Shopping Tips and Experience on (淘宝网)

Disclaimer : This is not a sponsored/advertorial. All tips are from my own shopping experience on (淘宝网).

If you hadn’t heard about Taobao, where the hell have you been?!


For the benefit of the doubt for those who are really clueless, it’s okay, you will soon be introduced and wow-ed by this very awesome e-Commerce shopping platform whereby you can buy almost anything and everything (except for prohibited items) from none other than…China!

I know I should have done this a looonnnnggggg time ago but I guess I never really got my ass down to do it. But today, I will! I will be sharing with you some of my useful tips and shopping experience on Taobao!

I have been shopping on Taobao since 2008 thereabout which spells about 8 years?! Previously, Taobao did not open to overseas shipping yet and shopping on Taobao was tough because you had to engage a Taobao agent who has a Taobao account and warehouse in China for the goods to be sent to. This was because Taobao’s shopping platform was only restricted to purchases in China, unless you have your own connections as mentioned above.

More costs were involved as you would be required to pay a handling and/or agent fee to the Taobao agent. Sometimes, these agents conduct bulk pre-orders which also means longer waiting time. They would also be the ones liaising with the Taobao sellers directly on your behalf.

Until recently, Taobao decided to open up to global shopping (like finally) which has proved to be a very smart and successful move for them as their revenue and profits skyrocketed thereafter.

However, it may seem intimidating for first-timers, especially since I believe most of our Chinese proficiency is sub-par. Ahem, like Yours Truly. 

BUT, it can be done so not to worry! 🙂

In short, here is what you need to do before you shop away :-

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Thoughtful Tuesdays : Why planning for a kid is not in the pipeline yet

Many people are even more anxious than I am and despite me saying this several times, I still receive urges from others to plan for a kid soon, especially when young (biological clock ticking) and have more energy to handle kids…

Even though I am not obligated to explain myself but let me save the trouble by jotting down whatever considerable factors which play a part in putting family planning aside, so that I can just directly slapped the URL link of this blog post to the person , just so you know.

1. Attempting to ‘enjoy’ the married life first

Frankly speaking, even though we have been together for 8 years , somehow somewhat the married life seems different. We still discover new stuffs and learn more about each other, every other day.

See previous post on married life.

2. My dog Jingles

As much as I hate to receive comments that my dog shouldn’t be the reason that I am not planning for a kid, I guess it also plays a considerable factor.

And I don’t blame my dog of course.

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Thoughtful Tuesdays : The Married Life

Because I guess it’s kind of the norm to ask newlyweds the usual question of ‘How is married life like’ , I thought I’m just gonna put forth my opinions here.


There, I have said it.

It is tough not because the relationship itself has problems per se but it is tough because two individuals are coming together as one, and living under one roof.

So I’d always thought to myself that people are actually asking “How is living together like as a married couple now?”

That should be the correct question. 

Because being married can be, sad to say, a mere change of your marital status, a mere change of your surname, how people address you, how your beneficiaries of your insurance plans are changed to include your spouse, how you suddenly have to pool into another bank account with your spouse jointly and so forth.

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Beauty : Manicure and Pedicure with Bejeweled Nails

Few weeks back, I did yet another beautiful set of manicure and pedicure session with Bejeweled Nails and I have nothing but praises for them only because they are able to do a splendid job within the quickest time possible!

I have some serious back problems and hence, I am not able to sit down for too long. But with Bejeweled Nails, with their speed and efficiency, I hardly ever suffer from back aches during my sessions with them, so kudos to them for that! (Y)

Here are my lovely sets of nails <3

Photo 4-6-16, 7 03 14 PM

Photo 4-6-16, 6 59 45 PM

Remember to mention ‘JEAN GAN’ to enjoy 5% off ALL their beauty services! 

Bejeweled Nails Singapore

10 Anson Road #02-48
International Plaza Singapore 079903
Tel: 6222 2526
Mon – Fri : 11am – 8pm Sat : 11am – 4.30pm
Close on Sunday & PH 30 Tai Seng Street #02-01
BreadTalk IHQ Singapore 534013
Tel : 6443 9789
Mon – Fri : 11.30am – 8pm
Sat, Sun & PH : 10.30am – 7pm Email:
SMS or WhatsApp @ 9622 9113

Instagram: @bejeweled48



Our Home : Tips on choosing your Interior Designer

I cannot fathom how some home owners can actually agree and sign on the spot with an ID company. I mean, don’t you want to know if you are being overcharged? Don’t you want to get a feel of the market price for what you are requesting for? Or do you not bother if there are other better IDs out there in terms of prices, customer service etiquette, experience, quality of goods etc?

Whatever it is, I would strongly advise against acting on impulse unless your hard-earned money means nothing to you (which most of us commoners wouldn’t think so).

Here are some of my humble tips to share with you guys on choosing your ID 🙂

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Our First Chiropractic Session with Natural Healings

I must have been the longest sufferer from backaches and recently, even my neck, shoulders and upper back aches. Wait…that simply means, I’m aching all the way from my neck to my lower back! :O

The husband has also recently complained about aches at his neck, which must have been aggravated by prolonged seating at work.

