Plumping up my sunken cheeks with Juvederm Voluma and Volift fillers from Halley Medical Aesthetics for my Wedding Day


Every bride would desire to look their best on their BIG day and I was not excluded as well. So what is the most common step a bride would take to look their best?

Weight loss by dieting, i.e. eat lesser carbs etc.

You are awesome if you did it the proper way by exercising though, so kudos to you for that! ☺

Even though many have commented that I did not need to lose any more weight, but me being a girl, it seems a horrible nightmare should I not be able to fit into my wedding gowns! :O

So, nearer to my wedding day, I went on a little short diet as I knew I should not be overdoing it. In the process of doing so, my cheeks were as usual, the first to lose fats and volume.

Oh, why can’t we just target weight loss at certain parts of the body which is sooo difficult to lose those fats? As stubborn as a mule, they are! ☹

I have been battling with sunken cheeks for many years and have been constantly on the lookout to plump them up!


When Dr. Terence Tan from Halley Medical Aesthetics heard that I was going to wed soon during my consultation with him for my acne and birthmark problems, he casually suggested that perhaps I should also consider getting my cheeks filled.

I went home to think about it and thought, “Hey, why not? Since it was months ago that I got them filled, and with the recent weight loss, it is just about time that I get to look young again!”

I booked an appointment with Dr. Tan and had my face assessed during the consultation before proceeding with the treatment.


That’s me listening attentively to Dr. Tan during the consultation session

Dr. Tan introduced and recommended Juvederm Voluma and Volift fillers, and Magic Needle or my case as the effect had visible results and almost zero downtime.

The Magic Needle is not a needle but a micro-cannula that is used for injecting fillers, which distributes it more evenly. As the Magic Needle is blunt and extremely pliable, it slides under our skin with minimal pain. And because he only needs to inject once using the Magic Needle compared to a normal needle, there will be minimal bruises. Dr. Terence Tan also explained this results in less bleeding too.


After the consultation, we proceeded with the treatment. But before that, here is a ‘before-treatment’ pictures of my face.



Side views

600_7138 600_7140

Before proceeding with the treatment, numbing cream was first applied and left on for about 15 minutes to take effect. If your pain threshold is low, you may request for the numbing cream to be left on for a long duration.




During the treatment

Before we started the treatment proper, Dr. Tan explained and pointed to me the areas he was going to inject, which I really appreciated that so that I can be mentally-prepared.


I did fillers at 3 areas on my face, namely the cheeks, canine fossa, where the nasolabial folds (or commonly known as your laugh lines) are located at and on the lateral cheeks, which is at the farthest sides of my face across the cheeks near the ears. The fillers were injected to fill in the transition zones and smoothen out harsh-looking lines.

With the volume loss, naturally one would look haggard and tired looking as the skin sags due to gravitational force. Moreover, with age catching up faster than you could say ‘OMG’, it was only the matter of time that the nasolabial folds appear. With my crescent shape face, these annoying laugh lines are more prone to appear quicker than they should as there is a lack of volume at that area. ☹

Starting at the ball of the cheeks first…


And tadah! We are done with one side!


Me admiring my ‘newer’ and fuller cheek!


Can you tell the difference on the cheek areas with and without fillers?

After one side is done, Dr. Tan proceeded with the treatment for the other cheek.

Once the cheeks are filled, Dr. Tan then moved on the other areas of concern – lateral cheeks.


Dr. Tan marking the areas to be injected with Juvederm Volift fillers


Lastly, after I had highlighted my concern on my laugh lines, Dr. Tan gave the go-ahead for fillers to be filled at the canine fossa areas as well.

After-treatment pictures




After the treatment has completed, Dr. Tan showed me pictures of the ‘before/after’ results, where the fillers have successfully filled up the hollow areas. My dark circles have also improved as the fillers on my cheeks gave me a more plumped up looking face, and reducing the shallowness of the eye socket areas.

Check out the fillers procedure in the video below!

Happy Bride Day to the same old brand new me!

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