Sponsored Beauty Review – Leaders InSolution Vita Bright Skin Renewal Mask

When you are ill, you skin condition shows too. Despite having more then adequate rest while I was sick, my skin condition did not improve, but worsened. I had pale looking face which made my dark circles even more obvious 🙁

To pamper myself, I decided to mask but which mask should I use?

One tip from me is that I usually buy masks which provides whitening, brightening, hydrating, oil-control, soothing and recently, anti-ageing (!!!) functions and decide as and when I want to choose which type to use. You must first understand your skin’s conditions and its needs before purchasing them. At different times, you skin condition changes with the weather, your lifestyle, the food you eat etc, so it’s very important to treat the needs correctly.

My pale skin was lacking in radiance and thus required one that offers both brightening and boosting of radiance at the same time.

Amongst the tonnes of masks I have, I picked Leaders InSolution Vita Bright Skin Renewal Mask.

Leaders Insolution Vita Bright Skin Renewal Mask key features:
• Strengthened Vitamin C derivative to revitalize tired skin
• Brightens skin tone, leaving skin soft, healthy and supple
• Paraben-free and dermatological tested

Suitable for all skin types.







Raves :

  1. Mask made of high quality
  2. Essence doesn’t drip and is of thick and viscous liquid
  3. Face felt really hydrated from removal of mask
  4. Face felt smooth and supple
  5. Instant brightening !

Rants :

  1. Face was much oilier when I woke up in the morning! 🙁

Overall rating :

Despite the instant brightening, my face was so much oilier in the morning! 🙁

Nevertheless, it could be due to the mixture of the essence and the moisturiser I’d used.

For instant brightening, get your Vita Bright mask from Cossy today! 😀

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Leaders InSolution

It’s time to start pampering your skin if you haven’t already have! 😀

Cheers to great skin and more to come 🙂