Thoughtful Tuesdays: Onward to a New Chapter of My Life/Our Lives

These few weeks have seen me being totally immersed in wedding preparations as well as house renovation matters. The same goes for my fiance as well.

We think we are doing pretty fine on our wedding preps (although some people may disagree for god knows what reason, I mean come on, what do you know?!) because we managed to settle the major stuffs at the very beginning such as our wedding venue, bridal boutique, gowns, suits, make up, pre-wedding photo shoot(which we postponed to a later date due to the bad weather), actual day photography and videography…of course, there are more to come.

Oh, we will be sending out our ‘save-the-date’ (STD) invitations our this month. It is gonna be 4 months before wedding , which I honestly think is okay compared to 6 months or even much in advance. I mean, come on! Who is gonna remember your wedding that waaaayyy in advance and it is also difficult to gauge if your guests will have any other more important appointments to attend to, you know what I mean?

The outstanding issues can easily be settled and judging on my own self-efficiency (self-praise is no praise and an international disgrace, yes I know), I should think there is no problemo! 😉

The next major stuffs will include:-

  • Bridesmaids matters, which I have already chosen my team and currently waiting for their outfits to arrive, can’t wait!!
  • Justice of Peace, which I have already soft-booked, because JPs aren’t allowed to commit themselves anything earlier than 3 months from the actual day,
  • Wedding Bands, we prefer a simple design with engraving so I don’t think will require lots of time to get them done,
  • Sorting out the guests’ seating arrangement after we finalise their attendance

I think sorting out the guests’ seating arrangement would be a major headache as what many of my friends have advised. But for now, I shall keep this issue in view first.

On housing renovation matters, we have been actively sourcing for a suitable Interior Designer. As we are both juggling between our wedding and house renovation, budget is of utmost important so as not to overspend. To be honest, there is no rush in getting the house done before our wedding day, but of course that would be a bonus. Our house can also be done after our wedding day and we are pretty cool about that too. Our situation allows some flexibility whereby there are no kids involved, so there is not much urgency to hurriedly get our new house all nicely done up and ready to move in.

Of course, ideally that would be awesome! 🙂

Enough of sharing about our preparations on wedding and house matters. What I really want to share about in this blog post, is how excited and nervous we both are with regards to approaching a new chapter in our lives, as an individual and as a couple together.

Shopping nowadays have constantly evolve around our new house matters such as furniture shops, checking out mattress, electronic gadgets and basically, having a feel about the whole thing about moving in and settling down together as a married couple.

We both very much enjoy shopping for these kinda stuffs and I am elated when the fiance shares the same sentiments as me. Of course, there bound to be some conflicts and all, because after all, it is two individuals coming together as one. No two persons are the same.

But we are cool and get things sorted out quickly through rationalisation.

These preparations have indeed taught us several important lessons, especially on growing together as one 🙂

To my Husband-to-Be, just want to let you know that no matter how tough life gets, I will always walk alongside with you, hand in hand. Tough times – this too shall pass 😉 <3