Travelogue : Hong Kong Trip Day 2 (Australia Diary Company., Dim Dim Sum, Ngong Ping 360, The Peak and Lan Kwai Fong)

Phew! I am finally getting my ass down to continue blogging about my Day 2 in Hong Kong! 🙂
You can read all about my Day 1 here which I have shared about my very awesome hotel and the Avenue of Stars!

So, what is Hong Kong without some delicious food right??? This post will cover 2 famous eateries and 3 famous places of interest!!!

Although we had lots of macaroni the day before, nothing beats having to fill your tummy with the super popular macaroni by none other than….




It is not difficult to get there. You will need to alight at Jordan MTR and take a short walk to Parkes Street.

Either that, if you come across a very long queue, they are most probably queuing up for Australia Dairy Co.! HAHA!


I know what is on your mind right now. Like what?! Such a long queue before we can settle down to eat?

Initially, the fiance and I were put off by the long queue but I have read reviews that the queue actually move quite fast.

And it did!

After waiting for less than 15 minutes, we were given a seat.


Do take note that you will have to share a table with strangers so do not be taken aback. This is pretty much why the queue moves so swiftly.


The menu was mounted on the wall and we had quite a hard time figuring out what to order….

The old uncle waiter who served us was super impatient. The customer service is Hong Kong is well-known to be rowdy and rude, especially to tourists who do not speak Cantonese. He was extremely rude to us and shouted at us for not being able to order our food properly.

I was really very pissed because it felt as though he tried to make a big fool out of us, with many watchful eyes glaring at us.

Eventually, our food came but we over-ordered out of mistake and could not finish eating everything 🙁




I must say that the only unique point about the macaroni was that they are not your usual macaroni with lines…? Other than that, it was merely decent which can be considered a comfort food, especially during rainy days. If it could have been served hotter, that would be great as well.

However, the one thing that you must DIE DIE try no matter what is their scrambled eggs!!!


Especially more so for scrambled egg fans like me……YOU SIMPLY CANNOT MISS THIS! 

But at this point, we were so stressed up with those watchful eyes and how cramp and tense the situation was, and me having my blood boiling over how that idiotic waiter treated us, I was not enjoying myself to the fullest. My fiance as well.

I was ready to leave but the fiance said he wanted to try the egg pudding…..


So, anything to please the man, we went ahead to order it.

I totally did not like it and I was already dying to leave…….and we left without finishing the egg pudding. 🙁


Manage to snap a shot of this to show you guys how cramped up and crowded the place, which is a quite a common sight in Hong Kong.

Verdict : The macaroni was decent, a dish to consider as a comfort food but the real bomb you should really try is the scrambled eggs. It leans towards the more milky taste but without being too overwhelmed by its milky taste. It was perfecto!

BUT and it’s a HUGE BUT…

You will need to be prepared to squeeze and share tables with random strangers, and be treated like 2nd class citizens especially if you encounter this particular old waiter. The rest of the waiter were fine so if possible, try avoiding any interaction with this old waiter which I have circled in the picture below for a clearer view.

IMG_7938 waiter

I really hate to shame others on my blog like this but I felt we were really unfairly treated and there was no decent respect from this waiter to us as customers.

So if you want to just enjoy your food quietly without any penned up tension and anger, I seriously suggest that you avoid this waiter AT ALL COSTS!!! >=(

Address : G/F, 47-49 Parkes Street, Jordan

47 Parkes Street, Kowloon, Hong Kong, China

Overall rating : 5 stars(This is for the scrambled eggs ONLY)

ZERO rating for the customer service there!!!

Ok, ’nuff said. Moving on…

Another famous eatery at Hong Kong is Mak’s Noodle which sells their popular wanton noodles. Had we not over-ordered at Australia Dairy Co., we would still have some stomach space left to share a bowl of wanton noodle. But unfortunately, that was not the case and we did not had the chance to dine there 🙁

Anyway, if you are keen, here is their address : 77 Wellington St, Central, Hong Kong 🙂

We walked around the vicinity to digest ourselves a little before heading to our next destination…



Spotted a very pretty looking bakery shop around the corner – La Petit Patisserie 栢芝餅店 🙂

Address : Shop 2-3, G/F, Chung Wo Commerical Centre, 42-46 Shanghai Street, Jordan


IMG_7963 2


The usual housing estates of Hong Kong…which I thought would look awesome in black and white.

I have my arty farty moments too, ya know! 😛

Our next destination was none other than….another eatery! HAHAHA! Hong Kong is really famous mainly for their food, so what do ya expect! 😛

Thank god for google map, we manage to find our way there and all thanks to the fiance too. He was the GPS throughout our trip…in fact he is always my GPS whenever we are out! 😀




Their nicer condominium housing estate which is unsurprisingly more expensive than housing prices in Singapore. Although Hong Kong’s land is much bigger than Singapore ( 1,104 km² vs 718.3 km²), there are several land areas that are not suitable for the construction of buildings and houses due to the terrains and reliefs.


Hong Kong’s public light buses are a common sight and serve areas which standard Hong Kong bus lines cannot reach as efficiently. Also commonly known as 小巴 in short.

And now for the next restaurant…you will have to answer this : what is Hong Kong without their well-known local food – DIM SUM???


DIM DIM SUM Specialty Store! 🙂










We were still quite stuffed from our breakfast and I am pretty sure that if we were to try these dim sum on an empty stomach, it would definitely taste much better!

Nevertheless, the customer service by the waiters were pretty decent. No scornful faces nor rude waiters. So thumbs up to that.

Food-wise, quite yummy and prices are quite affordable as well.

