Thoughtful Tuesdays : Overwhelming Start of 2016

First and foremost, I need to apologise if my constant blog topics surround the same old ones like wedding and house renovation yada yada. But, these are exactly what’s packing my mind to its brim at this current stage of life and what fuels my thoughts!

Every morning, day and night, I would be fretting over my wedding and house preparations. Handling both at the same time is seriously no easy feat, especially when you are nearing D day.

With a mere 3 months’ shy from our wedding, you can’t blame me for being overwhelmed by the preps. Even though I have settled what seems like alot of stuffs, but the remaining things to do still seem like a mountain! :O

Also, we will be commencing our house renovation real soon. Before being able to start our renovation proper, we need to ensure that our defects have been properly rectified by HDB Building Service Centre and to install and settle the aircon piping.

Plus, work is a crazy-ass mess and overloaded these few weeks! With so many stuffs lingering in my mind, from work, to wedding to house…it is no wonder that I didn’t feel much sense of thrill or excitement when the new year breezed through. And it is no doubt why I am losing my appetite… But well, indeed, time flies.

As much as the fiance and I are pretty much excited over the wedding and house, we are also dreading the preparations because they seem like a horror! Never-ending! Too many things to do! No time! No energy! No mood! And Not forgetting the huge-ass amount of expenses that we need to cough out…..NO MONEY! 🙁

We are barely a week into 2016 and despite the excitement, a part of me just feels like getting everything over and done with. I just cannot wait to settle down….as in getting all the preps done deal and get back to my normal life, not settling down as in to start a family……..

Unfortunately, when it gets tough and rough, another part of me feels like just giving up everything and cowardly escape in a futile attempt to seek solace from a new found peace. A peace that I thought would be waiting for me with arms wide open and to comfort me with a gentle loving tone, telling me that everything will be alright.

On a random note, I am starting to loathe every new year…and this year is no exception too. Not sure if it is due to the hassle-full things to do or that I am inching towards the BIG 3 every year…

I have been telling myself one every now and then that ‘This too shall pass’ and up to date, it seems like it kinda helps me to keep going?

Being a usual pessimistic, I find it both rather amazing and amusing on how I am able to grit my teeth and trying so hard to be and stay positive.

Hopefully this too shall last………

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  1. Yee Luang says:

    Renovation is always a killer, plus your wedding. I can sympathise with you as I have gone through this before.

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