful shop houses and decided to try out one of the cafes there!

Dolce Dessert Cafe @ Kek Chuan Road, Georgetown, Penang



IMG_7439 IMG_7440










The tiramisu wasn’t exactly fantastic. Perhaps it was not to my liking, but I’m not a hard core fan anyway.

The coffees were not bad.

After that, we rested awhile at the hotel and then proceeded to place our luggage at the concierge while we have our last meal in Penang.

We took a cab to Penang Road, hoping to try the food there but little did we know they were food stalls and it was drizzling. There were loads of people queuing up as well and it wasn’t convenient, especially for the baby.

So we walked along further, crossed a overhead bridge and saw this eatery.

Penang Road Famous Teochew Chendul

Address: Jalan Penang, 10450 Pulau Pinang, Malaysia




My sis has the Nasi Lemak. I wasn’t sure if it tasted good or not but well, she didn’t manage to finish all of it…


I guess this must be the nicest Penang Laksa we have tried thus far. The flavour was there in the right proportion. I was a little surprised because I had expected such flavourful authenticity from food stalls instead of restaurants, but somehow the chef managed to capture the hearts of many Penang Laksa fans as the restaurant was crowded as well!


I thought the Chee Cheong Fun tasted mediocre.


The curry noodles were quite yummy. The amount of chilli is up to individual’s preference.


The rojak taste quite good too!


This Chendul is what this restaurant is famous for. Many customers ordered this as well. I’m not a fan of desserts but I guess it tasted quite okay.

After that, we proceeded back to the hotel and got ready to leave for the airport.

That pretty sums up what Day 4 was like.

I hope my travelogue on Penang would be of some help to you in sourcing for famous places to visit and try out Penang’s famous delicacies! 🙂