This is pretty much common for those working long office hours, constantly having their heads tilted down looking at their screen and poor body posture while sitting down as well. Not to mention, how many of us are actually guilty of being phone addicts? *throws both hands in the air*

I am guilty as charged.

Then, I was introduced to Natural Healings


Unlike your usual 推拿 (Tui Na), 拔罐(Ba Guan), 针灸 (Zhen Jiu) from your Traditional Chinese Medicine method and apart from the Chiropractic sessions, Natural Healings  incorporates both internal and external healing, using the Trigonal Health Program.

What is the Trigonal Health Program and what does it do?

Focusing on the three physical pillars at health, the program balances the skeletal, muscular & cellular systems allowing the body to heal symmetrically.

Designed to resolve issues ranging from chronic conditions due to aging and repetitive trauma to injuries from accidents, this unique program triggers the body to initiate self-healing and repair. This is achieved through a combination of Chiropractic, Functional Wellness and Healthcare Supplements to optimise core body mechanisms to harmonize communications.

The program boosts body’s healing ability to increase metabolism, immunity, mobility connecting cognitive functions, body balance and general well-being.


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Wedding 101 : Wedding Actual Day Part 2 (ROM and Dinner Banquet)

If you hadn’t read part 1 of our wedding day, you may read it here 🙂

This is a continuous of our wedding day sequel on our ROM (where we signed our lives away to each other =x) and our wedding banquet held at M Hotel.

I have also blogged about my experience with M Hotel in two parts, which you may read it here and here.

On to our night event on our wedding day…

After we filled our tummies with yummy food from lunch, we proceeded to M Hotel to check in, try to get catch some winks (which we obviously could not) and then get prepared for our ROM and wedding banquet! 🙂

Vivi arrived punctually again to doll me up for my ROM and within 1.5hours or so, we were done. Most importantly, she has always been the one to help me with my gowns too!

Initially I wanted a short dress for my ROM but then, after chancing upon this mermaid dress of white and peach velvet hues, I was mesmerized with it and choose that immediately at La Mariee Weddings.

Here are some of our ROM table decorations 🙂

Lucas & Jean AD (184)2

Lucas & Jean AD (186)2

Lucas & Jean AD (185)222

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Wedding 101 : Wedding Actual Day Part 1 (Gate Crash and Tea Ceremony) + Morning Highlights Video

It has been 3 months since we got married and I must apologise for the delayed post on our wedding day! Have been pretty occupied with the horrendous workload from work as well as shifting into our new nest, settling down and busy with my dog’s adaptation to our new house as well. :O

My life seems to be in a mess now, and I am hoping that it will get settled down soon. 🙁

We had received our wedding day photographs a loooonnnnngggg time back so the fault does not lie with our awesome photographer, Shaun, but meeeeee. Sorry! 🙁

As you may have already known, Shaun from Walldrobe Photography was our wedding day photographer and we decided to engage him after checking out his beautiful wedding pictures and meeting up with him. He has a great personality too which is one of the very important factors when choosing your wedding day photographer.

Although the wedding is a mere one-day event, memories are kept and captured via photographs. Hence, you would want to engage one that suits your preference as well. Apart from the skills Shaun possess, what I really like about how he goes about capturing beautiful moments is that it is ALL NATURAL poses, expressions and body languages.

Being natural shows your true self in the pictures which cannot be done if your photographer has to repeatedly request for the couples, friends or families to repose over and over again. It becomes unnatural and that special moment is lost. Certainly, you do not want that.

In the morning of that very day, the hubs and I woke up early (despite the super lack of sleep, the hubs had only an hour to catch some winks) to prepare for our BIG day!

Lucas & Jean AD (1)2

Curling my hair while getting my make-up done

Lucas & Jean AD (43)2

After putting on my classic white wedding ballgown from La Belle Couture and Vivi putting on the wedding accessories for me 🙂

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Our Home : We have a new family member in our house! 

Hold your horses, because no, it’s not what you’re thinking. We are not expecting a newborn, anytime soon (can’t you guys just stop asking this for once?!).

But a few days ago, we finally brought my doggy over to move in with us in our new house! She has been with me ever since she was 2 months old and she will be turning 13 this coming September! 🙂

Our first family photo in our house! :)

Our first family photo in our house! 🙂 And yes, I had no make-up on 😛

To be honest, the hubs actually intended to bring her over only after we have settled everything and settled down, but guilt-strickened me could not bear to leave her alone with my parents anymore so I suggested to bring her over as soon as possible. So in our 2nd week of moving in, she’s finally here with us! 🙂

Photo 12-6-16, 5 46 33 PM

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Wedding 101 : Labelle Couture Wedding Gowns and Suits Fitting Session and Collection of Wedding Album

Just in case there are any discrepancy between your weights then and now, you will be required to undergo a final gown fitting session before the BIG day! Keeping fingers crossed that no weight gained okay! 😛

Photo 17-3-16, 8 06 20 PM

Nearer to our wedding day, the hubs and I headed by Labelle Couture to have our final fitting session done, to ensure that all is well and there is no mistakes on the measurements. Any alteration was also done on the spot which was very quick and efficient! 🙂

My classic white wedding ball gown!

Photo 17-3-16, 7 06 08 PM

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