Travelogue (Mini Moon Edition) : Taiwan 台湾 8D7N (Hua Lien 花蓮 Day 3)

This post shares our last night at Hua Lien where we hopped over to another hostel in HL, checked out the next day and left for Taipei! 😀 I will blog about our Day 1 in Taipei in the next post so do keep a lookout for that! 🙂

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To be honest, there weren’t many activities to do at HL, especially during the bad weather. Hence, for the last day at HL, we did nothing much 🙁

The view of the weather right after we woke up! Still as gloomy as ever 🙁

Photo 25-3-16, 9 57 39 AM

After checking out of Cullinan Hotel the next day, we left our luggage at the hotel’s concierge. Then, we went to have our lunch!



Mon – Sun:11:00 – 14:0017:00 – 21:00

Photo 25-3-16, 1 24 59 PM

Photo 25-3-16, 12 09 33 PM

Photo 25-3-16, 12 09 23 PM

Photo 25-3-16, 12 10 07 PM

Photo 25-3-16, 12 11 36 PM

Photo 25-3-16, 12 18 56 PM

Photo 25-3-16, 12 21 02 PM

Photo 25-3-16, 12 21 29 PM

Photo 25-3-16, 12 21 33 PM

Photo 25-3-16, 12 25 04 PM

Photo 25-3-16, 12 25 11 PM

The food there was decently yummy and price-wise is mediocre generally. Just don’t expect dirt cheap Japanese food because some particular dishes can get a little pricey.

The restaurant staff was friendly too but somewhat weird because they actually approached us to ask where we were from and then laughed it off…..Hmm, I guess they were betting among each other on our nationality?

We requested for our next Hotel – Bayview Hotel came to pick us up! It was indeed very nice of them to accede to our request of picking us up from Cullinan instead of HL Train Station which was initially their suggestion. Totally great customer service etiquette there! So kudos to them for that! 😀

As we still had some time on hand, after savouring the yummy Japanese food, we walked around to explore one last time while we still had the chance.

Just around the bend near our hotel, we chanced upon a shopping centre which looks really huge!

Far Eastern Department Store / 遠東百貨公司 Hualian FE 21′ 花蓮 FE 21′
Address: No. 581, Hépíng Road, Huālián City
地址: 花蓮市和平路581號
Phone: (03) 835-5588

Photo 25-3-16, 1 30 23 PM

But don’t be fooled by its appearance…there was nothing much there save for the usual suspects for cosmetic counters. We headed to the basement where the food court, a little cafe, uniqlo and super market was.

Photo 25-3-16, 2 36 05 PM

Photo 25-3-16, 2 36 15 PM

Photo 25-3-16, 2 55 19 PM

As coffee-lovers, how could we miss drinking a cuppa when we chanced upon a cafe?! 😛

Photo 25-3-16, 1 55 16 PM

Then we proceeded back to our hotel lobby to wait for the driver to arrive.

The journey duration from Cullinan Hotel to Bayview Hotel took about 30 to 40 minutes, subject to traffic conditions. As it was a non-peak hour on a weekday, traffic was smooth 🙂

Oh and by the way, Bayview Hotel is not the same as Hotel Bayview although while inquiring with BVH, the son of the lady boss told me that they are actually under the same management. HBV belongs to them too and is relatively much newer than BVH.

In fact, the appearance and decoration of HBV is more gorgeous than BVH! Just check this out! :O

Entrance of Hotel Bayview

Hotel Bayview Room

Outdoor corridor of Hotel Bayview

Just the room with its pretty nautical theme will be able to sweep of anyone’s feet! But comparing both hotels, the room rates are about the same. For HBV, to opt for sea view, you are required to pay extra. However, the price is not very much different from the sea view hotel rooms at BVH.

One good thing about BVH is that it is located nearer to the beach and sea, and ALL of their hotel rooms face the beautiful sea! 😀

We wanted to book a hotel room with sea view with HBV because I was just so mesmerised by its decorations…but luck was not on our side as the dates we wanted were all fully booked 🙁

So we settled with BVH instead which was still as awesome as well! 😀

望海樓民宿 Bayview Hotel


Photo 25-3-16, 5 15 29 PM

Check out our hotel room!!!

Photo 25-3-16, 4 40 19 PM

Photo 25-3-16, 4 40 53 PM

And the view right from our hotel balcony….It was really a very pretty sight but the damn weather had to spoil it all! ARGH! >=(

Photo 25-3-16, 4 41 16 PM

There is a little souvenir shop nearby our hotel where we got some gifts for our family and friends 🙂

Photo 25-3-16, 5 39 29 PM

Photo 25-3-16, 5 22 26 PM

Some of the hotels around the vicinity…

Photo 25-3-16, 5 38 52 PM

Photo 25-3-16, 5 37 30 PM

Some eateries…

Photo 25-3-16, 5 38 42 PM

Photo 25-3-16, 5 40 45 PM

Photo 25-3-16, 5 41 18 PM

Honestly, there aren’t many eateries near our hotel and we decided to go with…

Photo 25-3-16, 8 20 39 PM

Photo 25-3-16, 8 20 45 PM

This is located in the same building as the souvenir shop. Upon entering the shop, turn right and you will be able to see the flight of stairs as per the picture above. Head up to the little cafe.

Photo 25-3-16, 7 36 36 PM

Photo 25-3-16, 7 36 46 PM

Photo 25-3-16, 7 36 59 PM

Photo 25-3-16, 7 47 46 PM

Photo 25-3-16, 7 43 18 PM

Photo 25-3-16, 7 49 21 PM

Photo 25-3-16, 7 58 38 PM

The food took awhile to serve as the lady boss was working alone. Upon arriving the cafe, we were greeted by her friendliness and there was no other staff around.

The food was not to our expectations as our noodles were rather bland. But still, anything hot and piping was definitely comforting under such chilly weather!

The smelly tofu was different from the usual fried ones and this also meant that the strong pungent smell and taste was glaring. We did not finish it in the end. 🙁

The sausage was meh, only because I’m no sausage fan but the hubs is. I wouldn’t spend extra for that though.

After our so-so dinner, we headed to the nearby family mart to get some snacks and drinks before returning to our hotel to chill, since there weren’t anything to do there during the night anyway.

This family mart is present hard to miss because it is the only one there. So I guess it’s rather important too hahaha! We booked our tickets back to Taipei via the TSA with the kind assistance from the hotel lady boss and all we had to do was to collect our tickets at a ticket machine in the family mart. So if you haven’t already bought your tickets which you actually should to prevent any disappointment on vacancy, you will need to collect your tickets there.

We returned to our hotel thereafter and basically just chilled before we were knocked out. HAHA!

Our thoughts on Hua Lien : It was a beautiful place to tour and explore and spending a little more on hotels nearby the sea is definitely worth the experience.  After all, how often do we get to have our beds just beside the sea and how often do we get to calm ourselves with the splashes of the natural waves?

Not in Singapore.

We believe that Hua Lien could have been much more breath-taking that it already is, but for outdoor landscapes and activities, you really have to depend heavily on the weather’s cooperation. And it did not cooperate for our case. A pity but still great, neverthless 🙂

Stay tuned to my next post on our first day on Taipei! 😛

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