Media Invite : Sunday Brunch @ Sopra Cucina & Bar

Tucked away at a cosy quiet corner of Orchard, the heart of Singapore, is Sopra Cucina & Bar – an Italian restaurant that will first impress you with their unique furniture and decorations to reminisce the post-war Italy days. I was invited to a food tasting media session by Eychelle and Ivy (thank u girls!), whom the latter played a superb host for that day 🙂 I brought my fiance along too of course! What is good food without awesome company right? 😉

Everything was great, the ambience, the company and the food. Only thing was, I had forgotten to bring along my Canon G1X and so these pictures may not do justice 🙁

The restaurant’s front :

Photo 12-9-15 3 20 24 pm

Doesn’t it reminds you of the Hollywood vintage outlook?Photo 12-9-15 3 18 46 pm

Photo 12-9-15 3 19 00 pm

Heh, captured the Happy Hour information for those who would like a drink or two and chillax with family and friends! 🙂

Those who prefer the alfresco style, Sopra does cater to that too!

Photo 12-9-15 3 19 22 pm

Their high tables and chairs.

Photo 12-9-15 12 37 10 pm

Photo 12-9-15 12 36 13 pm

For those who prefer lower tables and chairs, they have them too 🙂

Photo 12-9-15 3 16 20 pm

Photo 12-9-15 3 17 56 pm

I love how they design and pair their furniture to create that retro vintage look which very much reminds one of the post-war days in Italy. Their mosaic tiles are cleverly added into the whole outlook to further enhance the ambience and feel.

Their table setting :

Photo 12-9-15 3 21 08 pm

For music-lovers, your desires are well-catered too as well.

Sopra has this little area where live bands entertain the crowd with their awesome music. Totally perfect if you want to unwind after a long tedious day 🙂

Photo 12-9-15 3 14 55 pm

Their wine cellar which showcases their wide selection of wines:

Photo 12-9-15 3 15 27 pm

And now without further ado, here comes the long-awaited food pictures!!!

We were well-fed with a wide array of sumptuous food which got our bellies almost exploding at the end of the session! 😛

Photo 12-9-15 1 39 47 pm

Calamari Fritti – Deep Fried Calamari With Aioli

Photo 12-9-15 1 24 40 pm

The calamari were fried to perfect crisp while preserving its succulency. Most importantly. they were easy to chew.

Polpo Alla Carlofortina – Slow Cooked Fresh Octopus With Celery, Olives, Pine Nuts, Basil And House Made Dressing

Photo 12-9-15 1 24 31 pm

This was by far the most unique starter dish I have come across. The octopus was indeed fresh and juicy, and similarly, we had no problems chewing them.

Carpaccio Di Filetto Di Manzo – Thin Sliced Beef Tenderloin Topped With Shaved Parmesan And Rocket Salad

Photo 12-9-15 1 24 22 pm

I totally dig this sliced beef tenderloin! Although very thinly sliced, every bite gives out the fullest flavour of mouth-watering beef it can contain. The wild rocket was a clever combination to tone down the strong ‘meaty’ taste if you ain’t so much of a meat-fan.

Malloreddus Alla Campidanese – Traditional Sardinian Semolina Pasta With Rosemary Pork Sauce

Photo 12-9-15 1 32 01 pm

A very different kind of pasta dish that is chewy, and together with the rosemary pork sauce and cheese bits, I found it sort of excites and opens up your appetite!

Gnocchi Gorgonzola E Noci – Home Made Gnocchi Tossed With Gorgonzola Cheese Sauce And Walnuts

Photo 12-9-15 1 26 45 pm

A decent serving portion of unique type of pasta that is covered with creamy cheese sauce that melts in your mouth, accompanied with crunchy fresh walnuts!

Costolette D’agnello – Grilled Lamb Chops With Mint Sauce

Photo 12-9-15 1 32 19 pm

Not very much a fan of lamb due to its strong gustatory flavour and smell but I must say that this grilled lamb was served in its best succulency. The mint sauce also greatly helped to conceal and tone down the strong taste. The meat was also very tender and easy to chew.

Spaghetti Carbonara – With Egg, Cream, Parmesan Cheese And Pancetta

Photo 12-9-15 1 32 10 pme

I am a HUGE fan of carbonara and unsurprisingly, this carbonara dish did not fail me at all! I like how the flavoursome juicy bacon bits helped to reduce the ‘creamy’ taste which can easily bore your taste bud and stomach, and make you sick of the dish.

Scallopine Di Pollo Ai Funghi Porcini – Pan Seared Chicken Breast Accompanied With Potato Puree And Porcini Rosemary SaucePhoto 12-9-15 1 31 53 pm

Glazed with sweet rosemary sauce, the chicken breast was tender and unexpectedly, juicy and luscious! A very different after math from chicken breast meat which is usually dry and rough.

However, apart from the chicken, the more promising portion of this dish was the potato puree. Because a puree means it is much smoother and creamy, it has not rough bits which halts your tongue from savouring it. Although creamy, one can easily tell how rich the potato puree is with just one lick.

Salami Pizza- Tomato Sauce. Mozzarella. Salami. Dried Chilli

Photo 12-9-15 1 36 47 pm

Pizzas are the best bet if you intend to share food. The pizzas served at Sopra are just of the right serving portion which also allows you to try out other delectable dishes. After all, this is a Brunch Buffet so it is totally worth it! 😀

Pescatora Pizza – Mixed Seafood – squid, prawns and scallops

Photo 12-9-15 1 36 58 pm

Seafood lovers, you will have to try this! Topped with fresh seafood comprising of squid, prawns and scallops! Yummy 😛

Vegetariana  Pizza – Tomato Sauce. Mozzarella. Zucchini. Aubergine. Fresh Tomato. Arugula

Photo 12-9-15 1 34 24 pm

For those health-conscious customers, this vegetarian pizza is the bomb for you! Plus, it has my favourite wild rocket! 😀

Arrabbiata Pizza – Tomato Sauce. Mozzarella. Bacon. Mushroom. Onion. Chilli Oil

Photo 12-9-15 1 34 46 pm

Hawaiian pizza lovers, you’ll surely dig this! 🙂

Zuppa Del Giorno – Soup Of The Day (Salmon Chowder Soup)

Photo 12-9-15 1 24 04 pm

The clam and salmon pieces are of generous portions and the soup was very rich in flavour.

Melazane Alla Parmigiana – Baked layered eggplant with fresh tomato sauce

Photo 12-9-15 1 23 56 pm

I am not a fan of eggplant but this dish did not contain a very strong eggplant taste. Have it while its hot and it can be your perfect comfy food on a rainy day! 🙂

Panna Cotta – Served With Mixed Berry Compote

Photo 12-9-15 2 47 22 pm

A very appetizing dessert that provides that extra perk-me-up and cures those suffering from sugar-tooth!

Torta Del Giorno – Cake Of The Day (Carrot Cake)

Photo 12-9-15 2 47 11 pm

Heh, this is not your usual Chai Tao Kway in the Chinese style but the ang moh version. Cake-lovers will love this as it is not too dry and yet able to capture the rich flavour! Yums! 😛

The fiance and I were stuffed after that! I would totally recommend this place to adventurous people who love trying out new dishes and yet prefer to do it in a quiet cosy corner with their loved ones. An absolutely stunning place to unwind and just chill out.