Wedding 101 : Review of M Hotel Wedding Banquet Part 2

Whoa, after I blogged about my review on M Hotel wedding banquet previously, I received several readers expressing their concerns as they have signed their wedding banquet package with M Hotel too. I must apologise to have gotten you girls worried sick because that was certainly not my intention. Also, I was told by many that they cannot wait for my second review to come. Because I fully understand how important this to you girls, so here I am drafting my second review 🙂

This second review will touch upon our (final) coordinator, Fiona Chong’s customer service quality and the wedding dinner held the hotel.

So continuing from part 1, after our case was taken over by Fiona, it seemed all fine initially. Actually, generally Fiona was fine but there were a handful of instances which we were not very happy about.


Lack of response and/or VERY SLOW in replying

*Readers whose coordination is Fiona, have contacted me and shared their same sentiments on Fiona in her inefficiency and lack of promptness in replying their queries.

Part of the reason this existed was because Fiona seems to take leave quite often. She informed us this as the reason for her late replies and that occurred for about 3 to 4 times on different occasions?

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Acne Treatment with Photodynamic light therapy & Intralesional steroid injection at Halley Medical Aesthetics


Late last year, I dropped by Halley Medical Aesthetics to treat my annoying acne on my chin using Intralesional steroid injection which effectively and almost immediately helped to reduce the redness and bump! I was elated because during then, I was in the midst of prepping for my pre-wedding photo shoot and having ugly acne on your skin certainly does no good.

Fast-forward 4 months later, the BIG day was nearing and again, due to the increased stress resulted from the overwhelming wedding preps, my chin acted up again. This time I had around 3 to 4 acne at one go! I was really flabbergasted and affectedly devastated. 🙁 It was worse dealing with this as compared to the previous time I had acne nearing my pre-wedding photo shoot since I would be meeting my wedding guests FACE-TO-FACE on that fateful day! This simply means that I could not remove my acne at all by just photoshopping in reality! *gasps*

So I had decided to drop by Halley again to get my acne treated and as a professional standard of procedure, Dr. Tan had to first assess my acne condition before giving the go-ahead on the treatment. He also further recommended that I should undergo another treatment known as Photodynamic light therapy which is meant to treat oily skin, acne and to rejuvenate my skin, since the big day was nearing!

A picture of Dr. Tan explaining my acne condition to me and a very concerned-looking me listening intently.

A picture of Dr. Tan explaining my acne condition to me and a very concerned-looking me listening intently.

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Wedding 101 : Review of M Hotel Wedding Banquet Part 1

One of the best reasons in owning a blog is so that you can always refer back to past events and also share your reviews online with keen readers.

This is the very reason why I would like to share my genuine review on my wedding hotel where I recently held my wedding banquet dinner at. And well, I have so much to say about them.

After recceing a few shortlisted wedding hotels, we decided to go with M Hotel Singapore. The hubs also attended 2 weddings there previously and thought they were decent enough to hold our wedding banquet there.

Prior to signing our wedding package, we were initially allocated a coordinator by the name of Rayston Zhou (who left M Hotel shortly thereafter). However, I was not comfortable with him because he was kind of unfriendly and pushy. We wanted to be certain before plunging into making a deposit payment of S$5,000, thus we took some time to make an informed decision. But Rayston repeatedly called me to push us to sign the wedding package. When I told him we needed more time to consider, his attitude change in assisting us. Personally I feel that one should always recce the hotels you have shortlisted before confirming your wedding banquet package.

After we have decided to go ahead with M Hotel, I told the hubs not to look for Rayston but engage another coordinator instead. We were then allocated a female coordinator by the name of Ivy Yio, a Catering Sales Manager.

Below is a chronological sequence of events:-

20th March 2015: We dropped by M Hotel to view the ballrooms one last time before signing the wedding banquet package that evening, a date exactly one year before ours. That night, I dropped Ivy a thank-you message for the warm hospitality.

