SMRT Bus Drivers on Strike!

So you’ve heard and seen it everywhere on the tv news, in newspapers and on social medias. Chinese drivers from China went on strike last Monday and as of today, 6 of them still didn’t turn up for work.

What sparked the strike was due to the comparison between Malaysian and Chinese drivers, which the latter argues that biasedness and unfairness played a major role in the salary differences they have.

Reason for the discrepancy is the welfare benefits (housing and transport) which Chinese drivers enjoy (although they claimed that the dormitories are unsatisfactory) and which Malaysian drivers do not.

Until the confirmation and verification of the dormitories, in particular, its quality and sanitation issues, I see no reason why Chinese drivers should be paid equally with Malaysian drivers, who indeed have to rush back to and fro from JB and Singapore. Furthermore, the poor hygiene could be also fueled by the Chinese drivers residents themselves? I won’t rule out that possibility.

It’s really similar to any other jobs where you look at BOTH the $$$alary as well as the other welfare benefits such as number of  leave days (annual leave, maternity leave, childcare leave, exam leave, hospitalisation leave, study leave) entitled, number of MCs, bonuses, dental claims, transport claims and so on…

So you see, it’s more of a give and take.

Plus, the $ charges for the dormitories and $ for transport costs are solely funded by the Govt at the end of the day, isn’t it? This simply equates to taxpayers’ money!

Whatever it is, all eyes are now fixed upon SMRT and their actions. And personally, I do not think we should easily give in to them for the potential abuses in the future. We can’t be accommodating to them each time they go on strike, isn’t it? Although there is a chronic shortage of manpower for bus drivers, there are easily other Chinese PRCs in Singapore. Finding replacements will not be tough but time is needed to fuel the sudden shortage of 200 PRCs if they quit/are fired. Out of the 1 million + foreign workers in Singapore right now, I’m quite certain Chinese PRCs make up most of it?

Don’t always be at their beck and call, otherwise, it would soon be their turn to call the shots, which most Singaporeans won’t be surprised.