New hair colour – Luxe XM Salon

How are you guys prepping for the upcoming CNY? Are you frantically still searching for the perfect hands to beautify your hair? Look no more! 😀

Check out my new hair colour which I had just redyed at Luxe XM Salon for the upcoming CNY! 😀

Photo 3-2-16, 11 08 09 PM

Luxe XM Salon

112 KATONG #03-01
112 East Coast Road
Singapore 428802

Mention my name to enjoy 20% OFF ALL HAIR SERVICES!

Call +65 6635 8066 to book an appointment!
Heh, I hope you are as excited as me for the CNY!!! 😀

Thoughtful Tuesdays : NEXT MONTH

So…January flew past us just like that. *snaps fingers*

And with a blink of an eye, we are in the month of February already! :O *gasps*

This also means that…I AM GETTING MARRIED NEXT MONTH!!! OMG!!!

It has been only 2 days into Feb and I have been constantly reminding myself that I am actually getting wed next month. The thought of still having a couple of outstanding things to be done kinda freaks me out but I have confidence that everything will be under control!

Though I must admit that the level of stress has heightened and continues to heighten nearing D-DAY, including physical, emotional and mental stress! :O

On a happier note, we have finally booked our mini moon!!! YAY 😀

This is totally what the fiance and I need after being stressed out so a couple of months due to wedding and house renovation preps…We definitely need a break to de-stress!

Here is an interesting read I chanced upon a couple of days back :

But this also means that we need to expedite our mini moon trip research – another added stress and things to do! :O

*I know I’m merely blabbering here but….it is indeed such exciting yet nerve-wrecking period for me! :O

How my birthmark has affected my self-esteem

I have always felt ‘imperfect’ and very bothered by the appearance of my birthmark. Although I know I am very lucky not to have it on my face, it is still visible due to its shade of colour and size. It is a palm-sized blemish located on my inner left thigh.

Now, this gets in the way whenever I intend to wear shorts or dresses/skirts above knee-length, not to mention about swimming attire as well. It is very obvious when I am seated cross-legged which is the most comfortable sitting position when one wants to sit on the ground. 😛


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Things to note for your pre-wedding photo shoot preparations

After having taken 2 sessions of pre-wedding photo shoot, I guess I am now in a better position to share some useful tips with those who are preparing for theirs.  I had taken my first but unofficial photo shoot with Louvre Bridal previously and it was a mini collaboration with them. The second was the main pre-wedding photo shoot with Labelle Couture which will be used during my wedding day 🙂

LVB-Upz-Upz-Away-03 2nd pic

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Thoughtful Tuesdays : Why the constant approval by others?

Surrounded by people who try all ways to constantly seek approval by others set me thinking and hence, blogging about on today’s Thoughtful Tuesday.

They try so hard to do everything to please others, even at the expense of their own happiness. This really got me thinking if this is worth it?

Do they spare a thought for themselves? Or do they love themselves to begin with?

Why the constant need to please others? The need to attain their approvals?

Are they afraid of losing these people in their lives? Or are they trying hard to “fit” into this society, this world?

The ultimate question is, “Why?”

Beauty review on SK II Pitera™ products from COSME-DE.COM

It has been awhile since I last shared a beauty review with you girls. So yes, today I will be sharing with you girls on a very familiar and popular beauty brand – SK II!

SK II products are well-known for their Pitera™ ingredient which is full of vitamins, amino acids, minerals and organic acids that work together to allow the skin’s natural surface rejuvenation process to function at its prime.

Claimed and proven to promote skin’s translucency, softness and smoothness, this is no wonder why many women love SK II products and are willing to splurge because they provide awesome results!

Here are my SK II loots from COSME-DE.COM!


My SK II loots were neatly doubled bubble-wrapped to prevent any damage of the products. Service and delivery were both prompt, so no worries on receiving your beauty loots late! 🙂


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Thoughtful Tuesdays : Turning a year older

Apologies for missing a blog post for Thoughtful Tuesdays last week and a day later for this week’s TT, there is just so many things to do and so little time available! 🙁

I turned a year older 2 days ago and an inch closer towards the BIG 3!!! :O

This year will also be the last year that I celebrate my birthday as SINGLE  (legal marital status)…

Seems like it was only yesterday when I was mugging hard for my A levels…a conversation with the fiance also reminded it was 10 years ago that I last studied Econs…OMG!

A decade ago it was!

Back when I was still a student, time didn’t fly past that fast compared to working life. Working life is like….getting past days after days (not forgetting always looking forward to Fridays and weekends, HAHA), weeks after weeks and months after months…

And every January comes my birthday…

Like every other kid, I used to look forward to my birthday, always counting down and constantly reminding my family just for the fun of it.

But now, I am starting to kinda dread it?

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Thoughtful Tuesdays : Overwhelming Start of 2016

First and foremost, I need to apologise if my constant blog topics surround the same old ones like wedding and house renovation yada yada. But, these are exactly what’s packing my mind to its brim at this current stage of life and what fuels my thoughts!

Every morning, day and night, I would be fretting over my wedding and house preparations. Handling both at the same time is seriously no easy feat, especially when you are nearing D day.

With a mere 3 months’ shy from our wedding, you can’t blame me for being overwhelmed by the preps. Even though I have settled what seems like alot of stuffs, but the remaining things to do still seem like a mountain! :O

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Thoughtful Tuesdays : Goodbye 2015, Hello 2016

Well, this is gonna be the LAST Thoughtful Tuesday for this year.

As we draw nearer to the new year, it seems like it is mandatory to recap and recount significant events that have happened thus far in the year 2015!

On the whole, I must say 2015 was not the best year in my life, but then again, it may not be fair to compare as such. This is especially since more and more commitments are coming up as well as more burdens, worries, liabilities….well you get the gist.

But in terms of health, it wasn’t as bad as year 2012 where I fell sick quite often then. So I am very thankful of that and keeping my fingers crossed that there will be lesser health problems in years to come 🙂

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Beauty Review : HydroCollagen treatment with New York Skin Solutions

It has been around 2 months since I have started my new skin regime with New York Skin Solutions. I have previously blogged about the treatment which was specially catered to suit the needs of my skin condition.


Since then, I have seen improvements on my skin conditions. Furthermore, I have also received some compliments that my skin looks much cleaner and clearer now, with less clogged pores, which I must admit is true.

Below is a comparison of the progress of my skin condition:-

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