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Recently I have come to realise how urgent I required a haircut because I felt how heavy my hair was and how stuffy the weather was as well! My fringe was also in a mess and I always had this impression that having shorter fringe falling onto your forehead makes one look younger, and indeed this is true! 😛

I was approached by Lookbooker to make an appointment with X-Zen Hair Salon, which is conveniently located at Orchard Centrepoint.

What is Lookbooker you may ask?

Lookbooker is an online booking platform for the hair and beauty industry in Singapore. You can easily search, select, and instantly make salon appointments anytime through the internet. Lookbooker offers a convenient, fuss-free online platform for those busy bees to make reservations for all their hair and beauty salons at one go! You need not have to check up the salon’s number and then ring them up one by one anymore. 🙂

What’s more is that you are even allowed to choose your particular hair stylist/beautician if you are familiar with or have read raves on that particular personnel! With that, by just choosing your preferred timing and if you have an account with Lookbooker, you need not retype your particulars over again as they are saved under your account. How easy is that?


You will be able to choose the type of service (hair, facial, nails etc), location, particular salon/stylist, date of appointment and whether you would prefer to have your appointment in the Morning, Afternoon, Evening or All Day :


After you have chosen your preferences, you will be directed to a page where the list of suitable salons would appear :


Choose your preferred timing and after which, you will be required to fill in your particulars.


As mentioned, you may skip this step subsequently once you have signed up an account with Lookbooker, so everything is basically touch-and-go!

Once you have confirmed you appointment and details, click onto the ‘Verify SMS & Confirm Appointment’ button as shown below.


You will receive a verification code via SMS and will be required to enter the code before confirming your appointment.


Lookbooker will follow-up with a confirmation of appointment via email as well as SMS.

confirm email confirmation

If you are worried that you might miss your appointment, fret not because Lookbooker has got it all settled for you!

A reminder would be sent to you via email and SMS a day before the appointment:


So even you do not have access to the Internet for whatever reason, you will still receive a personal reminder via SMS!

How cool is that? 😀

As mentioned, I made an appointment with X-Zen Hair Salon for a haircut because the mane was growing out ridiculously messy and it was high time I tame it.

Shop front :

Photo 28-1-15 8 04 14 pm

Photo 28-1-15 8 02 36 pm

Photo 6-2-15 12 18 47 pm

Pardon the tired face as it was after a long day at work.

After hair cut :

Photo 28-1-15 8 00 54 pm

And the mandatory toilet shot after every visit to the salon :

Photo 28-1-15 8 10 28 pm

I trimmed 2 inches (although the hairstylist suggested 3 inches but every inch counts you know ! Those with long hair would definitely understand!), the dry ends are so much lesser now. My hair also looks much healthier now! 🙂

Before and After comparison :


And because an unkempt fringe is really annoying when you are trying to take a selfie (hence I had to hold my fringe to the side, otherwise it would be covering half of my face), so I guess there would be more selfies taken with the current neat fringe! And don’t you think I look younger too? 😉

Save time and effort now by booking your beauty appointments with Lookbooker today!

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X-Zen Hair Salon

Address: 176 Orchard Road, Singapore 238843

Phone:6235 7731