Thoughtful Tuesdays – Beginner’s Luck, or not?

There is this issue which has been bothering me for some time. Okay, one of the many issues, actually and today I will be penning down my heartfelt thoughts on it.

As my office is situated very close to a driving centre on our sunny island, it is often that I encounter several ‘L’-plated cars, with nervous students behind the wheels with a pervertic driving instructor by their side. I say pervertic because they are always shooting me dirty looks, pfft…but anyway that is besides the point today.

I have witnessed several times of impatient drivers honking at ‘L’-plated cars, showing absolutely no signs of mercy. And this always sets me thinking….

“Weren’t they once a beginner too?”

Some people believe in ‘Beginner’s Luck’ whereby the beginner is blessed with luck and succeeds in whatever aspect they do, compared to the expert.

Even in the corporate world, we have chanced upon or heard news of rookies who have been bullied by other more senior colleagues…just because they are new and greenhorns. Or perhaps we may be the victim or bully ourselves too.

Should this be the right, ethical and civilised manner to treat others? So much for civics and moral education back in school and so much for spending so much effort on the upbringing of our children. Of course, it would be too narrow-minded to relate only this issue to civics and morals, since it is merely a minute part of this education which we have been taught at the tender one-digit age group….

I cannot imagine what would these people feel should their own loved ones get bullied at work? Or how life was for experienced drivers during the period when they were amateurs too?

Weren’t they once beginners too?