Thoughtful Tuesdays : Family Planning?

As you guys would already have known, I am getting hitched in about 4 months’ plus time! OMG, the counting down is scaring me -.- and I don’t even know what I have not done even though I have already prepared a check list. But I’m worried that I’m missing out stuffs on the check list, if you know what I mean 🙁

*Inhales and exhales*

Anyway, today’s post is about family planning…if you are thinking along the lines of me planning for a kid soon, sorry to burst your bubble, but the answer is no, not yet.


Oh, the irony!

This is also precisely the reason why I felt the need to pen down my thoughts on family planning, on having a kid. Before I receive those usual “when you are having a kid?” or “we are dying to cuddle your child” and all those crap, let me address this point quite very firmly.

Why are we getting all these crap even before our wedding, as if wedding preps and house renovation matters are overwhelming us already…?!

Simply put, we are not in a hurry to start a family compared to other couples. We both have a few married couple friends whereby the wife got preggy soon after they got hitched (not ‘shot gun’ cases). I am pretty amused at how I have been receiving so-called ‘advice’ to start a family early while I can because when the day finally comes, I would regret not having a kid earlier. Hmm.

I am kinda certain that if I am not mentally-prepared now and most probably few years even after marriage, I will not regret while looking back. I cannot fathom how people attempt and continuously try their very best to ‘put themselves in my shoes‘, as if showing empathy.

Even though I may not have the full picture of the situation, looking at how difficult it is to tend to a kid for few hours already scares the shit outta me. And I am not even going anywhere near raising up one.

Don’t tell me that there isn’t a right time for everything.

Having a kid is a huge commitment, even huger than buying a house and getting married because your kid’s life is your whole responsibility which does not cease even though they have reached the legal age of 21.

It is a perpetual commitment and responsibility.

Mental-preparedness is definitely more important than being financially-prepared.

Don’t you think so?

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