My job as a Legal Counsel

If you do not already know, I’m currently working as a Legal Counsel(sometimes known as In-house Lawyers/Legal Advisors/Legal Consultants/Commercial/Corporate Lawyers) in 1 of Singapore’s public listed and established co.
Many friends have been inquiring on the job scope as a Legal Counsel, so for the benefit of the doubt of all, I shall pen them here today.

First and foremost, no, I didn’t plan this route, neither did I foresee myself  taking on this career 10 years down the road during my younger days and no, I didn’t plan to read Law back in Uni as well.

But I believe everything happens for a reason and initially, I read Law with the intention to sign on as a Police Officer. Yes, no joke. (Psst, I’m a rusty Black Belt Taekwondo Holder as well and used to work as a PT Tkd instructor before entering Uni).

But as time goes by, characters and mentalities change and mould you into a different person. What you wanted few years back might not be what you are still yearning for and more so, might not be what you are now.

The main role of a Legal Counsel is to advise the Company on legal matters especially vetting, reviewing and advising on contracts, which must mean that your legal knowledge must be at your fingertips. The responsibility of getting your company in the best legal position in any transactions or negotiations is shouldered upon you. Huge responsibility I must say.

But I won’t and can’t say that I do have everything at the back of my head yet since I was employed as a fresh graduate when I started as a Legal Counsel and so, have myriads to learn! Even my boss humbly told me once that she’s actually still learning as she goes along…

A common misconception is that all law graduates/lawyers/legal counsels are well-equipped with all kinds of laws, but little do they know the several different types of laws that exist. We don’t learn every single law back in law school, you know? The same goes for medicine graduates/doctors, most of them will be able to treat and advise on general illnesses but once specialisation kicks in, they might not be in a favourable position to do so.

Plus, I read English law, not Singapore law… As such I still have to read up on Singapore law too. Apart from that, since globalisation is at its prime, every now and then I’ve to read up on some international law as well.

I can’t say for sure that I foresee myself stuck at the same co, same job and same life 5 to 10 years down the road… Reading, reading and more reading of contracts/agreements do bore me out…! My eyesight and dark circles have also aggravated as a result. Reading off from the laptop tires out your eyes but reading hard copies is nowhere better too.

I’ve to say that this job might not be easy, but I am thankful for great colleagues and boss! I count myself really really lucky to have been handpicked by my boss who interviewed me during the job interview… And well, the $ is comfortably acceptable too. That is not to say that I had sucky colleagues before, I still did meet lots of great people out there when I was intern-ing and working as a Legal Executive (before graduation while waiting for results) before joining this current company.

Sometimes it’s not so much about the job that is difficult, it’s the people that are making life difficult for you. 

Sorry, just felt like babbling today and I know I ain’t that coherent today due to the lack of slp… :p

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