Hyaluronic Facial With Radiancy LHE ( phototherapy) Therapy at Indulgence Beauty

I hardly attend facials but recently, my skin condition seems to be rather aggravated by stress. 🙁

So you can imagine my excitement when Indulgence Beauty contacted me to try out facial treatments with them!

Anna, a Senior Aesthetician of Indulgence Beauty attended to me. She’s very friendly and gentle, so no worries. 🙂

Indulgence Beauty carries with them the brand MD Dermatics skin care products which are from USA and developed by dermatologists and they have the popular veteran actor Edmund Chen as their Brand Ambassador for Singapore.

Photo 11-12-14 7 47 21 pm

Before removing my make up, I managed to snap a quick selfie while dressed in the robe. 😉

After removing, Anna brought me to have my skin analysed using their skin analysis machine.

Photo 11-12-14 8 15 07 pm

I was indeed very disappointed to have known that the age of my skin is actually 30! Older than my actual age! :'(

Moreover, all these while I was under the impression that I belong to the combination skin type. However, Anna advised that my skin type is more of the dry condition which I must agree. Recently, my skin feels rather tight even though with the same skin care products. Sometimes, the skin on my nose would peel too, especially nearing that time of the month. The only reason I can think of is hormonal effects 🙁

I was treated with Hyaluronic Facial With Radiancy LHE ( phototherapy) Therapy and the following are the steps I have noted down for your easy reference 🙂

Step 1 : Wash and cleanse with Hyaluronic Cleanser

Removes the dirty, grime and grease from the upper layer of the skin, Hyaluronic Cleanser  nourishes, regenerates and soothes skin without affecting its natural defenses. It helps to revive ‘tired’ and dull-looking skin, promotes an even complexion, and improves elasticity and skin tone.

Step 2 : Scrub / exfoliation

Removes of the oldest dead skin cells on the skin’s outermost surface, keep pores from clogging and allows skins renewal process. This would also help to brighten up the skin colour tone.

After exfoliation :

Photo 11-12-14 8 22 19 pm

Step 4 : Extraction of black/white heads

Removes clogs and allows pores refining.

Before extraction :

Photo 11-12-14 9 09 55 pm

After extraction :

Photo 11-12-14 8 23 22 pm

Step 5 : Radiancy LHE ( phototherapy) Therapy

Proven safe and non-abrasive, LHE Facial Treatment by Radiancy encompasses several different categories of skin treatments; the removal of pigmented lesions, the elimination of vascular lesions, the improvement of skin texture and tone, and the smoothing of lines and wrinkles. A comprehensive skin rejuvenation treatment will ideally include several of these treatments, and Radiancy Rejuvenation technology to address these different skin conditions. Moreover, this treatment stimulates new collagen growth and helps to both replenish and even out the dermis layer. The tone and texture of the skin improves and the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles fade as collagen rebuilds.

Light and heat energy from Radiancy creates a mild thermal abrasion to the dermal/epidermal junction. This mini “thermal trauma” triggers a wound-heal response and new collagen growth is stimulated under the treated layer. This healing response leads to the improvement in skin texture and the smoothing of fine lines that has been shown to hold up over several years. Naturally, customers are afforded with increased facial brightness, reduced pore size and firmer skin after the treatment.

Step 6 : Apply Hyaluronic essence

Act as a booster to allow activating skin cell metabolism and intensifying the micro-circulation.

Step 7 :  Base Masque

Step 8 : Face massage

Massages are great for blood circulation, especially for those who often all tensed up with their facial expression and frown (me!).

Step 9 : Customised masques with Hyaluronic lotion

Hyaluronic acid provides good moisture retention for derma, increases its elasticity and relieves the symptoms of daytime tiredness, caused by the gravitational redistribution of fluid

Photo 11-12-14 9 43 08 pm

Do take note that this masque will not harden like a clay-like structure but it will solidify and turn into a gel-like structure, which is easy to remove, leaving no residue.

Step 10 : Shoulder massage

I fell asleep during the whole treatment several times (because I kept waking up for the fear of snoring which would be so embarrassing but you can’t blame me after a long day at work! =x) as it was such a relaxing and soothing session! Sitting in the office for several hours a day has also strained my lower back, shoulders and neck. With the massages that Indulgence Beauty provides, it was indeed very comfortable and as what we Singaporeans would call it, SHIOK AH!

Post-treatment results : My skin instantly felt more hydrated, soft, smooth and supple! The extraction of those annoying black and white heads have certainly helped in softening my skin since there are less ‘bumps’ on my face. My face looked and felt cleaner as well! Oh yes, Anna also helped to trim my messy eyebrows as well 🙂

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Usual price for Hyaluronic Facial With Radiancy LHE ( phototherapy) Therapy is $218 but my readers are entitled to enjoy the same treatment at ONLY $34 PER PAX ($68 for 2 pax) if you bring along a friend and by just quoting my name ‘JEANGAN’!

As this is in conjunction with the upcoming Chinese Lunar New Year, the promotion is valid till end of Feb, so hurry grab this awesome deal now!

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