Happy Birthday to Me at The Wine Company (Sentosa Boardwalk)

Yesterday was the day I turned another year older and I am dreading each year as it brings me closer to the BIG 3.  🙁

I guess this is something which you guys who have not hit the quarter-life crisis would not understand, yet. It actually all seemed airy fairy (like a fairy-tale) when you are below 25.  But after you have reached that age, which by the way is a wake-up call to many of us who now have to tick in a new box column for the older new age group, the years start to escalate faster than you would have thought.

You start to get a little more serious and reflect introspectively on your life. What have you been doing all these years? What have you achieved or yet to achieve? And because we live our lives in multiples of 5s or more commonly, 10s, these are the so-called ‘benchmarks’ we create for ourselves, for the stages in our lives. It is good to have certain guidelines, to have references and to have peer comparison but one should be flexible and possess a versatile mentality to recognise that every individual is different.

Your friend may have achieved much more in his/her life in terms of academic qualifications or perhaps, the usual and most common item in the ‘to-do list’ – save up ‘X’ amount of money by a certain age. I used to be quite inflexible, thinking that I need to achieve A,B and C by or even better still before everyone does and tried imposing this on others. But I have learnt (like finally right?) that this is too unfair to even begin with. Coming from different backgrounds, everyone faces different problems and issues. Now I finally comprehend why it is wrong to place A in B’s shoes when the both of them have different shoe sizes.

Anyhoo, as with most of the years in the past, the bf and I had a quiet and private yet enjoyable celebration session together. Being an introvert, celebration with close and loved ones is certainly my cuppa tea. To clarify, it is a common misconception to think that introverts are anti-social or overly shy people. The fact is, we introverts prefer solitary to social activities, but do not necessarily fear social encounters like shy people do. For me, it is sufficient that I have quality over quantity in terms of relationships and bonds. But my bf, who is quite an extrovert, does not really understand this point. Sometimes, I do think he is wasting much time and effort on some of his so-called ‘friends’ or fair-weather friends who, in my honest opinion, does not really give much of a hoot and does not deserve his time and kindness. Oh wells, I will leave this till the next time.

The sweet bf reserved a table for two at The Wine Company at Sentosa Boardwalk because he knows how much I adore scenic views. Many times, I find myself just staring into whatever landscape which my mind finds it therapeutic but at the same time, my mind is congested with loads of thoughts…how ironic right? 😉

On the way to TWC at Sentosa Boardwalk…

Photo 19-1-15 12 48 24 am

Photo 19-1-15 12 50 24 am

Photo 18-1-15 7 21 54 pm

It was quite a distance and we were running a little late as the bf had some family errands to attend to prior to dinner. We reached at around 6.50pm and there were a handful of people. However, we are surprised that the restaurant was never full despite the perfect ambience and satisfactory food quality. Unsurprisingly, most of the customers opt to sit outside because of the view.

When the bf told me he made a reservation at 6.30pm, I was like “Huh? Why so early?!” and after which, he told me because he wanted us to catch the sunset together…HOW SWEET RIGHT! *melts*

Although we were late and afraid that we might miss the sunset, we were very lucky that the sky was still bright when we reached VivoCity. Hence, we still managed to catch the beautiful sunset together <3

Photo 18-1-15 7 21 07 pm Photo 18-1-15 7 24 41 pm Photo 18-1-15 7 21 19 pm

When I was browsing through the menu, I was overjoyed when I saw Truffle Fries, All-Day Breakfast, Aglio Olio…all of which are my favourites! You know, I am actually a very easy person to satisfy because I can be easily contented with all these little stuffs in life. To me, it is meaningless to spend tons of money on extravagant restaurants and all because  food is still food, which you would shit out the same anyway the money can be better spend on elsewhere or other things.

Took countless of wefies before the sky turned dark…

Photo 19-1-15 12 50 03 am Photo 19-1-15 12 48 53 am Photo 19-1-15 12 49 06 am  Photo 19-1-15 12 49 34 am

We requested for pictures to be taken by the waitress 🙂

Photo 18-1-15 7 22 43 pm Photo 18-1-15 7 23 01 pm


I do think that the guy behind us was attempting his best to avoid photobombing. LOL

Considering the fact that the restaurant was not full-house that night, the time taken for the food to be served seemed longer than the usual waiting time at eateries. Even our bottle of red wine took some time and it even arrived later than others who came in later than us and arrived after the truffle fries were served.

But also thankfully we had something to munch and go with the red wine first, otherwise we would be drinking on empty stomachs 🙁

Photo 18-1-15 7 32 18 pm Photo 18-1-15 7 34 36 pm Photo 18-1-15 7 34 50 pm

A toast to our everlasting love <3

Then the Classic All-Day Breakfast was served.

Photo 18-1-15 7 43 57 pm

The All-Day Breakfast was great but the scrambled eggs could have been done better.

Followed by the Prawn Aglio Olio. There was no such dish on the menu but we requested for prawns to be added into the normal Aglio Olio and the staff was very accommodating 🙂

We were both of the opinion that it was quite oily. But good news for all chilli-lovers, you would love the level of spiciness for this one!

Photo 18-1-15 7 46 02 pm

The skies were really turning dark by the time we were finishing our food.

Photo 18-1-15 7 37 41 pm

We chit chatted while sipping and indulging the last few glasses of our red wine…I really look forward and cherish such moments when I can speak honestly to my other half and vice versa, just like best friends. No pretense, no awkwardness, no frills. No wonder they always say to marry your best friend 😉

Before we left we decided to snap a few shots of the night scene here.

Photo 19-1-15 12 50 46 am Photo 19-1-15 12 50 58 am

Before leaving, we requested for another picture by the staff and I must say that they were indeed very much obliging to help 🙂

Photo 19-1-15 12 47 31 am

We took a little stroll along the Boardwalk towards Sentosa before heading home.

Photo 19-1-15 12 46 50 am Photo 19-1-15 12 47 02 am

By the way, we didn’t realise that we were so colour-coordinated until we stepped out of the house 😛

Photo 19-1-15 12 49 19 am

To my one and only, thank you for taking the time and effort to arrange for yet another joyous celebration for my birthday. This is the 6th birthday I have celebrated mine with you, although we have been together for close to 7mths (2 months shy!), I guess this is one of the woes of January babies! 😛

Even though we could not make it in time for the Wings of Time at Sentosa and we merely caught a few glimpses of the fireworks which starred like only for a few pathetic seconds, nevertheless I enjoyed myself thoroughly with you! 🙂 <3

Looking forward to our future together, I love you 😀


  1. Dee says:

    Awww, looks like a really nice place to chill and fade into the background of things. Happy Burpday again, muacks muacks muacks!!! <3

  2. Ayisha says:

    Wow I freaking love these photos; your photography is excellent! Glad you had the best time, the wine company seems awesome!

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