Singapore ranks as world’s most emotionless society

You might have read this news on Yahoo! News, Channel News Asia, AsiaOneGuardian UK, or Business Week. Or perhaps, for those who are not religious news readers, you might have seen this being shared on social media platforms such as Facebook or Twitter.

So the question is, how true and accurate is this survey? As with any other surveys, I’ve always had this mentality to read it with a pinch of salt.

But anyways, such an emotion deficit should not be viewed in a myopic aspect as what Yahoo! News has in its write up. This article which results in negative judgment on Singaporeans, may relate to only Singaporeans and Singaporeans alone, but what has caught my attention is the article by Business Week.

Extracted from their website :

Eye-catching details which are mentioned at the very beginning of the article :

“Thanks to Singapore’s strength in finance, pharmaceuticals, electronics, and other industries, its economy almost doubled in 10 years, making the country of 5.3 million people one of the world’s wealthiest, with per-capita gross domestic product of $33,530.”

And re-emphasised at its conclusion :

The bottom line: A Gallup poll shows that, despite per-capita GDP of $33,530, Singaporeans aren’t enjoying their prosperity.”

And then feel free to read on the comments below that article.

The bottom of the bottom line is the common question of whether can money buy happiness? Obviously, the drift in this article claims otherwise.

I am not ashamed to outrightly state that it is difficult to please Singaporeans who are hardly ever contented in their lives. It is difficult to find a positive Singapore who is 100% satisfied with life in general. However, if you have ever encounter such person, do introduce to me. I need to acquire inspiration from him/her 🙂

So which is which and what is it?


Decipher the formula and you would come to a conclusion that money may not be able to buy happiness, even if they do, it’s just egotistic materialism which is prevalent in Singapore, and perhaps some satisfactory.

However, I am quite sure with the ERPs, GST, Income Taxes, high costs of living… and the list goes on…without money, Singaporeans may never understand the meaning of ‘happiness’, ever in their life.

But how much money is sufficient?

There is no answer to that.

There is no yardstick used to measure one’s capability in the financial aspect. If you earn a comfortable income (even this has problems with its definition) to pay off your liabilities (house, car, kids, other expenses…) and still be able to save a satisfactory (?!) sum, would you think that you are financially-capable/independent/well-to-do?


And only because,

“Greed is a bottomless pit which exhausts the person in an endless effort to satisfy the need without ever reaching satisfaction.” -Erich Fromm

Money is never enough/sufficient/adequate. You will keep wanting and yearning for more, more and MORE!

A little mixed up by the Business Week since “aren’t enjoying their prosperity” would denote a sense of unhappiness and dissatisfaction compared to being “emotionless”. However, I do concur with  Business Week compared to Yahoo! News, which I dissent as I disagree on the criticisms (I’m assuming “nonchalance/care-less” is a negative connotation right?) that Singaporeans are nonchalance.

It could most probably be because we care so much about every aspect in life (hence, the non-stop complaints?) that we are a unhappy bunch.

We are not emotionless.

We are full of emotions.

Negative emotions (anger, stress, depressed, anxiety…) that is. 

Take a look at the roads during peak hours and you would understand what I mean 😉

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