Malacca Trip Day 1

While the rest had the luxury and opportunity to travel the world during the festive season last December, poor me only managed to crawl past the causeway over to our neighbour – Malaysia. (Read why I couldn’t travel during the festive season here) Plus, it wasn’t a ‘vacation-vacation’ but we (my sis, bro-in-law, my niece, my bf and myself) only visited there because of a wedding of the ex-colleague of my bf and bro-in-law. But somehow, we tried to mask it like a short getaway for us as well. 😉

I do think the bf and I deserve a break from all the stress from work and him from work + school….Dec was sure a very hectic month for us!

I honestly cannot remember if I have been to Malacca but anyhoo, here was what our Day 1 was like!

The night before, or should I say, few hours before we woke up to prep for the trip, we had a terrible night/morning. My dog suddenly turned eccentric and peed on our bed just before we turned in. Before that, we were just about to savour our cup noodles which we didn’t initially wanted to get but there was no chicken pie or any other pastries left. 🙁 Talk about losing weight…!

And because of that, we only managed to sleep at 2am+ and woke up at 6am+.

Woke up to a swollen face…actually I think it’s just that my face gained some weight and was pretty upset over it… 🙁

Photo 2-1-15 9 07 16 am


That was me trying to pull off as a student…and this Billabong bagpack is a decade old! OMG, how time flies ain’t it? Speaking of which, I’m turning a year older in less than 2 weeks’ time! OH NOOOO! I think it’s a fact and a very sad one that you no longer look forward to your birthday once you turn past a quarter of a century because out of a sudden, time passes by like nobody’s business and in the blink of an eye, you will hit the BIG 3!!! :'(

During the whole trip, my level of tiredness was wtf. I don’t know if it is due to sleep debt or that my soul is getting old…I was frantically searching for coffee more often than proper staple food or even shopping.

For a start, we stopped by at JB for breakfast at Tea Garden.

Address :  Taman Gaya No. 2, Jalan Gaya 28, Taman Gaya, 81800 Ulu Tiram, Johor.

Image credit to Tea Garden’s website

Photo 2-1-15 10 00 12 am

Heh, the orange bowl filled with porridge was for my little niece. When we eat, she eats too 🙂

The coffee wasn’t satisfactory as the flavour was not strong enough for coffee addicts like me and the bf. 🙁

I tried a few mouthfuls of bf’s Mee Rebus and I thought it was quite good, even though I am not a fan and I seldom eat that. This must mean it is quite good right! HAHA!

Photo 2-1-15 10 00 20 am

As I was not very hungry, which I usually am in the morning, I ordered a butter toast with egg! It tasted quite okay 🙂

After fuelling ourselves with energy, we continued our journey to Malacca!

And took a wefie with bf’s selfie stick!

Photo 2-1-15 10 51 25 am

Little one looking straight at the camera! 😀

Photo 2-1-15 10 51 16 am

The little girl must be wondering what the hell we are doing…

We arrived at Holiday Inn Melaka where we stayed throughout for the trup as the wedding dinner was held there as well.

Overall stay was quite satisfactory except for a thing or two.

Address : Jalan Syed Abdul Aziz 75000 Melaka ,Malaysia

Front lobby :

Photo 4-1-15 10 59 13 am

Photo 4-1-15 10 59 41 am

Photo 4-1-15 10 59 29 am

Hotel room :

Photo 2-1-15 9 44 20 pm

Swimming pool :

Photo 4-1-15 11 20 06 am

I felt that the hotel room was quite clean. Room service was also great as our bed was all made up, fresh new towels and complimentary water bottles were replenished as well Most importantly, as I tend to feel cold easily, I was delighted to discover that the room temperature can be adjusted accordingly and there is an on-off button too!

Also, there were 2 types of pillows – soft and firm which were specifically labelled. This is an awesome bonus because different hotel guests have different preferences of pillows, hence kudos to the Holiday Inn team! I prefer the firm type of pillow due to my constant neck aches but I must say that the firm was not that firm, which I was kinda disappointed 🙁

We proceeded for lunch after checking into my sister’s hotel room at Mengki Restaurant at Jonker Street.

