I am so tired! :(

Yes, I’m so tired… Tired of falling sick and facing so many health problems.

I’m like having 4 swollen gums due to my wisdom teeth extractions, 2 ulcers (1 which I suay suay bit my tongue so hard that there were so much blood oozing out and that was before I visited the dentist for my extraction and another 1 which appeared after the dental work, cold sore (got this ever since I was in sec sch) and now my UTI problem is back again.

WTF seriously. Can life get any worse than this?

I’m gonna have to stock up on so many medications and supplements after work today.

Shit those Monday blues rainy seasons too…

Sometimes I wished I’d studied and majored in Medicine instead of Law since I fall sick so easily recently… That’s gonna be more useful than being equipped with Medicine knowledge right? 🙁

This website is so gonna be my mantra from now onwards…!

Also, for those who are interested in wisdom tooth/teeth extraction, do read this useful website on the healing process! I’ve already broken so many of the “rules”…

Eating is really a chore! Making me really really pissed!!! >=(

It’s how shitty when others lose their appetite or can endure liquid diets but NOT ME! I’m like even hungrier than ever!

Anyway, I’m participating in Run Happy this coming Saturday! It’s a night run and it’s my first run! I can’t describe it as a marathon because technically, a marathon is a 42km run!

So yes, onward to a more healthy lifestyle from now onwards! I’ve been picking run training back recently and am glad my stamina is much better now… 5km non-stop is more like a breeze now. The run happy run that I’m gonna participate with my dear bf (it’s our 1st run together too! 😀 ) is a 9km run!

I hope to push and challenge myself to achieve better results!


But for now, I just hope to get much better… :'(

Hope your life ain’t as sucky as mine! 🙂