Ramen Play @ Somerset 313

Dined at Ramen Play about a week ago with bf for dinner before catching a movie at Cine 🙂

Photo 28-06-2013 08 17 03 PM

My Cha Shu Shoyu Ramen 🙂

Soup was salty as with any other shoyu soup and I like it that way 🙂

Photo 28-06-2013 08 17 13 PM

Bf’s Toroniku Double Soup Ramen.

I didn’t quite like his soup though, tasted a little weird. Maybe because I was enjoying my own. 🙂

Photo 28-06-2013 08 17 18 PM

We ordered an extra tamago because we are tamago lovers! 😀

Photo 28-06-2013 08 22 26 PM


Gyoza which bf ordered and I had to compromise by eating 1, despite disliking it =/

The veg inside the gyoza is extremely smelly! It stinks man! 🙁

Its skin was a little on the rubbery chewy side…although there were some crispy parts 🙂

Plus, the skin came off quite easily, leaving the meat + veg ‘naked’.

I have always been an udon lover, but recently, ramen seems more acceptable to me. I’m okay with noodles, as long as they are soupy. I’m such a soup lover! 🙂

As usual, I couldn’t finish a bowl to myself and tried very hard to do so.

Overall rating :

4 stars