Thank You and May You Rest in Peace, Mr Lee Kuan Yew

23rd March 2015.

A different kind of Monday blues that most Singaporeans are experiencing today. To describe more accurately, a ‘Black Monday’.

A Black Monday that is filled with grimness and solemness, a grieving pain which most Singaporeans are feeling.

It was only this morning that I finally realised how excruciating this pain is to Singaporeans. I took a cab this morning and coincidentally, it was nearing 8am – the time which our Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong was about to address the nation on the passing of his father. The cab driver turned up the volume of the radio and I listened to every word intently, but even more so, carefully reading the expression of the cab driver and to my surprise, watching him wiping off his tears in silence.

At that very moment, I realised the impact of his passing on our nation.

At 3.18am today, we have lost a great man.

One who has painstakingly built up this nation from zero to hero, from a swampy island to a first-world nation (save the debates for later) and to which, where Singaporeans feel generally safe (albeit the inevitable dangers in every country).

He is none other than our founding father and our former Prime Minister.


It is undeniable that there were mistakes which Mr Lee had once committed which have upset some Singaporeans and adversely affected their lives.

However, his efforts to build up this nation are undeniably and glaringly obvious to everyone.

Mr Lee contracted pneumonia and his health condition was deteriorating, very much so during these few days, which some people (usually the youths) treated it as a joke and some netizens have also been offering their insensitive remarks.

Wearing the glasses of myopia, it is no doubt that we can disagree with some of the rules, regulations, polices and laws imposed by the Government but when one takes a step back to look at the big picture, we ought to be thankful.


It is without a doubt that Singapore and its citizens would not be at where we are today. If it was not for Mr Lee and his team, we may not be properly educated, we may not generally feel safe and without first-world infrastructure, in particular well-supported internet connection, you would not be reading this and I would not be blogging right now.


I am not asking you to agree with me that Mr Lee was absolutely perfect but to award him credits which he truly deserves and which are intensely overwhelming that all countries would second.

I will be paying our last respects to Mr Lee and if you would like to as well, here are the details :




Dear Mr Lee, our #SG50 will never be the same without you.

Photo 23-3-15 11 42 03 am

Thank you for your efforts and sacrifices are deeply etched in our memories.

Dear Mr Lee, may you Rest in Peace.

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