Photo 2-1-15 3 26 13 pm

The BBQ pork was filled with fats, fats and more fats. The lean meat was very little 🙁

Totally not my cup of tea. Blergh.

Photo 2-1-15 3 26 22 pm

The roasted chicken was good, although it was served cold 🙁

Photo 2-1-15 3 44 18 pm

Chicken rice balls which Malacca is famous for! We didnt manage to try out the famous ones at these shops and just settled for this store as it was the nearest. The rest were kinda starving but I wasn’t.

Unfortunately, the food didn’t taste that fantastic due to the lack of strong flavour. The chicken rice balls are usually stickier than the usual chicken rice so for those who dislike the stickiness, you may want to think twice before ordering a plate.

Photo 2-1-15 3 44 06 pm

The fishballs tasted so-so and had this frozen taste and the soup wasn’t very tasty either. 🙁

Indeed, it was not a very satisfactory lunch…

We proceeded to stroll along Jonker Walk as this is the busiest and famous area in Malacca….but only to realise that the heat was unbearable, especially for the little one. So we changed our minds and headed to explore the shopping malls instead. For the past 2 days, we explored Hatten Mall/Hatten Square Suites and Shoppes , Dataran Pahlawan Melaka Megamall and Mahkota Parade. Although I didn’t get anything much save for some cosmetics from Watsons, I was thankful for the air-con, LOL 🙂

After shopping, it was time to fill our tummies again. This time round with scrumptious food at Bei Zhan Restaurant!

Address : No. 43 Jalan Kota Laksamana 2/17,, Taman Kota Laksamana Seksyen 2

Photo 2-1-15 7 38 26 pm

Photo 2-1-15 7 41 58 pm

Beautiful decoration for Christmas!

The delicious food we had :

Photo 2-1-15 9 50 19 pm

Photo 2-1-15 9 58 48 pm

Kong Bak Pao. For those who have no idea, you are supposed to wrap the meat in the bun and eat them together. As the meat was once again, super fat-tish, I did not have much. 🙁

Photo 2-1-15 9 59 05 pm

The Braised Tofu tasted great and the tomato sauce was something different and special.

Photo 2-1-15 9 59 16 pm

The Assam Curry Fish was great! The fish was super fresh!

Photo 2-1-15 9 59 29 pm

Hmm, I thought the Fried Omelette could be done up a little more fragrant….It was filled with mushrooms and carrots.

Photo 2-1-15 10 00 35 pm

The Stir-fried Potato Leaves with Garlic was a little too bland for my liking, but still, I love my greens! 🙂

Photo 2-1-15 10 01 21 pm

This very yummy Fried Prawns was a mega addiction! Once you had one, you won’t stop there! 😉

And the best part? The bill was only around SGD100!!! How cheap is that?

I guess this sort of made up for the unsatisfactory lunch earlier on…everyone went back feeling damn full but yet super contented! 😀

Bei Zhan Restaurant is a definite must-try!!! You may consider reserving first as for the two days we ate there (YES TWO DAYS BECAUSE THE FOOD WAS SOOOO GOOD AND CHEAP!), it was packed to its brim, although I didn’t spotted any queue.

We headed back to the hotel after that and before turning in, the bf (whom to my surprised, bought the eye masks himself at Watsons! :O) and I tried pampering our hideous dark circles…

Photo 2-1-15 11 43 44 pm

Just to digress a little with some beauty reviews on this eye mask. I have seen it around but have never tried it. Honestly, it was a little uncomfortable to have something sticking onto your lower eyelids. The essence somehow got into my eyes which consequently, reddened and I was struggling to position further from my eyeballs but yet trying to cover my pathetic dark circles completely.

Had it on for about 20 mins as directed and true enough, my dark circles seem to have lightened somewhat…but the sad thing is, it went back to its original form the next morning 🙁

I guess consistency may be the key…

Heh, we then both knocked out after that, filled with excitement for what’s coming up next the following day!

So stay tuned to my Day 2…! 😀

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