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Girls. We can never have too many clothes to wear, which explains why I always have a hard time choosing my clothes! Not forgetting that the apparels must match the shoes, the bag, the accessories, the make up…well, you get the idea. 😛

Dressing up for work is essential because you need to be presentable not only to your colleagues but to people whom you get to meet for work purposes as well.

In my line of work, dressing professionally is important. That is why I was thrilled when Luca Ruca approached me to review their clothes! Their apparels are meticulously designed by young European designer – Nastasia Buchinskaya and Belinda Alice Jacobs. They are well-catered to young professionals who seek corporate wear which are not too boring yet still remain appropriate as well. Of course, they have pretty apparels suitable for casual outings too!

Static Vintage Dress

This light-weighted dress which beautifully flares a little should be a staple in the closet of all ladies. Its fine-lined checkered are not too loud or bold but yet still carries some flavour.



Simple black dresses can be paired with a bold belt. I am wearing gold champagne-like coloured belt for that extra classy look.

Alexis Halter Dress (yet to launch)

This very pretty chiffon halter dress is perfect for work as well as formal events such as weddings.

You may pair it with or without a belt and it still looks good.

If you’d ask me, I think such flare dress made of chiffon is great for buffet meals and can even be worn during pregnancy! 😀



But belts are one of the fashion essentials that I cannot live without because it helps to accentuate your feminine curves, even when you don’t have them 😉

Monroe Dress Purple

Get away from the boring monochrome colours with this funky purple dress! Fanciful frills on the front adds more femininity to the dress.

IMG_7683_2 IMG_7686_2

You need not put on a belt if you are not a fan because an attached cross-tie helps to flaunt your mesmerising figure as well!


Because my corporate apparels are usually those boring monochome-coloured ones (I love being safe…and well, boring), the

Monroe Dress Purple is my favourite! Also, because of the frills, it seems less serious and suitable to be worn out for casual gatherings too! 🙂

That’s not all!

My readers are always pampered with discounts! 😀

Simply enter the promo code “LucaRucaXmas” during your checkout and enjoy 20% off! Promo ends 31st Jan 2015!

Shop away at Luca Ruca today! 🙂

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