Start Your Gastronomical Journey with OpenSnap Food Mobile App!

I’m pretty sure many of you face the same problems as me – not knowing where to hunt for good food. Googling for yummy food is also a hassle especially when you are already out and trying to fill your growling tummy pronto.

But what if…you could calm your tummy down with just a click away?

And before you settle down somewhere, you could browse nearby eateries, pick and choose different types of cuisine – Singapore, Chinese, Malay, Indian, Japanese, Korean, Asian, and Western?

Or how about just narrowing it down to desserts to satisfy your sweet tooth?

Find out where to eat in Singapore and the best restaurants and dishes in Singapore with a one-stop mobile app on the go!

Sounds good? 😉

Introducing the OpenSnap mobile app!

Photo 11-6-15 9 35 07 pmPhoto 11-6-15 9 49 40 pm

If you have heard of OpenRice, an online search engine for eateries, you would be delighted to know that it has launched a mobile app known as OpenSnap!

OpenSnap, as a food discovery app, booasts a user-friendly and easy to navigate interface. Being a mobile app, it is also restaurant information on the go! The creators of OpenSnap has also made our foodies’ lives much easier by categorising the different foods ranging from nearby eateries, different types of cuisines, various locations, bars/lounges, offers and even those which are open till late!

This awesome app also includes dish ratings besides user-submitted reviews. This means that besides knowing which restaurant they can visit, users can now easily identify which dishes to order and which to avoid!


You may even set your own price ranges too!

Not forgetting how everyone loves offers and promotionsOpenSnap has created a little space for those eateries which are currently having ongoing offers! There are more than 900 offers from more than 500 unique restaurants in the app. This means you can find an offer near you, wherever you are!

Photo 11-6-15 9 50 21 pmPhoto 11-6-15 9 51 19 pm

With such hassle-free and awesome function, you will never miss out these super deals ever again!

If there is a restaurant which catches your eye, just click on the name and tadah! You will have a list of comprehensive details of the eatery you have chosen!

Photo 11-6-15 10 12 06 pmPhoto 11-6-15 10 12 12 pm

Well, fret not if you are afraid that you might forget about this deal by simply bookmarking it!

Photo 11-6-15 10 12 57 pm

Cafe-hopping is currently one of the hippiest things to do and of course, followed by flooding those Instagram-worthy pictures of the cafe dishes on Instagram!

Photo 11-6-15 9 52 08 pm

To be honest, some of the popular cafes are actually kind of overrated and money could be better spent elsewhere at other cafes. So why not give other cafes a try? Also, to avoid crowds, OpenSnap also carries this function of narrowing down your search by filtering out those options which you are not keen on.

Photo 11-6-15 10 39 05 pm

Just how cool is that! 😀

And because there is always another stomach for desserts….

OpenSnap has also created a Dessert category for all dessert fans!!! YOOHOO!!!

Photo 11-6-15 9 52 39 pm Photo 11-6-15 9 52 44 pm

Lastly, another worth mentioning function of OpenSnap is the ‘Open till late’ category!!!

Photo 11-6-15 9 52 22 pm

This is absolutely perfect for those nocturnal bunch of you, be it after clubbing or catching a late night movie, dining late is no longer restricted to just having Macdonalds anymore! 🙂

With OpenSnap, you will never be lost when searching where to eat in Singapore anymore!

Come to think of it, you will even be thankful for OpenSnap which will save you from awkwardness when your foreign friends ask you for recommendations for the best restaurants and dishes in Singapore! HURHUR! 😀

OpenSnap is available for download on iTunes and Google Play app store. For more information about the application, visit here!

With that, I shall leave you to take charge of your grumbling tummy now! 😛