Dim Dim Sum (Jordan) Hong Kong

Address : 21-23 Man Ying St, Jordan, Kowloon, Hong Kong, China

Overall rating : 4 stars

At this stage, we were really really stuffed, like damn full to the max…so we decided to drop by another place of interest at Ngong Ping 360! 🙂

We took the MTR and stopped at Tung Chung Station.


Upon alighting, you will be welcome by a huge shopping centre – Citygate Outlets.

Citygate Outlets Shopping Mall has more than 90 international brands offering yearly discount of at least 30% to 70% on designer fashion, sports, beauty, accessories, children’s wear, and home items. There’s also a spa, multi-screen cinema, cool restaurants, and one of the largest outdoor kinetic fountains in Asia!


To reach to the cable car station at Ngong Ping 360, you will have to walk towards the left of the mall. There will be signs so keep a look out for them!

As advised by the counter staff, she mentioned that taking a cable car to Ngong Ping 360 takes about 30 mins and if one is to travel back down by bus, it will take approx. 1 hour. We decided to travel via cable car to and fro.

It costs us about sgd30+ each.




Oh and did I mention that Citygate Outlets are located very near to Hong Kong International Airport? 🙂

So you can actually drop by for some last minute shopping before travelling back home!







We travelled for about 20 minutes before we could see the Big Buddha!













There were some cows let loose to graze the grass and because this is a rare sight back in our sunny island, I was unsurprisingly quite excited! *blush



There were a few stray dogs too but not to worry, they are very tamed 🙂



It was such a pity that we missed entering the Big Buddha area because we spent too long sightseeing  at other areas 🙁

So if you don’t want to miss it, do take note that the gate closes at 5.30pm!


It was close to dusk when we were about to leave and the queue back to Tung Chung was quite horrendous. We had to wait for about 30 to 45mins?

Ngong Ping 360 

Address: 11 Tat Tung Road, Tung Chung, Lantau Island, Hong Kong, China

Our next stop for the day was none other than THE PEAK!

With an altitude of 552 m (1,811 ft), the Peak is the highest mountain on Hong Kong island, ranked 31 in terms of altitude in the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (Tai Mo Shan is the highest point in the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region with an altitude of 957 m).

Being a scenic person, this was definitely one of the places I was really looking forward to go for this HK trip and I was so glad we made it there! 🙂


You will need to take the MTR and stop at Hong Kong station. I know right, the train station’s name is kinda confusing.


If you’d recall, you will be exactly opposite where Avenue of the Stars is and will witness beautifully-lighted skyscrappers 🙂

You will need to find your way to The Peak. It is not that difficult to get to there but it may be an arduous walk to some of you due to the relief of the land.

Read here to find out how to get there.



The thing about Hong Kong is that crowds are everywhere, especially more so for tourist attractions.

Just look at the horrendous crowd!

We had to queue to get the tram tickets as well as wait to get in the queue for the tram and then lastly, wait for the tram. It was quite horrible 🙁


I tried capturing a front image of the tram but couldn’t because it was approaching way too fast.


After over 1hour+ of nothing but waiting, we finally managed to board the tram. And mind you, nobody is gonna let you get up the tram that easily, especially if you want to have a seat. I had to push and rush like some auntie. PFFFT.


Even at the highest level of the peak, it was filled with loads and loads of people. I totally loathe crowds so you can imagine how frustrating it was, especially during photo taking. It is difficult to crop others out of the picture or angle it in such a way that there are no outsiders in the picture. Neither did they had any courtesy to get out of the picture either 🙁

Nevertheless, the beautiful view had me forgotten my frustration for awhile…


Sigh and then guess what?

After snapping only a handful of pictures, my camera battery decided to die on me at that very moment. Even more frustrating I tell you! But then again, I guess it was overworked throughout the whole day, considering the fact we travelled to so many places in one day!

So I had no choice but to use my lousy iPhone 6 camera 🙁

The resolution sucks even more for night shoots…

thepeak 3

Hello from 1,811 ft above ground level! 😀

the peak2

For couples madly in love, there is a huge heart statue with many hand-written wishes hung onto it, which you may consider penning your wishes down too 🙂

the peak

Heading back home was another nightmare. The queue was equally horrendous 🙁 SIGH.

The Peak

Address: 1 Lugard Rd, Hong Kong, China

Single and Return Peak Tram Ticket is also available.

Where to purchase :
All tickets are sold at Garden Road Peak Tram Lower Terminus or appointed travel agents.
Peak Tram Upper Terminus (The Peak Tower) sells Peak Tram tickets (Return & Single) only.

For information on ticket prices on Peak Tram, Peak Tram Sky Pass, please click here

Peak Tram Operating Hours :
7 am to 12 midnight(Mon – Sun & Public Holidays)
Frequency : Departs every 10 to 15 minutes

Sky Terrace 428 Opening Hours :
10 am to 11 pm(Mon – Fri)
8 am to 11 pm(Sat, Sun & Public Holidays)

My legs were crying and drying from all the walking but the fiance wanted to chill out and grab a quick beer or two at Lan Kwai Fong – one of Hong Kong’s most popular nightlife hot spots and home to over 90 restaurants and bars.




I wouldn’t dared come LKF alone because the place was filled with loads of Caucasians and the crowd was quite rowdy 🙁

This must be my best smile in my entire XX years of life!!! HAHAHA!

We called it a night and felt quite accomplished having to conquered 5 places in one day!!! You can never imagine how dead beat we were, in fact, we were so exhausted at the end of everyday day during our whole trip! So if you are planning to head to Hong Kong, you have got to be prepared to walk ALOT. So it is sensible to dress comfortably and put on a pair of comfortable shoes! 🙂

That’s all for Day 2! Stay tuned to Day 3 (psst, something MAJOR happened on that day and you wouldn’t want to miss it!!!) 😛

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