Thoughtful Tuesdays : Are Christmas Gifts Really Necessary?

As Christmas is just around the corner, in 4 days’ time to be exact, I have a strong urge to discuss about what I really feel about gifting Christmas presents.

All these years, the fiancé and I have always been packed with several meet ups after meet ups which most of them, include gift exchange sessions with our friends (all thanks to the fiancé who is undoubtedly a social butterfly).

And all these years, we have spent quite a considerable amount on these gift exchange sessions. It is not that I am against the idea of celebrating Christmas and having fun with friends, including exchanging of gifts, but only because of these gift exchange sessions seem to be getting increasingly redundant.

Christmas shopping now becomes a must-do, a need-to-do, not a want-to-do kind of thing. Every year, having to scurry through crowds after crowds in a mad rush, being exploited due to price increase and succumbing to scheming marketing gimmicks is no joke. Moreover, getting the ‘ideal’ gift is really quite a tough nut to crack. It is even more difficult if you need to get a unisex gift.

This year, I feel real strongly about exchanging gifts, just because it seems like it is a must-do. 

Gifting should come from the bottom of the heart, not because it is a trend or a must-do. Furthermore, it should not be labelled as the ‘right thing to do’.

Undisputedly and unsurprisingly, there is no right or wrong. 

Festive seasons have been so commercialised by profit-makers, so much so that celebrations and gifting have almost lost all its meanings.

Do you know the true meaning and origin of this custom of giving and receiving presents at Christmas?

If not, why are you then following this trend and becoming gradually accustomed to it? 🙁

I am more than contented to catch-up with friends over an awesome dinner, a good cuppa or some booze. Quality time spent at moments like these certainly signify much more than gifts (which can be useless at times).

Don’t you agree? 😉

P.S. : I do hope that this blog post hasn’t offended anyone though 🙂