Our Home : Steigen Automated Laundry System

Now that the hubs and I are living together on our own, we no longer enjoy the luxury of being cleaned up after. Household chores are now done by us and it can get pretty taxing and tiring at times. For example, the laundry system installed in Built-to-Order HDB flats can be a mountainous task. The manual pulley system takes some effort and strength to operate.  But lucky for us, we had our automated laundry system installed by Steigen!

Just take a look at the manual pulley laundry system provided by HDB…


It gets even heavier when the laundry rack is fully loaded and most importantly, it does not have any safety feature to prevent accidents from occurring. For example, if for any unfortunate reason, a slip of the hand happens, the pulley will not be able to sense if someone or something is at the vicinity. This is very dangerous as it will hit onto the thing/person.


Steigen automated laundry system

One of the best features of this Steigen automated laundry system is that its height can be adjusted via a remote control! This means that it makes things so much easier for me when I want to hang my clothes out to dry. With the adjustable height, I am able to adjust it to a height I am comfortable with.  My husband is 1.8m tall so you can imagine a height that he is comfortable with most probably be a struggle for me! 🙁

We installed the one which comes with a solar function which means that we can dry our clothes anytime, even in indoors! There are 2 powerful air circulators which help to dry clothes 4 times faster. More importantly, for health reasons, they also help to kill germs and bacteria and remove any odours in clothes, leaving them safe and clean to wear! 🙂

For those who are frustrated with hanging your bed sheets to dry, this automated laundry system by Steigen allows you to extend the poles to cater to large items such as bed sheets, comforter etc!

With a 2-year onsite warranty, you need not worry over the maintenance of the Steigen automated laundry system!

In my next blog post, I will be sharing with you guys my review on this in due course 😀


  1. LiiLoo says:

    Thanks for sharing! We are currently lucky enough to have a balcony where we can dry our clothes. But if we move in the future this may come in very handy.



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