How to increase your social media presence?

Disclaimer : This post is purely for sharing my thoughts and opinions with you guys and should in no way whatsoever, be taken as an absolute, exhaustive and effective list in increasing your social media presence. 

Most bloggers or what they now termed as ‘Social Media Influencers, are hyped up with their social media presence, every single ‘like’ and ‘share’ on their Facebook page and blog posts, and every single followers on Facebook page, Instagram, Twitter and the recently made-popular Snapchat, count.


Because if you are looking to monetize via your social media platforms, clients require these statistics for their consideration before deciding whether they would like to collaborate with you, and of course, before they are able to make an informed decision on whether their money would be well-spent and worth investing in this collaboration and you.

In short, FAME = MONEY. 

I am in no way a famous blogger or a currently trending social media influencer, but here are just some of my humble tips which I would like to share with you guys in relation to increasing your social media presence. 🙂

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There were some methods which I have tried but not all, though I think it would help increase your social media presence nonetheless.

Just like goods and services, you NEED to MARKET yourself as a blogger/influencer

Make your presence known on the virtual world.

Go create a name for yourself and work towards that.

You may create as many social media accounts as you want but be sure that you are able to update them regularly, otherwise it defeats the purpose.


Social media platforms such as Facebook need no introduction in this era, has become part of our daily essentials and is no doubt, one of the best ways to market yourself.

Create a Facebook page for yourself and start updating there. Make it a habit to update your followers whenever you have published a blog post. You may also consider posting on your own personal Facebook account so that your friends (and virtual friends) are in the know that you are starting out or have blogged about a topic which may be of interest to them.

Who knows, they may even help you to share your post too! 🙂

But it need not just be restricted to updating of blog posts. You may also update your followers on your life but the extent of privacy is left to you to decide.

That is not to say that you should be a prick by flooding your page unnecessarily with frequent updates on what you are doing now, what are you thinking now, whether have you shit today, what argument you got into with your partner, how frustrated with work every single day…well, you get the idea.

Also, be sure to be nice and respond to your followers’ comments/messages 🙂


I’m using their old icon here because I seriously prefer this over their new look!

You will need to make yourself known on the Instagram world too by taking pretty pictures using a CAMERA, not your mobile phone.

Without a doubt, camera definitely produces higher-quality pictures!

I am kinda embarrassed that I have not been posting top-quality pictures on my IG, but well, I do try my best because it is really quite inconvenient to carry along a camera everywhere I go. 🙁

The recent change in IG in its feed no longer displays popular posts but posts which are based on your likes, on similar accounts you interact with, on people you follow.

Lastly, another simple way of increasing your IG presence is to follow, like and leave comments on someone else’s IG post. There will be higher chances of being seen 🙂


You have spent several hours and lost a handful of brain cells, cracking your head in coming up with interesting content, but seems like nobody is reading it (you can monitor this via Google Analytics)?

As what I have mentioned above, update your followers whenever a blog post is published. Share your blog links on your Facebook account, on forums and Facebook groups (where relevant and remember not to flout their rules).

It is essential to make yourself seen and heard. 


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Sharing on your social media platforms is not enough. I know, that is just SO much to do right!

But the choice of words and how you bring across the message and information is very important as well. I am not marketing guru but I do know how to differentiate between boring captions and eye-catching phrases! And it is easy, you would be able to do so too 🙂

Place yourself in the shoes of your readers, will the caption make you want to read more? Will it arouse your curiosity? Will it make you tick?

The bottom-line is, don’t bore your readers/followers with uninteresting captions when sharing your blog posts.

Don’t go, “I have blogged about ABC, read here (insert url link)” but consider phrasing it like “Do you want to increase your social media presence? Do you know what it takes to be popular on social media? (insert url link)”

See the difference? 😛

There are some elements of click-bait tactics here but only in terms of captions while sharing your blog posts on your social media platforms. I don’t mean click-baits such as, “XX and KK fought with each other recently over a guy, want to know more? Click here to find out why!”

I don’t know about you, but I don’t take such low-class click-baits very well, especially on gossips. Yes, I mean gossips do make some *kaypoh* people tick but that is not my cup of tea. Pffft.

I did blog about another blogger who I named and shamed, following a news that went viral (and again recently!) but what did I get? Yes, a few more likes and clicks but it doesn’t serve my blog any purpose.

My purpose is to share beauty reviews (be it sponsored or not, they are my honest opinions), lifestyle tips and food reviews, and the like.

Not to share such thrash-y blog posts.

Just not my cup of tea.

I will further elaborate on this topic below. (Read under ‘Viral Posts’).

