Wedding 101 : Updates on Bridal Boutique, Photographers, Videographers/Cinematographers and Photo Booth!

Hello everyone!

Sorry for the lack of updates on our wedding preparations 🙂

The bf and I are very pleased to have settled most of the major stuffs for our wedding preparations such as our wedding date, hotel venue, bridal boutique, pre-wedding photographer, actual day photographer, actual day videographer and photo booth (see below for more deets and links).

Jean’s Tips : Settle major stuffs first because most of the times, these are the ones which require advance booking and confirmation! 

We have even settled the date for our pre-wedding photography and we really can’t wait! 😀

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7 Important Reasons to Apply for Internships

After having worked for a couple of years now, looking back and reflecting has indeed taught me much. I started this blog not only to share reviews on beauty products, food and well, occasional rants, but I would also love to reach out to those who seek advice from others through gaining an insight of the experiences of others.

I love reading the experiences of others as well because you may never have the same opportunity in that same circumstances as them, hence reading their experiences may also provide you a different learning experience all together as well.

In the past when I was still a student, if someone had asked me for my thoughts on internships, I would thought nothing much about them but perhaps just a mere temporary past time to earn some extra cash during term breaks.

However, after a couple of years of working experience, I realised there are so much more to just earning some moolah.

Here are 7 important reasons to apply for internships :

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Save up to S$1200 on Bridal Packages at La Belle Couture Weddings!

I can never stress enough how paramount the importance is of having a comfortable sum set aside for wedding preparations. Wedding budgeting is extremely important especially in an expensive city like Singapore.

So if you are looking to SAVE SOME MOOLAH (which can be spent on other areas such as your HONEYMOOOONNNNN), then you’d have to read on!

Because they understand how expensive holding a wedding in Singapore can be (and we are not even talking about those ‘atas’ kind but just a fairly decent one), La Belle Couture Weddings is throwing in some special promotions in conjunction with the Great Singapore Sale!!!



Make a date with La Belle Couture Weddings on their GSS Weekends Special and enjoy savings of up to $1200 on Bridal Packages! Find out how you can also benefit from the exclusive deals offered by their partners during a non-obligated personal consultation with their dedicated bridal consultants. Plus, receive a FREE digital copy of ‘Your Essential Wedding Guidebook’ upon the end of your consultation. Psst, this guidebook is an ALL-IN-ONE guidebook which provides you every essential and useful tips in planning your wedding from the start to end! 🙂

1st 8 couples to sign up a bridal package will receive a complimentary Wedding Anniversary photo shoot worth $288! WOW!! 😀

Name: La Belle Couture GSS Weekends Special
Date: 6 & 7 June, 13 & 14 June, 20 & 21 June, 27 & 28 June
Time: 12pm to 8pm

Don’t miss this awesome opportunity!! 😀


La Belle Couture Weddings

Address: 87 Tanjong Pagar Rd Singapore 088508


Tel: (65) 6327 3983 Fax: (65) 6225 2089

Updates x Lollipop Nails Singapore

Hello! So sorry for the lack of updates. Work has recently been draining every single thread of energy left in me and when I get back home, I totally lose all mood to do anything save for using phone, playing scramble, bejeweled, have my dinner and play with my niece! Speaking of which, my niece recognises me much better now and she really likes me alot! Heh heh! So much so that the moment I step home, she tries to quicken her footstep and there was even once, she ran towards me but tripped over her toy book. But thank goodness, it wasn’t on a hard ground but on a her soft and thick play mat instead.

Honestly speaking, my heart did sank and I felt really bad even till the next day when that incident kept replaying in my mind. 🙁


Photo 28-4-15 10 39 11 pm

Someone’s been ransacking my bag….and wallet….

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Food Review : Guksu Korean Restaurant @ Suntec City Singapore

Media Event

Recently, I was invited by the very friendly Chevy to a food tasting event at Gusku Korean Restaurant.  I brought along my sister and my bf as guests, because good things must share right? 😉

Photo 28-4-15 9 23 53 pm

I am not a KPOP lover neither am I an ardent huge fan of Korean food, but there was one dish which surprisingly swept me off my feet even though it was just a simple dish.

You know how they say that less is more? Exactly!

Read more to find out which was it!

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Chez Vous – Beauty IS Real

What is beauty to you? Or rather, what is real beauty to you?

Left: Dress from Revasseur, by Gilda Su. Collection can be found at SUPERSPACE @Orchard Gateway

The societal pressures in the current era have often thrust several ladies into believing that they would only look perfectly beautiful through photo-shopping or digitally-enhanced photos. Extremists would stride towards the possibility of undergoing plastic surgeries to make them look good and feel good.

But are these really necessary?

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Friends – Quality vs Quantity

Friends – Quality vs Quantity

There are several things in life which quality would and should prevail over quantity but unfortunately, that is not always the case.

Take for example, friendships.

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The After 10 Supperclub: Wicked Spring Awakening‏ @ Mitzo

Do you love good music? Are you a foodie?

What about enjoying both at the same time?

If you enjoy them, then you are in for a treat as I am giving away a pair of tickets worth $110 which would guarantee an awesome partying night for you!! Read on to find out how you can stand a chance to win the tickets!

To celebrate this year’s rare Spring equinox, Mitzo Restaurant & Bar is launching its first monthly ‘After 10’ themed supperclub event with the ‘Wicked Spring Awakening’ on 30 April 2015 from 10.30pm to 4am.

ticketgiveaway2 (1)

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Food Review : Hotpot Kingdom @ Marina Bay Sands

My dad is a fan of steamboat and we decided to try out Hotpot Kingdom @ Marina Bay Sands. You know me, google is my best friend and before trying out anything, I will always google to search for more information on it.

Hotpot Kingdom in Marina Bay Sands Singapore Chinese Cuisine

This was what popped up. The bf and I drooled over this picture to be honest, but a little too quick to judge.

We had a private room to ourselves. With dirtied seats, the first impression given was poor. We had to request for the waitress to wipe them clean which she did, but with a wet towel. After which, we still had to request for her to wipe with a dry one so that we may take our seats. Psst, common sense, no?

I brushed this thought aside and somehow, I wanted to give them a second chance, in the hope of having to fill my tummy with yummy food.

But my hopes were all dashed 🙁

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Wedding 101 : La Belle Couture’s “Say I Do” Bridal and Photography Workshop

Choosing the perfect bridal boutique which suits you is one of the most important aspects during a wedding preparation. The variety of gowns, the customer etiquette, the skills of the photographer and most importantly, the packages they are willing to offer you that suit your budget.

If you are looking to save more without having to overspend or if you are a plus-size bride (UK Size 14 and above), then you have gotta continue reading this post.


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