Beauty Review : Tone and firm your arms with Sensedebelle Signature Body Sculpting Treatment

If there is one body area which I am not satisfied with, it has got to be my flabby arms.

Many has complimented of my slim figure, but little do they know that I am very bothered by how my arms are huge and flabby in relation to my body proportion. But then again, one can never have the best of both worlds so I am always struggling with the size of my arms.

My prayers were answered and Sensedebelle invited me to try out one of their treatment services – Body Sculpting Treatment!

This treatment consists a 4 in 1 Technology ( Cavitation + Multi Polar RF + Soft Laser + Vacuum ).

Some information background on these 4 technology methods.

Ultra sonic cavitation is a concentrated sonic energy targeted at selective areas to burst the fat cells through micro bubbles which breaks the fat cells membranes whereas Multi polar RF will burn and liquefy the fat cells while stimulating collagen for firmer and smoother skin.

The function of the soft laser is then used to dissolve fat cells and while the vacuum therapy helps to drain toxins while improving blood circulation.

Upon reaching Sensedebelle, I was welcomed by its well-furnished cozy looking ambiance.

Photo 3-5-16, 8 52 55 PM

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Travelogue (Mini Moon Edition) : Taiwan 台湾 8D7N (Hua Lien 花蓮 Day 3)

This post shares our last night at Hua Lien where we hopped over to another hostel in HL, checked out the next day and left for Taipei! 😀 I will blog about our Day 1 in Taipei in the next post so do keep a lookout for that! 🙂

Read :

Taiwan 台湾 8D7N (Hua Lien 花蓮 Day 1)

Taiwan 台湾 8D7N (Hua Lien 花蓮 Day 2)

To be honest, there weren’t many activities to do at HL, especially during the bad weather. Hence, for the last day at HL, we did nothing much 🙁

The view of the weather right after we woke up! Still as gloomy as ever 🙁

Photo 25-3-16, 9 57 39 AM

After checking out of Cullinan Hotel the next day, we left our luggage at the hotel’s concierge. Then, we went to have our lunch!



Mon – Sun:11:00 – 14:0017:00 – 21:00

Photo 25-3-16, 1 24 59 PM

Photo 25-3-16, 12 09 33 PM

Photo 25-3-16, 12 09 23 PM

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How to increase your social media presence?

Disclaimer : This post is purely for sharing my thoughts and opinions with you guys and should in no way whatsoever, be taken as an absolute, exhaustive and effective list in increasing your social media presence. 

Most bloggers or what they now termed as ‘Social Media Influencers, are hyped up with their social media presence, every single ‘like’ and ‘share’ on their Facebook page and blog posts, and every single followers on Facebook page, Instagram, Twitter and the recently made-popular Snapchat, count.


Because if you are looking to monetize via your social media platforms, clients require these statistics for their consideration before deciding whether they would like to collaborate with you, and of course, before they are able to make an informed decision on whether their money would be well-spent and worth investing in this collaboration and you.

In short, FAME = MONEY. 

I am in no way a famous blogger or a currently trending social media influencer, but here are just some of my humble tips which I would like to share with you guys in relation to increasing your social media presence. 🙂

Credit :

There were some methods which I have tried but not all, though I think it would help increase your social media presence nonetheless.

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Beauty Review : Manicure and Pedicure with Bejeweled Nails Singapore

Aloha guys and girls! I am back and with a NEW nail sponsor – Bejeweled Nails Singapore ! 🙂


Just had my first manicure and pedicure session with them and boy, am I super elated to collaborate with them! Let me tell you why…Read on!

With a goal to offer more variety of services to keep you looking fabulous, it is no wonder Bejeweled Nails provide a range of beauty services stemming from manicure and pedicure, facials, hair removal and eyelash extension and perming! Bejeweled Nails is thus like your one-stop beauty services to go to! 😀


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Plumping up my sunken cheeks with Juvederm Voluma and Volift fillers from Halley Medical Aesthetics for my Wedding Day


Every bride would desire to look their best on their BIG day and I was not excluded as well. So what is the most common step a bride would take to look their best?

Weight loss by dieting, i.e. eat lesser carbs etc.

You are awesome if you did it the proper way by exercising though, so kudos to you for that! ☺

Even though many have commented that I did not need to lose any more weight, but me being a girl, it seems a horrible nightmare should I not be able to fit into my wedding gowns! :O

So, nearer to my wedding day, I went on a little short diet as I knew I should not be overdoing it. In the process of doing so, my cheeks were as usual, the first to lose fats and volume.

Oh, why can’t we just target weight loss at certain parts of the body which is sooo difficult to lose those fats? As stubborn as a mule, they are! ☹

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Beauty Review: Cetaphil Moisturizing Lotion

I cannot emphasize enough how important it is to moisturize your skin, regardless of the hot and humid weather!

Previously, I have shared how Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser aids in cleansing your face without stripping off the natural moisture in your skin, unlike other harsh facial cleansers. Today, I will be sharing with you my review on Cetaphil Moisturizing Lotion!


It has a very light-weight feel which does not leave your skin feeling sticky all day long. Thus, it is perfect to apply before your make-up, and does not feel too heavy/thick and cake-y.

