New Hair Sponsor – Luxe X M Hair Salon (I12 Katong)

In light of our upcoming pre-wedding photo shoot, I had my hair dyed at Luxe X M Hair Salon (I12 Katong).

Luxe is conveniently located at I12 Katong and is very spacious and extremely well-furbished as you can see from the pictures below.





As my pre-wedding make-up artist advised me not to alter the length of my hair, including my fringe, I proceeded to only dye my hair. She mentioned that she requires the length for hair styling purposes and since she has over a decade of experience as a make-up artist, I heeded her advice.

My hair stylist from Luxe is Mars and he has also more than a decade years of experience in the hairdressing industry. He is a very approachable and friendly guy so customers always feel relaxed working with him! 🙂

This was my hair before dyeing:


Before dyeing, my hair was in uneven colour tones and looked extremely lifeless.

Ugly black roots were also sprouting out:


The ends of my hair is also extremely dry.


The uneven colour tone was due to my previous bleaching of hair about 1.5 years ago, which has caused extreme dryness and roughness of my hair. I am still waiting for them to grow out completely since I don’t bear to alter my hair length too drastically.

And this was me before I got my tresses dyed 🙂


Mars proposed to have a scalp protection treatment done to protect my scalp and hair texture from the harsh chemicals used. It is also a common experience to have your scalp itching when dyeing your hair due to the strong chemicals used. Thus, it is very important that apart from caring for your tresses, you need to also protect your scalp as well. Pampering your scalp should also be given importance because they are where your root hairs reside. Should your scalp be unhealthy, it will pose difficulty for your hair roots to absorb nutrients from the treatment products you apply or from the nutritious food you consume. So don’t neglect your scalp! 🙂

The scalp protection treatment creates a layer of protection to block at least 50% of ammonia which is too strong and harsh on your scalp. It also helps to reduce the irritation caused during dyeing of hair. Due to my uneven colour tones, Mars used a colouring technique known as colour correction to even out my hair colour as a whole.

Here is a picture of my scalp being pampered with protection 🙂


The aftermath of dyeing my hair with Wella Professional Red Copper.

I was also advised by my make-up artist not to do any treatment on my hair before my pre-wedding photo shoot as its slickness will make it difficult to style. Though that being said, because my hair is quite dry and frizzy, Mars decided to treat my hair with a light leave in treatment known as the SP professional  – a colour lock treatment, which will not affect hair styling for my pre-wedding photo shoot 🙂


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Luxe X M Hair Salon

112 KATONG #03-01

112 East Coast Road

Singapore 428802

Contact No. : +65 6635 8066

Email :

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  1. Jonathan Wong says:

    Hi may I know if your company is interested in sponsoring national athletes? If yes, may I have the contact details of the relevant department?

    • Jean Gan says:

      My company? If you are referring to Luxe Hair Salon, you need to contact them directly. I am not their employee nor owner.

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