At that point of time, the hubs and I did not have a slightest clue that Ivy was a new staff and albeit a temporary one.

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Terrible Wedding Photographs – Your Take?

So recently there was this pair of newly-weds who posted some of their crappy (which every cell in me unanimously agree) wedding which undoubtedly went viral on the social media virtual world. And of course, I being a fellow newly-wed took up much interest in this topic, read some opinions online and partook in a similar introspective session as well.

Whether the bride, who was the one who posted the 21 crappy wedding photographs online, had the intention of naming and shaming the photographer in question is anyone’s guess but herself. Some commentators mentioned that even though she did not disclose the identity of the photographer, with the exceptional skills of the “CSI-wannabes” online, it was only a matter of time that they find out who the photographer was.

But it was indeed a surprise to many when the photographer stood forward to defend himself, claiming that those wedding photos that were posted were only a part of the 900+ photos taken and hence, it was not fair to slam him and/or bridal shop (albeit indirectly). He also further claimed that there were several other decent shots (which many netizens have also shot him down saying that there are merely mediocre, which I do not think would come as a surprise too).

So, if you were living under a rock for the past few days, I hope you had enjoy that short and sweet summary of today’s topic 🙂

Below are some of my 2-cents worth on this matter. Let me know if you’d agree?

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Thoughtful Tuesdays x Wedding 101 : Post-Wedding Introspection

Phew, so the BIG day is finally over. Okay, not that I really wanted it to be over just like that but part of me was kinda looking forward to the end of the wedding event? With all that stress and conflicts, who wouldn’t want it to end quickly?

Wedding is one of the major preparations in your life but as the saying goes, “A wedding is an event. Marriage is a life time.” At the end of the day, it is merely a celebratory occasion/event, and marriage is, supposedly, to last a life time.

Because it is a major affair, which involves, unfortunately, not only the bridal couple but seems like almost the whole world…*rolls eyes*, it got me thinking many times and reflecting back on the whole event.

This is why I am penning this down, not only to share with you my introspective thoughts, but also as a sort of reminder to myself. And hopefully, one day when I read back, I would find it amusing 🙂

Plus, it comes in just in time for a Thoughtful Tuesdays post! 😀

I am already bursting with excitement to share such deep thoughts, so here goes!

*Warning : lengthy post ahead!*

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Where to find good & reliable aircon servicing and repairs in Singapore?

Come on, let’s be frank. Who in the world can lead their lives without aircon?

Alright alright, maybe there are still a handful who can live without one, but I’m pretty sure the majority of us cannot withstand the hot and humid weather our little sunny island provides us with. 🙁

When overworked, we humans require a break from whatever is overwhelming us and engage in a more relaxing activity such as going for a spa session or playing our favourite game to prevent being burnout.

Similarly, aircons do break down and require regular maintenance and servicing in order to for them to function.



Aircon Servicing Singapore provides you just that – a good and reliable aircon servicing and repairs in Singapore! They provide several aircon services such as general aircon servicing, aircon chemical washing and cleaning, aircon gas top up services and aircon repair services!


Here are 6 hot reasons why you should consider Aircon Servicing Singapore when you need to service your aircon :-

  1. Reliable company as it is a Singapore BCA Registered Contractor company
  2. Have more than 15 years of experience in the aircon industry
  3. Well-experienced and professionally-trained technicians to solve your aircon woes
  4. Provides a comprehensive range of aircon services as mentioned above
  5. Offers aircon services for both residential air conditioner to commercial air conditioner units
  6. Received several positive feedback from customers

In addition, I found it very interesting to note that Aircon Servicing Singapore also covers a wide aircon service-related issues which commonly arise in its FAQ section, such as ‘10 Reasons Why is my Aircon not Cold in Singapore?‘, ‘10 Reasons for Aircon Servicing before the Singapore Haze‘, ‘Can Air Conditioners Make You Sick?‘ and many more!

So, if you are looking for any aircon services in Singapore, be sure to consider the professional Aircon Repair Singapore team today!