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Travelogue (Mini Moon Edition) : Taiwan 台湾 8D7N (Hua Lien 花蓮 Day 2)

So the 2nd day at Hua Lien was the most happening day out of the 3 days because we visited Taroko Gorge (太魯閣) and Taroko National Park (太魯閣國家公園)! 😀

You may read all about our Day 1 in Hua Lien here 🙂

We bought a 1-day package tour from our hotel which costs us NTD$1000, which is around S$42. We thought that it was not that expensive and it saves us time and effort in getting there as well. Furthermore, the driver also brought us to specific locations to view the various popular areas at the national park and even dropped us at a nearby beef noodles stall, which I must say, was actually quite delicious! 😛

Stick around for the yummy pictures and location later!

We woke up super early (for us, at least!) and manage to grab some light breakfast provided by the hotel.

Pardon the tired-looking faces… 😛

Photo 24-3-16, 8 21 31 AM

Photo 24-3-16, 8 21 48 AM

Oh, and do remember that breakfast is served till 9.30am, which is actually quite out of the norm. Usually timings are till 10.30am, right? We missed breakfast the next morning though. 🙁

The driver arrived at our hotel lobby at 8.30 am and there was a Japanese couple in the mini bus who was already seated in the mini bus when we boarded. After picking us up, the driver picked up another 2 ladies from China.

On the way to our destination, the hubs and I had a funny conversation with the 1 of the China tourists.

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Beauty Review: Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser

The consequences of working in an air-conditioned desk-bound job have surfaced for the past year or so. My skin is a lot drier than before. I guess it could also be due to age since I have already sadly crossed the ’25’ range. 🙁

When one gets older, the skin’s ability to maintain its moisture content decreases due to a reduction in function of sebaceous and sweat glands in the skin. This is one of the main culprits causing the formation of wrinkles.

It is very important that you choose a suitable facial cleanser for your skin. There were some facial cleansers which left me feeling all tight and dry on my skin after using them, which I have since avoided. If you have encountered the same situation, it is very obvious that you are using the wrong facial cleanser for your skin type or there is a particular ingredient that is not suitable for you, and hence should avoid it all together.

What brand comes to mind whenever ‘dry skin’ is being mentioned?



Cetaphil has been a very well-known brand, due to its ability to retain moisture in the skin, gently hydrating it, without causing irritation as it is also catered to sensitive skin. Apart from dry skin, I have occasional sensitivity on certain areas of my skin as well, such as my cheek and lip areas. So I have to be ultra careful not to irritate further, otherwise these areas would turn reddish and flake after. Very unsightly indeed, especially after applying make-up.

Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser


The cleanser comes in a lotion-like form which does not feel sticky after applying and washing, hence giving a very light feeling.

Also, I know how some of us tend to prefer having this real squeaky clean feel after cleansing your face. However, I had read somewhere that this actually means that your facial cleanser is drying your skin as it strips off your natural moisture. And we all know that having dry skin also equates to higher possibility of wrinkles and of pimples popping out, since the skin has to produce more sebum to compensate the lack of moisture, thus clogging the pores.

Thankfully, Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser does not leave your skin feeling all dried out. 🙂

There are two methods in using Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser – with or without water, which provides great convenience to cleanse your face even on-the-go!

After using Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser, my skin feels soft and supple, without any irritation caused! 😀




Check out their various social media platforms for updates and more info :-

Cetaphil products can be purchased at:-

  • Guardian
  • Cold Storage
  • Fair Price
  • Red Mart
  • Unity
  • Watsons

Travelogue (Mini Moon Edition) : Taiwan 台湾 8D7N (Hua Lien 花蓮 Day 1)

Two days after our wedding, we took off and flew to Taiwan for our mini moon. Even though I had planned a 2-day buffer time to settle the post-wedding stuffs, it was still a mad rush because we were so busy with the wedding preps prior to the wedding day. Luckily for me, I like to pace myself in managing my time. Knowing that life was going to be devoured by the wedding preps nearer to the wedding day, I did some research on Taiwan and shortlisted a list of places of interest first. 🙂

We bought our air tix and booked our hotels quite last minute, so it was relatively more expensive than the usual price. 🙁

Photo 23-3-16, 6 53 35 AM

Mandatory wefie shot before boarding! Tired faces!

Photo 23-3-16, 7 29 42 AM

Beautiful sun rise 🙂

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Wedding 101 : Wedding Gowns and Suits Selection at Labelle Couture Weddings and Tips

With the great assistance from Lucas, our coordinator from Labelle Couture, our gown and suit selections were made hassle-free. Our attires were same for pre-wedding photo shoot and actual day 🙂

Naturally, brides enjoy the privilege of taking up a longer time to choose her perfect gowns, and I was no exception. However, I would consider that I took a reasonable amount of time to choose my gowns because I loathe wasting too much time and I am rather easy-going lah.


One of the wedding tips I have blogged previously was to already have in-mind what kind of designs and cuttings you prefer. So let’s say if you are wearing different gowns for your actual day from your pre-wedding photo shoot (lucky you!), having already tried on a handful of gowns for your pre-wedding photo shoot, I am pretty certain you would have a good idea of the type of designs and cuttings you prefer and which suit you.

However, that is not to say that you shouldn’t try out other designs and cuttings! It’s for your BIG day so just relax and have fun exploring them! Plus, it’s not like everyday you get to don these beautiful wedding gowns, right? 😉

Prior to ths gown selection process, I was asked to provide my preference on the gown design and colours I had in mind. I mentioned to Lucas that I intend to don a white wedding ball and mermaid-style gown, and as for colour-wise, it was turquoise or pink for me 🙂

So here are some of the gowns I’d tried before selecting them for my pre-wedding photo shoot and actual wedding day! 😛

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