Oxi Jet Concepts treatment with Indulgence Beauty @ Tanjong Pagar

I’m pretty sure most of us have taken some things for granted in our lives. Be it your best friend, your nice boss or even your mom. When all is good, we tend not to appreciate its existence.

This was pretty much what happened to me, in particular, my skin.

I have been blessed with fairly decent complexion but of course, not the flawless type. Post-puberty, the number of breakouts are quite minute and only occurs when I am under tremendous stress. In the past, I used to break out mostly at my chin areas during exam period, which I understand that this is the area which would frequently break out due to stress. Of course, there are other contributing factors such as indigestion (which can also be triggered by stress) etc.

In the past, because I was able to control whatever is happening to my skin, I did not see the need to attend facials at all. The only common problems were minor breakouts which I could still resolve using pimple cream and there were also freaking annoying and stubborn blackheads on my nose. And that was it.

But the recent months saw my skin complexion changing from bad to worse, and it upsets me everytime I look into the mirror (which is like a daily affair?). I had many unexplanable tiny bumps sprouting all over my face, mainly my cheeks, my forehead areas, around the sides of my nose, my chin areas as well as around my lip areas.

I did not face such problems in the past, at least not for my cheeks and forehead areas 🙁

And when I had tried to squeeze them to find 0ut what was lying beneath all these bumps, they were actually white heads which squeezed out like a toothpaste, not those hard ones. But not all of them allowed me to eject them out though.

What baffles me the most is that I have been using the same skin care products for quite some time and there was no change to my type and brands of cosmetics as well. Removing make up for me was also through the hassle-free Biore make up remover wipes, which did not pose any problems for me all these years.

So I could not find a valid reason and solid solution to help resolve these problems.

Honestly, I was at my wits’ end.

That was when I decided to head back to Indulgence Beauty to pamper my poor crying skin. Also, because I was suffering from some eczema problems on my lips and around my lip areas, I had to carefully treat it first before attending any facial treatment for the fear it may aggravate my eczema condition further.

The cream worked wonders and that was when I immediately made an appointment with Indulgence Beauty to seek for solutions.

Similarly to my previous session with them, I was first brought to remove my make up and cleanse my face before I had my skin analysed by their machine.

Photo 28-5-15 7 40 10 pm

Skin analysis

Photo 28-5-15 7 42 36 pm

UV light to witness the pigmentation on both external and internal layers of the skin

Photo 28-5-15 7 43 01 pm

A close-up depicting the pigmentation as well as dark circles and uneven colours of the skin

Photo 28-5-15 7 44 10 pm

The skin analysis results

Based on the above results, you can see that the % of sebum (which is the natural oil in your skin), moisture and elasticity are almost zero and requires super intensive skin care pronto.

Photo 28-5-15 7 45 15 pm

You will recall that in my previous skin analysis, the moisture level in my skin was zero and my pores were even worse. But how was the skin’s age then 30 and now 32 within a short span of 6 months?!?

My skin condition remains dry and have not much improvement since there still remains alarming signs of lack of hydration and elasticity in my skin.

In fact, it has been grossly obvious to my eyes that my skin has indeed became drier, especially when it feels so damn tight after a bath/facial wash and there was even peeling around my jaw areas! :'(

After my skin analysis, I had extractions done on my zits and bumps, and was chided for picking them myself because of the infection that may spread under my skin to other areas. This would then result in another zit popping out again 🙁

But you know those itchy fingers and embarrassing HUGE zits staring at people’s face when you speak to them? I just couldn’t help it :'(

This was taken after extraction.

Photo 28-5-15 10 04 56 pm Photo 28-5-15 10 05 01 pm Photo 28-5-15 10 05 57 pm

Images are totally unedited to show you guys how sucky my skin was 🙁

I was recommended Oxy Jet Concept treament by the beautician at Indulgence Beauty. I was kinda awed by this different jet concept treatment because nothing touches you skin except for the strong gush of air. Hence, I did a little research on my own.

Such Jet Concepts were developed by a Russian rocket scientist and it delivers active ingredients to the skin at supersonic pressure via a contactless handpiece.

Oxygen Jet Facial uses oxygen as a delivery mechanism for active ingredients into the skin. As a delivery mechanism, the oxygen is compressed and sprayed at high pressure directly on to the skin surface, forcing its way past the skin barrier defence systems and in to the lower levels of the skin (epidermis). Almost immediately, the skin will feel smoother with pillow-like bounciness, hiding any tiny imperfections and providing a warm glow to the skin.

Photo 28-5-15 9 04 19 pm Photo 28-5-15 9 04 11 pm

I was told that the Sodium Chloride was used to disinfection the bacteria that are underneath my skin, which is the prime reason my zits are popping out every now and then as the bacteria spreads from places to places.

Admittedly, I did feel some discomfort when the air was targetted at my nose areas as I felt that I was suffocating. But I tried to take deep breaths for a short while when the nose areas were being treated and it felt a little better. I was told that some people will feel more comfortable with subsequent treatments so I guess it’s just a matter of getting used to it! 😀

Thereafter, the beautician applied Calming Hydrating Masque  and left it to set for awhile, while I took some winks.

In fact, throughout the whole treatment, it was such a relaxing experience, I kept dozing off!



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