Thoughtful Tuesdays : Chinese New Year 2016

Whoa, apologies for the late TT post for this week as I was swarmed by several activities, one after another, all mainly due to the Chinese New Year period! :O

First and foremost, HERE’S WISHING ALL A VERY HAPPY LUNAR NEW YEAR! May the Year of Monkey bless you with good health, abundant prosperity and everlasting happiness!!! 😀

So…Monday was the first day of CNY (大年初一) and as usual, we dropped by our relatives’ places to pay a visit 🙂


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Naturally, since it is my last year to be entitled to red packets…I received many of the same remarks from my relatives too. Of course, not forgetting the fiance’s side as well.

I recall having a casual chat with the fiance one fine day on which do we prefer more – Christmas or CNY?

We both chose the latter.

CNY, aside from the red packets (which aren’t very attractive anyway :P) is a timely annual affair for families to get together to catch-up. Especially for those who have not met since a year ago.

However, it has been really such a pity that after my maternal gramps passed on, we have not been celebrating CNY together with my maternal relatives. 🙁 And boy, I do sure miss those good ol’ days! it is also a period of a poignant reminder of my gramps’ passing… Not that we have forgotten about it but it sorts of reopens a hurting wound?

On a happier note, this year, my sister gave birth to her second kiddo on 大年初一 and hence, couldn’t join us for the CNY celebrations.


Nevertheless, her ‘photocopy’ junior joined us because both her parents had to stay in the hospital to welcome the baby no.2 🙂 Both my parents and I had to babysit her (esp my mom) until my sister was discharged and poor lil girl missed her parents so much that she always whined and cried whenever she got reminded of their absence 🙁

This CNY was also a lil more special for the fiance and I as we distributed our wedding cards to our relatives. I am somewhat still in shock that our wedding day is inching nearer as the days go by! :O

Time really flies…

Nonetheless, HAPPY LUNAR NEW YEAR once again everyone! 😀

Till then, the next Thoughtful Tuesdays post! <3