Get a FREE and HONEST quote with them today! Check out their affordable prices too! 😀

Aircon Servicing Singapore

Blk 3006 Ubi Road 1
Singapore 408700
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Food Review : Harvest of the Sea Buffet at Spices Cafe Concorde Hotel

Media Invite

Despite that March is a super busy month for us, I’d decided to gladly accept the media invite from Si Min of Concorde Hotel to try out their Harvest of the Sea Buffet at Spices Cafe, because it came at a right time. A time for the fiance and I to unwind from all the stress from wedding preps and house reno works, and just indulge in yummy food, even if it was for awhile! 🙂

When you arrive at the hotel’s main entrance, turn left and you will see a stunning brightly-lit cafe welcoming you 🙂

Photo 2-3-16, 9 38 47 PM

When one enters Spices Cafe, one will be amazed by how spacious and how well-furnished the place is 🙂

Photo 2-3-16, 9 37 56 PM

Photo 2-3-16, 9 38 03 PM

Next up, the FOOD!!!

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Wedding 101 : My Local Pre-Wedding Photo Shoot with Labelle Couture Weddings

Previously, I shared a detailed blog post on tips on preparing for your wedding photo shoot, hoping that it would benefit those intending to take their wedding photo shoots soon 🙂

So today, I will be sharing with you guys on my experience with Labelle Couture Weddings on our local pre-wedding photo shoot!

The initial stage saw hiccups for us as the original photo shoot date met with the terrible haze period! We were very reluctant to postpone the photo shoot for fear of not being able to complete the wedding photo album in time.

However, we were rest assured my our coordinator, Lucas, whom by the way I must compliment for his fantastic job and assistance thus far! Let’s sidetrack a little and let me share more information on Lucas, because I think it’s definitely worth-mentioning.

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Thoughtful Tuesdays – Beginner’s Luck, or not?

There is this issue which has been bothering me for some time. Okay, one of the many issues, actually and today I will be penning down my heartfelt thoughts on it.

As my office is situated very close to a driving centre on our sunny island, it is often that I encounter several ‘L’-plated cars, with nervous students behind the wheels with a pervertic driving instructor by their side. I say pervertic because they are always shooting me dirty looks, pfft…but anyway that is besides the point today.

I have witnessed several times of impatient drivers honking at ‘L’-plated cars, showing absolutely no signs of mercy. And this always sets me thinking….

“Weren’t they once a beginner too?”

Some people believe in ‘Beginner’s Luck’ whereby the beginner is blessed with luck and succeeds in whatever aspect they do, compared to the expert.

Even in the corporate world, we have chanced upon or heard news of rookies who have been bullied by other more senior colleagues…just because they are new and greenhorns. Or perhaps we may be the victim or bully ourselves too.

Should this be the right, ethical and civilised manner to treat others? So much for civics and moral education back in school and so much for spending so much effort on the upbringing of our children. Of course, it would be too narrow-minded to relate only this issue to civics and morals, since it is merely a minute part of this education which we have been taught at the tender one-digit age group….

I cannot imagine what would these people feel should their own loved ones get bullied at work? Or how life was for experienced drivers during the period when they were amateurs too?

Weren’t they once beginners too?

Thoughtful Tuesdays : Chinese New Year 2016

Whoa, apologies for the late TT post for this week as I was swarmed by several activities, one after another, all mainly due to the Chinese New Year period! :O

First and foremost, HERE’S WISHING ALL A VERY HAPPY LUNAR NEW YEAR! May the Year of Monkey bless you with good health, abundant prosperity and everlasting happiness!!! 😀

So…Monday was the first day of CNY (大年初一) and as usual, we dropped by our relatives’ places to pay a visit 🙂


Dress : H & M

Hair : Luxe XM Salon

112 KATONG #03-01
112 East Coast Road
Singapore 428802

Mention my name to enjoy 20% OFF ALL HAIR SERVICES!

Call +65 6635 8066 to book an appointment!

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