Thoughtful Tuesdays : What 2016 meant to me

The year 2016 is scarily coming to an end, with just less than a month to a brand new year. Looking back, this year has been one of the most eventful years in my life, I’d must say. Perhaps the most eventful one with major happenings thus far.


In March this year, I got married to my boyfriend of 8 years.

Our Wedding Day!

Indoor Wedding photography from Labelle Couture!

Outdoor Wedding photography from Labelle Couture!

Also, in March, the then boyfriend finally graduated with his double major degree (okay, this isn’t so much for me but well, I do consider this as one of the major happenings too lah).

Then we left for Taiwan for our mini-moon. It was an enjoyable trip! The hubs and I love it there but the weather at the point of time was such a wet blanket! By the way, I am wondering when our BIG moon will be?! Hmmm….


In June this year, the hubs and I shifted to our newly renovated house and started our lives proper as a newly-wedded couple. Suddenly, we were thrown to live independently. Of course, me having the privilege of having a domestic helper all my life up to then, struggled with housework lah.

Struggled with mopping, which both the hubs and I learnt that the stupid normal white-haired mop sucks big time, so I sourced for a spin wash one which we are extremely satisfied with. #proudmoment

Struggled with washing clothes as it was my first freaking time operating a washing machine. In fact, I have never even gotten the opportunity to get near to one too. Don’t laugh and don’t judge, please. Come to think of it, when I used it to wash my clothes for the first time, I was pretty freaking amazed at how my clothes got washed just like that. Again, don’t laugh lah.

Then came my doggy who has been with me since she was 2 months, and she is 13 this year, moving in with us. A completely new and raw feeling, living with your husband and your dog, under one roof. The husband and I struggle (still somehow struggling but better now!) with taking care of my dog as she has multiple health (and mental!) issues. Factors that most probably caused them are old age which causes the health issues part and anxiety due to a new environment, everything rolled into one.

All dressed up!

Guarding the door…

Taken at the vet.

One problem after next slowly started creeping up and I faced a huge hoo-haa drama mama moments with her health and the inhumane and insane medical bills spent. 🙁 Guess I shall leave that for another time.

And the rest of the months were just very-trying days, weeks and months. Trying to settle down, trying to get use to living independently, trying to get use to taking care of my dog full-time…

Oh, and since I have my own kitchen like finally, I managed to try whipping up dishes such as Jumbo Prawns Aglio Olio, Fried Rice (without using a wok and overnight rice!), trying to bake cakes and cookies…

My first fried rice!

Aglio Olio with spinach and ham

Spicy jumbo prawn aglio olio

Stir-fried beef with broccoli, carrots and mushrooms


Fried omelette with sausages and onions

Bak Ku Teh

TADAH! A complete meal!


The hubs happily eating wahaha

But on a deeper note, 2016 has taught me many many things – about myself and about others. This also made me think through my life. So much so that I have already mentally-jotted down my New Year Resolutions! Stay tuned to find out what they are! 😀

So this pretty much sums up what 2016 meant to me…what about yours? I would love to hear them! Those whose 2016 didn’t went well for them, don’t give up. Things will always be better and there will be a rainbow after a rain and at the end of the rainbow, there will be a pot of gold waiting 🙂