Our Home : We have a new family member in our house! 

Hold your horses, because no, it’s not what you’re thinking. We are not expecting a newborn, anytime soon (can’t you guys just stop asking this for once?!).

But a few days ago, we finally brought my doggy over to move in with us in our new house! She has been with me ever since she was 2 months old and she will be turning 13 this coming September! 🙂

Our first family photo in our house! :)

Our first family photo in our house! 🙂 And yes, I had no make-up on 😛

To be honest, the hubs actually intended to bring her over only after we have settled everything and settled down, but guilt-strickened me could not bear to leave her alone with my parents anymore so I suggested to bring her over as soon as possible. So in our 2nd week of moving in, she’s finally here with us! 🙂

Photo 12-6-16, 5 46 33 PM

Photo 12-6-16, 5 50 20 PM

Relocating ourselves is not an easy task and unfortunately, the same goes for your furry kid.

I have had a handful of concerns and still am concerned over issues such as adaptability, how is she going to pee and poo because she’s not toilet-trained (and this is so gonna irk the hubs like mad because hes a cleanliness freak and has some odd-ball OCD for neatness), where should we place her at, should we seal up a space specially for her to be in, especially when we are out so that she does not pee and poo/damage our stuffs, will her barking annoy our neighbours, will she get upset to be caged at a small area since she has not be caged for more than a decade?

Jingles exploring the kitchen

Jingles exploring the kitchen

I am definitely certain that my concerns are also even made more challenging due to my dog’s old age, total lost of sight, partially deaf, weakening limbs (arthritis), mild kidney and liver problems. Deep down my heart, I do know that she does not have that many years to live on anymore and I’m trying my best to treasure whatever time we have together. Without fail, I always shudder at the thought when that D day comes and tears would well up in my eyes each time I think about it :'( I know it’s going to be extremely painful to lose her and what’s worse is that it is beyond my control or anyone’s control for that matter. Sigh, I guess that’s life for you.

Because it’s going to be a totally new environment for my dog, it is common that she may most probably have separation anxiety. Moreover, she’s made even more afraid because she is blind and is still very unfamiliar with her surroundings.

With a doubt, I know this is surely going to a very challenging moment for us, for the husband who is very particular with cleanliness and neatness, for me who is trying hard to contribute to house keeping matters and so-called “wife-duties”, which I will blog about in my subsequent post, and while stressing and fussing over jingles’ actions and her daily necessities, and of course for jingles herself who has never shifted house all her life before (just like mommy!).

It is going to be a tough period for us and we would prefer to settle down before inviting guests over and throwing a housewarming party. So if you could, please, before hounding us with “When is your housewarming party?” or “When are you going to invite us over?”, we would appreciate if you could spare us some breather first 🙂

Of course, we are definitely more than excited and would love to have our families and friends over at our humble little new house, but we do need some time to settle down first before we can do so.

She’s not toilet-trained and training her to be now is yet another challenging task because of her blindness and age. I bought pee tray, pee pads and pee odour drops to lure and train her to pee at the pee tray itself, and hopefully she will be able to make it a habit soon. On Day 2, she did try to pee onto the pee pad but did not aim properly and as a result, peed onto the newspaper instead. But I’d thought that was a good start anyway….until she started peeing and pooing everywhere in the living room and would not stop barking while I was at work. (the hubs updated me while I was at work).

I guess this is it. 🙁

Jingles has separation anxiety.

And I’m going to try to calm her down and keep her used to this routine life. It’s a good thing that I had decided to bring along her old bed and dish bowl so that she is still familiar and feel comfortable while using them.

But I guess there’s more needs to be done and she needs more TIME (maybe even longer due to her age and health condition) to get use to this new environment.

I have been very troubled with her trying to adapt to the new environment as well as her toilet issues… I have even engaged an animal communicator to try and find out more about her as well as to get her to pee and poo at the right place…

I will share with everyone on my experience with the animal communicator in one of the subsequent posts…so do stay tuned.

For now, I am keeping my fingers crossed very very tightly and pray for the best. 🙁