Pay to boost your Facebook posts

You have seen how some companies and even individuals have their Facebook posts appearing on your Facebook news feed even though you are not following their page.

This is known as a sponsored post, whereby that account user has paid a certain sum to boost their Facebook page or post in order to reach out to a wider audience.

There are 3 ways to reach a wider target group by boosting your post to :-

  1. People who have liked your page
  2. People who have liked your page and their friends
  3. Specific target groups which you are able to customise to, say for example, for beauty related posts, you may want to consider limiting it to a specific and suitable age group of 25 to 35, ladies and perhaps input some of the relevant interests such as top make-up and skin care brands

The effectiveness of this method is rather limited as it may not reach your targeted audience which I have personally experienced, many times. 🙁

For example, despite restricting to Singapore only, my post/page still attracts foreigners. Not that I am xenophobic or anything like that, but sometimes the topic is only relatable to locals.


Who doesn’t like freebies?!

NOT Singaporeans, especially! 😛

Why spend money on stuffs when you stand a chance to win them for FREEEEEE?

Giveaways have been proven to be quite an effective method of increasing your social media stats but the thing is, you will need to decide what freebie is attractive enough for a participant to want to win it, to like and share and spread the word to their friends and most importantly, whether you are willing to spend on these freebies (of course, if you got them for free, that good for u!).

Giving away a cute note book (and I don’t mean laptops) VS giving away Urban Decay Naked eyeshadow palettes?

Don’t think you’d need me to name the obvious? 🙂

Social Media Agencies/Public Relations Companies

This is pretty simple.

Google for such agencies and companies, touch base with them, let them know that ‘Hey! There’s a new blogger/influencer in town‘ so that they will keep in view of any engagements/assignments which may be suitable for you.

But surely, your blog stats and social media presence has to be fairly decent and presentable before they would actually recommend clients to engage you for advertorial purposes and media invites. 🙂

Frequent updates

Humans, we do not see the pain behind the result. We tend to only focus on the end result, the achievements but not the process itself, how arduous it was, how much time and sweat were sacrificed, and I am speaking of this generally.

Similar to my first point under ‘Facebook’, the same goes for blogging.

We bloggers/influencers have to crack our heads to put up an interesting read that tickle your senses, that arouse your curiosity and basically, get you ticked, only to catch your attention to read our humble post for a mere 5 mins or so.

Most of us are not full-time bloggers, which means lesser time for us to update our blogs and social media platforms regularly.

But well, we’d try.

There is a cliché saying that ‘Quantity does not equate to Quality’, but it is also important to note that without a decent quantity, quality is quite impossible too.

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On a side note, whenever I chance upon a blog post which is rather skimpy, with mere gibberish, I cannot help to think that the writer blogged for the sake of updating…then in that case, I’d rather advise you against that.

If you want to publish a blog, either create and publish a ‘meaty’ one or drop the idea all together.

Go ‘substance’ or go home. 

Viral posts

Open up your eyes and read widely.

Pay special attention to topics which make people tick. What are some of the favourites which different target audience are interested in?

Gossips (not my cup of my tea), current affairs, useful tips (like this post! HA!) etc are some of those entertaining topics 🙂

You will never go wrong with viral posts if you want to increase your social media presence (but of course it can stem and give out negative vibes depending on what and how you put across your content).

A sub-section of viral posts may also include flaming another blogger/political figure.

Of course, read this with a pinch of salt. And don’t quote me on this.

Flaming someone else may get you involve in loads of backfiring process and receiving heaps of criticisms, which you would need to ask yourself how well you are able to take them.

Worse still, it may get you entangled in a legal tussle. Surely, that would not be ideal 🙁

Not doubt that there is a high chance of you increasing your social media presence, but people may remember you for the wrong reasons.

Whatever it is, one thing’s for sure – HATES GONNA HATE and HATERS INCREASE YOUR READERSHIP.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

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It is also another noteworthy trend of companies and even bloggers themselves are engaging SEO companies to increase their page ranking on Google/Yahoo and other search engine websites.

Some bloggers are even IT-savvy to be able to do up their own SEO behind the scene!

Choose your key words carefully as this may change the whole dynamics and purpose of SEO!


I would not be able to provide any professional technical advice on SEO and it is best you engage a pro to handle this for you or if you are enterprising, go take up some courses on this yourself! 🙂

These are just some tips I thought would be useful if you are intending to increase your social media presence, to gain more followers/readers and still wondering why you are stagnant and stuck at a certain stage.

You can be famous or infamous for that matter, either way you will slowly but surely gain attention from netizens online 🙂

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