Our First Chiropractic Session with Natural Healings

I must have been the longest sufferer from backaches and recently, even my neck, shoulders and upper back aches. Wait…that simply means, I’m aching all the way from my neck to my lower back! :O

The husband has also recently complained about aches at his neck, which must have been aggravated by prolonged seating at work.

This is pretty much common for those working long office hours, constantly having their heads tilted down looking at their screen and poor body posture while sitting down as well. Not to mention, how many of us are actually guilty of being phone addicts? *throws both hands in the air*

I am guilty as charged.

Then, I was introduced to Natural Healings


Unlike your usual 推拿 (Tui Na), 拔罐(Ba Guan), 针灸 (Zhen Jiu) from your Traditional Chinese Medicine method and apart from the Chiropractic sessions, Natural Healings  incorporates both internal and external healing, using the Trigonal Health Program.

What is the Trigonal Health Program and what does it do?

Focusing on the three physical pillars at health, the program balances the skeletal, muscular & cellular systems allowing the body to heal symmetrically.

Designed to resolve issues ranging from chronic conditions due to aging and repetitive trauma to injuries from accidents, this unique program triggers the body to initiate self-healing and repair. This is achieved through a combination of Chiropractic, Functional Wellness and Healthcare Supplements to optimise core body mechanisms to harmonize communications.

The program boosts body’s healing ability to increase metabolism, immunity, mobility connecting cognitive functions, body balance and general well-being.


During our first visit at Natural Healings, we were requested to have our posture assessed by standing against a wall with grid background to examine our posture alignment of our head and spine.

Once we were done, the doctor had a short discussion and consultation with us regarding our individual cases, and we also proceeded with some adjustments after that.


Waiting area


Treatment beds


Me getting adjusted at my neck areas


Then, it was hubby’s turn to get adjusted



The husband and I suffer from same aches and pains, but I reckon my case is worse as I had sustained a back injury years ago.

After the adjustment session, our aches were pretty much relieved and our muscles were less tensed as well. One word – SHIOK! 😀

We will be dropping by often to have our adjustments done as a one-time session is most probably insufficient to cure and treat the problems. So I will be keeping track of our progress regularly, so do drop by! 🙂


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