Save on Property Agent Fees with Averspace!

Do you want to save money by not having the need to engage a property agent to buy, sell or rent your property? Then you NEED to know what Averspace has to offer!

Averspace, a mobile app conveniently available at your fingertips, allows you to list your property for sale or lease directly without having to engage any property agent to help you do so! This means you need not pay any agent fee/commission! We all know how that little 1 or 2% can amount to a huge sum because the principal sum of a property is high. Thus, with that cost-savings, you can actually SAVE A LOT which you can use to pamper yourself by going on a well-deserved vacation or treat your loved ones to a special meal 🙂

Start by downloading the mobile app on your phone!

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Sign up an account conveniently via your Facebook or email account!

And…you are done!

You can view the listings of properties or post your property to get listed by filling up the relevant details!

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View available listings :-

For rentals

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For Sale

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Should you prefer to search via a specific project, you can do so too by clicking onto ‘Projects’ on the top!

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You can view all the available listings for that particular project, it is that simple!

If you see anything that catches your eye, simply click onto the listing advertisement to find out more details.

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You can even view what are the amenities around the vicinity!

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Another convenient feature is that you can contact the owner directly to inquire or convey your keen interest!

Averspace also has its users’ best interests in mind as it also includes useful property guide tips, list of conveyancing lawyers etc 🙂

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What is even more intriguing is that they even have templates of relevant documents related to property transactions such as Option to Purchase, Tenancy Agreements and so forth.

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As laypersons are unfamiliar with these documentation, it is very useful to have them readily available.

So, if you are looking for a hassle-free, simple and cost-saving method that offers you FULL CONTROL of the property transaction to buy, sell or rent a property, there is simply no reason why you should not download Averspace today!